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Cover FileWinna returns to her father’s last residence, an 87-year-old mansion in her Colorado hometown, to settle his estate and sell the house her grandfather built. As Winna shares memories with her married daughter, reconciles with her disinherited sister Chloe, and becomes reacquainted with old classmates, the old house gives up its secrets. A handwritten will, old love letters, an unfinished story in a notebook, and a diamond ring hidden among her childhood marbles, call into question everything Winna knows about her beloved grandmother. Then come footsteps on the stairs, numerous break-ins, her car’s brake failure on a mountain road, a fall down the basement stairs. Someone is trying to kill Winna. She can’t begin to think it is her sister or Todd, Chloe’s handsome new husband. Could it be her high school boyfriend John or the local handyman she’s hired?

The House on Seventh Street was inspired by the Nancy Drew mysteries the author loved as a child. This book has a wonderfully written mixture of mystery and women’s fiction that will indulge any lover of both genres.

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Author PhotoKAREN VORBECK WILLIAMS began writing as a girl–short stories, poems, and little essays on her beliefs.

In the 70s, when her family moved to seven acres of land in Southeastern Massachusetts, into a farmhouse built in 1710, she wanted to learn more about how the people who first settled the land actually lived. As her family restored the old rooms and removed the paint from the wide pine board floors, Karen realized that her house had been built before her 11th great grandmother Mary Bliss Parsons (1625?-1712) had died. She had lived in Northampton, MA, probably in a house quite similar to Karen and her family. It was there that she was accused of witchcraft. Northampton was about a two-hour drive from Karen’s house. Gradually she began to research her life and found an amazing story. The result was the historical novel “My Enemy’s Tears: The Witch of Northampton.”
Karen’s second book “The House on Seventh Street” was inspired by the Nancy Drew Mysteries that she loved as a girl. The book is set in the town where she was born and is based on a number of memories from her youth as well as family stories and myths. She was writing fiction which gave her the liberty to exaggerate these stories and tell whopping lies if that would improve the plot or deepen the characters’ motivations.

On the personal side, Karen is a widow and grandmother, an avid amateur photographer, and master gardener. At the moment, she is working on her third novel–again historical fiction set in 17th century New England–and a book of short stories.


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The House on Seventh Street
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