I look away and notice how dark it has gotten. I steal a glance at Vander’s fancy watch and then take a second look because it reads eight o’clock. “There are sixteen minutes left.” Vander doesn’t look at his watch, he doesn’t stop humming, and he doesn’t seem to share my distress, so I repeat myself. “Vander, we only have sixteen minutes. We’ve got to go.”

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00009]Mythology is the name of the game in Trail by Charm by Jolene Buchheit. With a strong background to lean on, Buchheit has a fascinating story that she spins from some of the mythological monsters and gods from ancient Greece. For readers who are aware of the story between Demeter, Persephone and Hades—this is a very nice twist of how things played out, making those ancient times seem very real and in the here and now.

Trial by Charm begins with a teenage girl named Julia who doesn’t like boys. In fact, she can’t understand why other girls who are her age are so fascinated with them. Upon getting roped into breaking into the school for a nightly swim after hours, Julia and her friends run into two boys who are coincidentally in the girl’s locker room searching for something. Julia watches as Vander, the one and only—most popular boy in school, says something to her friends and they completely forget that they ever saw him and his friend in the locker room! Then, he starts to sing and everything goes black. When Julia awakes, she knows that Vander did something that normal people shouldn’t have been able to do. At this point, she has so many questions—but will Vander let her get close enough so that she can find the answers that might save them both…or lead them to their destiny?

Jolene Buchheit does a great job with character development. This author portrays her characters in a highly creative way, making the story interesting and unpredictable. Trial by Charm is a fast paced novel, some parts of this story have a different pace, like the mention of Vander’s background. This first installment will leave readers wanting more because it is full of adventure. If you are a reader of mythology, fantasy and young adult, this may interest you.

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