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Review: From Frights to Flaws by Sunayna Prasad

FROM FRIGHTS TO FLAWS by Sunayna Prasad Publisher: FriesenPress Release Date: August 22, 2013 Genre: Young Adult, Middle Grade, Fantasy Twelve-year-old Alyssa McCarthy can no longer stand the toughness of her uncle and wants a better life. But one day she discovers not only the existence of magic, but also a villain hunting her down. The villain uses magic and magical… Read more »

Book Tour + Review: The Heart of Escher by Jonathan Dance

James Fisher, a lonely, bullied schoolboy, finds himself in the dark and twisted land of Escher after wishing himself away from an ill-fated family holiday. Lost and frightened, James must help heal the dying world of Escher, overrun by the creatures of the Nightmare forest, to return home. Guided by the emerald-eyed cat, Sam, and befriended by the headstrong resistance… Read more »

Book Tour: Quest Chasers by Grace & Thomas Lockhaven

Quest Chasers: The Deadly Cavern by Grace and Thomas Lockhaven Genre: YA, Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure   If you knew that your curiosity may take you to a place from which you may never return, would you go? Tommy and Eevie get trapped in an underground labyrinth filled with deadly traps and puzzles. They must solve each riddle to survive,… Read more »

Book Tour: The Supernatural Pet Sitter by Diane Moat

 The Supernatural Pet Sitter by Diane Moat The Magic Thief Genre: YA, Middle Grade Paranormal Mystery Every animal can talk to you. You just have to know how to listen. Pepper Neely is better at this than most, especially because she is in charge of pet sitting all the familiars in her neighborhood. A familiar is a pet magically linked… Read more »