To Love and Protect by Ruth Roberts


“First Son Daxon Hayward has refused a secret service detail since the day his father was elected President. Threats are made against the First Family on a daily basis, but this time the threat against Daxon is very real. When he continues to refuse protection his father takes matters into his own hands and plants an undercover secret service agent to protect him. She is very capable and very beautiful. The plan is flawless. 

Lorelei Davis has always dreamed of being a secret service agent. Everything she has done in her life was to bring her one step closer to her goal. She finally made it. Now, she has received her first assignment: Protect the First Son, don’t let him know she is a secret service agent… and don’t fall in love. “


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Romance novelist Ruth Roberts lives in the Big D, where city life abounds but the wide open spaces Texas is famous for are
within easy reach. Her books transport readers to the glittering life of high-society, while making the characters normal, fun people we would all like to have as friends. She loves reading, writing and Gilmore Girls. She and her teenage daughter call themselves the real life Gilmore Girls. Her very own romantic hero of twenty years is her greatest inspiration and support. She loves hearing
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Lorelei arrived right on time for her meeting with the President. As she walked toward the double doors to his office she took a deep calming breath to still the excitement thrumming through her veins.
Her knock was quickly answered by Ben Stevens.
“Agent Davis, come in. Take a seat.”
She followed him to the sofa and sat down. She quickly glanced around the office, something she did every time she entered a room. Occupational hazard. She met the President’s eyes briefly, acknowledging him. She had to admit to herself she felt slightly out of her league sitting there.
She was wearing a black pantsuit with a blue silk blouse, and was suddenly glad she had decided on the black high heels instead of the comfortable flat shoes she usually wore.
“Agent Davis. Thank you for coming on such short notice,” said the President as he sat on the sofa across from her. “Have you ever done undercover work?”
“Some, when I was with the NYPD, but not a whole lot, and it was not deep cover.” She crossed her legs with her hands remaining folded in her lap while she resisted the urge to fidget.
“Threats are made against my family on a daily basis. Every one of them is thoroughly assessed to determine its credibility. Thankfully, most are dismissed…until now.”
He handed her a file. She accepted it and began skimming through its contents, stopping at a page describing the task force being assembled to investigate. She saw her brother’s name among the candidates. It was a counter-terrorism unit to investigate any threats made against high ranking government officials and their families. The current threat fell into that category. Current intel indicated it came from a Russian group which had ties to an oil corporation. The president would soon be signing or vetoing a bill that concerned oil.
Could this threat be a way to influence the presidents decision?
“I agree, the threat against the First Son should not be ignored.” She set the file down.
“My son has refused a Secret Service detail. I want you to protect him.” He didn’t beat around the bush.
“How exactly would you propose I do that if he has refused a detail?”
President Hayward looked at Mr. Stevens.
“Ben, you want to take over?”
“Certainly, Mr. President.” He turned toward her and continued. “The townhouse next door to the First Son is vacant while undergoing renovations. We would like you to move in as the new owner. Befriend him, spend as much time as possible with him. If there is an attempt made on him you will be close at hand to prevent it.”
What did he mean by spend as much time with him as possible? Being a Secret Service agent wasn’t a day job. She got that. But just what were they asking of her?
“Who owns the house I will be moving into?” she asked.
“I do,” the President said. “A fact my son is unaware of, and I would prefer to keep it that way.”
She nodded. She had questions, but she was excited to be given such an assignment.
“How far do you want me to go to keep your son safe?”
“You are the professional, Agent Davis, I won’t tell you how to do your job. I trust you will do what is necessary to protect him until we can resolve this threat,” said the President.
She leveled her gaze on the President, made sure he was fully listening to her next question. “What if I have to break his heart?”
“As long as it is still beating it will mend,” the President replied.
She sat back and looked from the President to Mr. Stevens. She had just been given free rein to run this operation as she saw fit. “I see. When do I begin?”



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