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Monster Mash Countdown Blitz 2018: Stutter Creek by Ann Swann

STUTTER CREEK by Ann Swann Release Date: May 30, 2013 Genre: Romantic Suspense   Stutter Creek (book one) is a romance, brilliantly hidden within a suspense-filled tale of a psychotic serial killer with a chip on his shoulder. It is also a classic tale of young love lost, and a life of regrettable what-ifs.   Book Links Amazon | Goodreads… Read more »

Monster Mash Countdown Blitz 2018: Before by Catina Haverlock & Angela Larkin

BEFORE by Catina Haverlock & Angela Larkin Series: Beyond Series, Book 2 Release Date: September 10, 2018 Genre: Paranormal Ghost Romance, Young Adult   True love doesn’t always mean a happy ending. Presley and Landon finally have a chance at a real relationship when they travel back in time, but their leap backward to two months before his accident has… Read more »

Monster Mash Countdown Blitz 2018: The Immundus by Christina Enquist

THE IMMUNDUS by Christina Enquist Release Date: February 6, 2018 Genre: Teen, Young Adult, Science Fiction IT’S THE YEAR 2828, and Domus is the last remaining country. Divided into twelve walled cities known as genuses, Domus spans what’s known as the purist lands—lands unaffected by the genetic modifications that killed all other species of mammals. But outside the walls of each genus the… Read more »

Monster Mash Countdown Blitz 2018: Stevie-girl and the Phantom Student by Ann Swann

STEVIE-GIRL AND THE PHANTOM STUDENT by Ann Swann Series: The Phantom Series, Book 2 Release Date: May 2, 2018 Genre: Children’s Fiction, Ghost Fiction   Stevie asks Jase to help her find out why the ghost of a girl keeps appearing in her mirror. They think it has something to do with the new student at their school, a boy… Read more »

Monster Mash Countdown Blitz 2018: Where the River Bends by Elsa Winckler

WHERE THE RIVER BENDS by Elsa Winckler Release Date: July 20, 2018 Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Romance “Kalinda Evans works for the Anglo-Boer war foundation in Canada. She’s sent to South Africa to make sure everyone who lost their lives in the war will be remembered. On her drive to the guest farm in Kimberley, South Africa, Kalinda picks up… Read more »

Monster Mash Countdown Blitz 2018: The Search for the Stone of Excalibur by Fiona Ingram

THE SEARCH FOR THE STONE OF EXCALIBUR by Fiona Ingram Series: The Chronicles of the Stone, Book 2 Release Date: April 3, 2018 Genre: Children, Ancient Civilization, Fairytales/Folklore A modern day adventure as our protagonists search for Excalibur and the treasures it holds! This is a must-read for Middle Graders keen on action, adventure, and Arthurian stories! Continuing the adventure that began in Egypt a… Read more »

Monster Mash Countdown Blitz 2018: Mrs. Murray’s Ghost by Emily-Jane Hills Orford

MRS. MURRAY’S GHOST by Emily-Jane Hills Orford Series: The Piccadilly Street Series, Book 1 Release Date: August 31, 2018 Genre: Paranormal, Historical Fiction, Children’s Literature Mary’s family has moved into a huge Victorian mansion. She loves her gigantic new house, especially her room. But then she begins to meet the house’s other residents.   Mrs. Murray was murdered in Mary’s new house…. Read more »

Book Blitz: Monster Mash Countdown Event (Day 1) with Loving the Book

  I am a retired high school English teacher. A devourer of books growing up, my profession introduced me to writings and authors from times long past. Through my studies and teaching, I fell in love with the Ancient and Medieval Worlds. Now, I hope to inspire young readers and those young-at-heart to read more through my Quest Books set in… Read more »