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Since discovering she was a witch, Violca’s world has been turned upside down and inside out. Chase has opened her eyes to a world she never knew existed. Unfortunately, this world is also full of danger.

A demon who wanted her for himself.

A Vampire King who attempted to kidnap her mate as leverage to force her into breaking a curse laid onto his people.

A group of humans who call themselves Orion Hunters, leading the attacks on their supernatural communities.

The dragons are doing their best to keep her and her sisters safe, but Violca wants answers. While planning her wedding to Chase, Violca hatches a plan that she hopes will tilt the odds in their favor.

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Violca’s Vow

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The King’s Fire


Shaking his head, he closed the door before going down the hall. A light coming from the open door led him to Lazzaro, who was sitting at a desk reading an old scroll. “Please, Lazarro, don’t concern yourself by standing up,” Chase said, taking one of the seats opposite him. “I didn’t realize you were a woman and needed me to rise when you walked into a room, Dragon.” Lazzaro replied calmly, his head slowly rising so that his icy blue eyes met his.

Violca’s Vow by Leilani Love is a short story revolving around the wedding planning for Chase and Violca. In previous installments within The Dragon Ruby Series, Chase and Violca have already mated in every way that counts, but this tradition sense of marriage is something that they feel is needed to make everything really “official”. With all of the planning that needs to be figured out before the big day, Violca believes that there is something else that she can do to her family and soon-to-be-husband’s race of Dragons. Without Chase’s approval, her main concern is to get to Lazzaro and make a truce between both supernatural communities. Knowing that having the vampires as allies, Aithne is all too willing to help Violca with her mission; but, when Viktor and Chase find out about the plan…will they be willing to go along for the ride or try to stop them from making a terrible mistake?

Love has a wonderful short story that is fast-paced and well written. Her character development is superb and the plot is consistent with the previous installments. The book is particularly very short, easy to read and entertaining. If you are a fan of Paranormal Romance and/or Fantasy, you may want to pick up this series. It can be read as a standalone, but it is preferred to be read in order beginning with the first installment in The Dragon Ruby Series called Violca’s Dragon.

A free copy was exchanged for an honest review of this fictional piece.

Violca's Vow (Teaser #3)


VIOLCA HAD FALLEN back to sleep after their morning together. Chase kissed her gently before getting up and carefully tucking her in. He knew he was still smiling as he walked downstairs to check on the girls. Not hearing the girls upstairs, he headed downstairs to see what they had gotten into.

A high-pitched squeal followed by the sound of little footsteps had him walking toward the other side of the house, toward Viktor’s wing. Stopping in his tracks, he laughed when he saw Aithne holding a wooden sword and fending off Sari and Angyalka as they attacked her with their own swords. Chase had always thought it was interesting that Violca dark hair and violet eyes resembled their mother, Angyalka whose hair was so blonde it was practically white and blue eyes resembled her father. The middle three, Eva, Kati, and Sari with black hair and blue eyes was the perfect pairing of the two.

          Angyalka charged at her and Aithne quickly blocked her with a      gentle tap on her side, showing her where she had left herself open. He saw Kati sitting on the top of the stairs, so he went up to join her. Kati smiled at him when he sat next to her. Since taking her out of her previous school and moving to Colorado, Kati had started to gain her self-confidence.

          “Those two really seem to enjoy their fencing lessons,” Chase said, smiling as he watched Sari start to attack Aithne.

Kati watched her sister, nodding. “Angel gets a little impatient at times, but she really wants to be as good as Sari.”

Chase chuckled thinking about it. Aithne had suggested teaching the girls fencing. The goal was to teach them how to think, to be defensive and light on their feet. Aithne turned out to be a great teacher and the girls loved it.

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Leilani Love is a proud mother of two very active boys. She loves traveling to new places and meeting new people wherever she goes. Thus far, Leilani has visited Paris, DenBosch and Amsterdam and hopes to one day return. On her next trip she hopes to be able to make stops in Scotland and Italy. Currently residing in California, she has also lived in Hawaii, Florida, Alaska, Virginia, Texas, Washington and Oregon. She loves to read books and has a passion for various genres. Her love affair with dragons began when she was young and she still dreams of having her own dragon and Black Panther. For now, she is content to write about them in her books. You can follow her on her Facebook page at:

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