25201274ABOUT THE BOOK: The Dragon Court has ruled uncontested for millenia, bringing knowledge and prosperity to all. The Strongholds of Madayi Kavu, Tartaria, Magan and Shiimti have trained generations of royal children. Ningi has built a line of Ziggurats known as ‘the Band of Peace’ around Magan, protecting those within its borders. Yet all is not as it seems—far to the West in the land of Undal, mightiest of the nations, the Royal Queen and her children are struck with a mysterious illness and perish. Whispers are that the Dragon Court is responsible, while those in the Temples claimed she had sequestered herself in her chambers, experimenting with dark magic. A grieving son, trained as a Mulla Xul by Eris herself, swears vengeance. In his quest for truth he will become the greatest threat Tiamut has ever known. Three Princesses of Magan, sisters by blood, hold the fate of the Dragon Court in their hands.

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REVIEW: The Doom of Undal is quite suspenseful and dark. This is the second of the Dragon Court Series where the Annunaki descendents continue within this new planet, contributed by Lord Enki and Priestess Ninkha. This story begins a little before the ending of the first book with the Annunaki children spreading out to become Magi’s and Priests/Priestesses of several different location. They have now formed an allegiance known as the Dragon Court. As they have lived peacefully for a thousand years, all too quickly does another threat comes to the surface. Three sisters, princesses of Magan’s King and Queen have reached the age of eleven where they must be tested and placed into their rightful training. Once they have fully grown, the sisters settle on their desired paths. The title of this story, The Doom of Undal, signifies that an impending doom comes to Undal but how…and what is the reasoning behind such drastic measures? How are the three princesses involved?

My favorite character in this story is Hathor; this is one of the three sisters from Magan. She has an unusual childhood which includes a near drowning; however, Innana, the Priestess of Shiimti and daughter of Ninka, is summoned for her help. Hathor leaves with her to be trained in the Temple of Love. Hathor’s strength and courage, with what she must endure, is tremendous. I admire this character for finding hope when all seems lost in a world full of false beauty. Cronous is my least favorite character, since the loss of his mother and siblings from a mysterious poison, cause his insanity to heighten. His insatiable lust for death becomes prevalent which causes mistrust, violence and innocent bloodshed. Both characters captivated my attention and drew my further into the progression of the story where promises were tested and loyalties tempted.

I recommend this story to those who enjoy Mythology, Fantasy and/or Science Fiction. Since reading the first of this series, I have learned that several of these names and meanings are from mythology. This author does an outstanding job with creating this world among other worlds. Not only does she create the world, but she also manifests new species and characterizations. I rate this book with five stars due to the raw-talent and attention to detail that is succumbed to the characters and emotions presented in this novel as well as how I was able to relate to them. I look forward to reading the next in the series which sounds like it may be even darker.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Katrina Sisowath ,(1979–) British-American, born in Frankfurt, Germany. Grew up in South-east Asia and Europe, now lives in England. Mother of 2.5 children (dog thinks he’s human), experienced in making brownies.

On a personal level, Katrina is an avid book reader and loves mythology, history (preferably together), ancient civilizations and anything to do with occult ideologies and practices, combining them to create a blend of dark mythological fantasy called ‘mythdark’. Mages, Serpent Priestesses and the ‘real’ Gods, aka the ANNUNAKI(the prototypes for those we know today in the form of Greek, Roman, Indian and even the Biblical characters) are all found in the Dragon Court books.

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