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Review: Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

HIDDEN BODIES by Caroline Kepnes NARRATION BY: Santino Fontana PUBLISHER: Atria/Emily Bestler Books RELEASED: February 23, 2016 GENRE: Serial Killers, Crime, Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Dark Satire, Pop Culture   In the compulsively readable follow-up to her widely acclaimed debut novel, You, Caroline Kepnes weaves a tale that Booklist calls “the love child of Holden Caulfield and Patrick Bateman.” Joe Goldberg… Read more »

Book Tour + Review: Something Down There by Nancy Widrew

Check out this special feature from Something Down There by Nancy Widrew! SOMETHING DOWN THERE Nancy Widrew Genre: Psychological Thriller Publisher: Azure Spider Publications Publication Date: November 15, 2017) Not all caves are uninhabited Horror erupts when newlyweds, Karen and Jeremy, cross paths with members of a diabolical cult inside a West Virginia cave. Living below the earth’s surface has… Read more »

Book Tour: Nerve Damage by J.L. Myers

Nerve Damage by J.L. Meyers Genre: Psychological Thriller A fatal car crash. The sole survivor. And the dark hooded stranger that wants her dead. When a terrible accident—not accident—stole my parents’ lives, my whole perfect life changed. My memories are hazy, and there are scars on my wrists. I’ve been locked away for my own protection…until I prove my sanity, until… Read more »

Book Tour: Fear Inducer by Ellie Douglas

Fear Inducer by Ellie Douglas Genre: Psychological Thriller They believed their phobias were just nightmares…  They believed Dr Felix Bloom would cure them. They were…SO WRONG! “Doctor Felix Bloom is a brilliant psychiatrist and pharmacologist who has done a lot of good for humanity. But, he has a dark side as a serial killer of some of his patients using… Read more »

Review: Swan Deception by Glede Browne Kabongo

About the Book The perfect family, a house of full of secrets, and an ingenious killer out for revenge…   Dr. Shelby Cooper is a busy modern woman trying to balance it all—career, motherhood, and marriage to an ambitious corporate power player. But Shelby is not who she seems. The perfect life she’s constructed comes crashing down one afternoon when… Read more »