“We have to assume that, with Lara’s photo out there, it’s possible that somebody in the Moretti ring might see it and know that it was Lara who infiltrated them two years ago and brought them down. Now that it’s clear Lara is back in New York, it’s also possible that somebody is looking for revenge.” Victoria looked at Lara. “Maybe it’s time for you to disappear again for a little while, until we see how this all plays out.”

26085197When hiding from an organization that can have anyone anywhere: a stranger on the street, someone in your own office, in your neighborhood, in your family…can you imagine how that messes up the complexity of someone’s brain, someone’s mental capacity to survive? Cassidy provides an introduction of Lara and her past as an undercover operative who made her way to the top of a huge crime ring, run under a man named Moretti. That name haunts Lara’s dreams and her every waking moment, even though Moretti is behind bars. Her appearance in the news—along with two murders identified to have the Moretti crime ring insignia—has Lara on edge. Only after receiving a package that holds secrets to her past undercover operation, Lara knows that her nightmares have become reality again and now her world is on the brink of shattering completely. She feels alone, helpless and vulnerable. Can her new partner and new team help her figure out who is behind the murders before it is too late? This mystery is riveting, suspenseful and enticing. It will have readers hanging by the end of their seats, waiting for the next shoe to drop. This is an easy-to-read short story and the first of eight installments in the Tough Justice Series. If you are a reader of crime and mystery, this may interest you.

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