He saw a veiled, much-changed, Atueni in Dwarka, a blade in each hand, stabbing and slicing her way through armed guards, reaching the king and stabbing him in his gut. A soft exhale escaped the fat king’s lips, drowned out by his wife’s scream, which was cut short with a slice across her throat. Atueni paused for the briefest of instances before she headed off in the direction of, according to Cronous’ memory, where lay the children’s bedrooms. So, she had survived—though barely. The veil had slipped as she’d killed the queen and the sight of her face had brought a chuckle to his lips.

25724462Nothing is ever as it seems—even gods who have lives thousands of years cannot escape death. Peace must always fall victim to greed, lust, rage and envy…leaving only war in its wake. This installment is suspenseful and darker than the second book, The Doom of Undal. Sisowath brings timeless adventure and creativity to her stories, making this installment another fantastic vision into the unknown. The Fall of Undal is entertaining, riveting and nearly unpredictable.

The Fall of Undal, the third installment in the Dragon Court Series, begins with a man and his son finding a remote island to live out the remainder of their days—away from the war that is building between the Dragon Court and Undal. The man must train his son, the next heir to the throne of Undal once the evil has been eradicated from the land. When war hits all islands including (but not limited to) Magan, Shiimti and Undal—everyone is forced to take sides to fight. Cronous and Rhea have changed back into primal lizard, flesh-eating beings who have grown accustomed to entertaining their blood lust, rather than protecting their kingdom. Older characters such as Ningi and Inanna have more of a major role to play, knowing that their time on this planet may be running out quickly with the new race of humans taking over with their sinful adaptations. Inanna’s character is more prominent and her personality is observed among several with regard to her actions over the war. Who will survive after this?

Sisowath does a superb job with character development and the creativity is phenomenal. The action is very fast paced; however, there is balance with descriptive context and background history. This installment will leave readers wanting more because it is written well and leaves no room for misinterpretation. If you are a reader of adventure and mythology, this may interest you but fair warning—you may not be able to put this series down.

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