Review: To Dance With Ugly People by Lorene Stunson Hill

22566556ABOUT THE BOOK: To Dance with Ugly People is a No.1 Best Seller in the African/American Women’s Fiction list. “This novel is a book in which I was able to express a new divine awareness. I realized I had experienced a lot in life that had left me strewn and unsettled; the book brought about the resurgence of a strong feeling of cohesion. In this book I have tried to present some of the elementary principles of human nature that can be outside of perceiving, but not outside of holding dear, I call it “Ugly People.” For example, the violence of feelings, the slave of passion and the dark tyranny of despair. My life might not have been full of ease and luxury; but I preferred to glorify my existence, as I lived it, enticed by the wealth of experiences placed in my path. Watching the world around me, I became interested in Fate. Stories, of the sudden deaths of the rich and famous awakened even more trains of thought on Destiny. We strive to travel, what we think are the right paths in life, but, does destiny have to have the final say? Is fate everywhere we are, involved in everything we do and not only just the end? What do you think? On, that same note, I would answer, “Yes, it does!” And so this book was born. I could feel my heart glow with excitement and enthusiasm as I wrote this book. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.” — Lorene Stunson Hill

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REVIEW: Where do I begin?? This story is told through letters from Dani’s youth all the way into her adulthood. The author portrays all of the struggles that her character suffered through as a child including abandonment and resentment. As she grows older, life challenges her even more with desperation, fear and unrequited loneliness but she has courage and strength to carry on. She still believes that someone is out there who can give her the only thing that she has always been searching for, true affection and respect toward the woman she has become.

My love for Dani and Chance grew as the story continued. While Chance is not mentioned through the entire novel, but as someone whom Dani meets along the way, I found myself relating to her perceptions and emotions with this character. I kept longing to see Dani’s happiness. Every time I read about Chance, I smiled whenever she smiled because he was her light and that made her happy. I am going to be honest and throw in my input about some of the scenes in this book. Some were tremendously difficult to read through and I felt sick to my stomach at times but there is so much truthfulness to them. The author wants her readers to understand the pain and hardships that plagued Dani’s life so that you can understand her strength and the measures she took to find happiness. It wasn’t easy and it is not for everyone, but I absolutely recommend it to anyone over the age of eighteen. Both men and women can read this because this story does not have a specific gender preference, in my opinion. While the story is written in a series of letters by Dani, the main character, it is by no means too feminine. Sometimes, I would find myself getting frustrated with her for some of the choices that were made; however, everyone has to make choices that they regret at times, for loved ones. I give this book five stars because it was very well written and creative. There is so much raw talent that is encompassed into this novel; therefore, I was unable to put it down for the most part and I enjoyed having learned some new depths of life.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lorene Stunson Hill is a new aspiring author from Florida, USA. Her first fiction novel, is titled; To Dance with Ugly People, and is now available.




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