Review: Twisted by Desire by Desiree A Cox

23245396ABOUT THE BOOK: Sky, Nikki’s ex-husband, has a hold on her heart.

Jeff occupies her thoughts.

Sky can provide Nikki unconditional love.

Jeff can offer her everything she thought she wanted.

Nikki is so confused! Her head’s telling her one thing, while her heart is sending another message.

But Nikki isn’t the only one who’s twisted by desire.

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REVIEW: This story jumps right in to Niki’s perception of her ex-husband, Sky. Even though she asked for the divorce, she can’t take the leap and stop having incredible, mind-blowing love-making sessions with the man. Love was never the issue with their marriage; it was always the laziness. He didn’t want to mature the way she thought that he would once they married each other and that was it. Abby was the only wonderful thing that they created together. With Sky always on her brain, she feels like she may have just walked out on her soul mate…then comes Jeff. Jeff rocks Niki’s world but has a lot of rules and neurotic tendencies. With only one golden rule implicated before dating, can Niki and Jeff really fall in love with each other or is it just a huge mistake? At first, it was really difficult for me to find an interest since the sex was a HUGE factor in Niki’s life. My lack of interest may be because I typically do not read Erotic Romance; however, I began to enjoy the story once the pace picked up towards the middle of the book. With the story starting to unfold with Niki’s new relationship with Jeff, I found that I just could not put it down! My favorite character in this one was Sky, the ex-husband. He seemed like he genuinely loved Niki and Abby to the fullest and always put their health and well-being before his own. I can definitely relate to the soul search and emotional twists that Niki goes through in trying to find what she wants despite what family and friends question. I recommend this story to those who enjoy reading Erotic Romance. I rate this with four stars since I did enjoy the moral of the story. I did feel like it was lacking something; however, the author is wonderfully talented and that shows in the writing style and detail that is placed into every scene written. I look forward to reading Jaded by Desire, the second in this series which picks up where this one concludes.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Desiree is an Erotica/Erotic Romance author. Desiree was born and raised in Iowa. She married her high school sweetheart and moved to the Philadelphia area. She’s been happily married for over twenty-five years. She’s the mother of two sons and a daughter.  She’s a Project Manager by day, writer of erotica by night. She also is an avid reader and blogger. Desiree also enjoys traveling and spending time at the beach.

2015 awards:
* Authorclassifieds 2015 Romance Author if the Year
* Sweet N Sassy Book-a-holics 2015 Best of the Best Love Triangle 2nd place winner – Nikki, Sky, & Jeff in the Lust, Desire, and Love Trilogy
* Smexy and Fabulous Promotions 2015 Smexiest boxset 3rd place winner – Affairs of the Heart
* Relentless Book Chics R&R 2015 Best “One-handed read” 1st place winner – Reclaimed By Desire

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