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Book Tour: My Hands Hold My Story by Bethany Swafford

MY HANDS HOLD MY STORY by Bethany Swafford Publication Date: September 18, 2018 Genre: Romance, Westerns   For fans of A Knight of Silence and Read My Lips comes a YA historical western full of grit and heart… In 1874, Ivy Steele’s deafness is more than a handicap. It’s a disease. Surrounded by a family that doesn’t understand her, she’s… Read more »

Cover Reveal: Jaguar by C.A. Gray

JAGUAR by C.A. Gray Series: The Uncanny Valley Trilogy, Book 3 Publication Date: December 2018 Cover Design: Wanderlust Publishing Genre: YA, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Dystopian   Sometimes the person you lie to the most is yourself. The Silver Six have blown the Renegades’ underground compound to bits, killing several of Rebecca’s best friends in the process—and to her horror, the… Read more »

Book Tour: Kings Envoy by Cas Peace

Author: Cas Peace Narrator: Rebecca McKernan Length: 11 hours 15 minutes Publisher: Albia Publishing Released: August 1, 2018 Genre: Epic Fantasy, Swords & Sorcery, Action & Adventure   Taran Elijah’s quest for knowledge uncovers a plot that threatens the world…. In Albia, the fourth realm, the precious Artesan gift is dying. Although born to the craft, Taran is struggling to… Read more »

Book Blitz: Nissa by Zina Abbott

Author: Zina Abbott Series: The Widows of Wildcat Ridge, Book 3 Released: October 15, 2018 Genre: Historical Romance, Victorian, Western   A widow with two small children, Nissa Stillwell was forced out of the mining supervisor’s house after her husband died in the mine disaster in Wildcat Ridge, Utah. She quickly learns before his death, he went heavily into debt…. Read more »

Monster Mash Countdown Blitz 2018: Beauty and the Horseman’s Head by Holly Kelly

BEAUTY AND THE HORESMAN’S HEAD by Holly Kelly Series: Unnatural States of America, Book 2 Release Date: October 20, 2017 Genre: Mashup Fiction, Gothic Fiction, Contemporary Fiction   It’s 1792 and Hope is on the run. She finds shelter in a glen called Sleepy Hollow. Luck is with her as the town is unexpectedly looking for a new teacher and… Read more »

Monster Mash Countdown Blitz 2018: When Stars Come Out by Scarlett St. Clair

WHEN STARS COME OUT by Scarlett St. Clair Release Date: October 31, 2018 Genre: Paranormal & Urban, Fantasy, Science Fiction Anora Silby can see the dead and turn spirits into gold coins, two things she would prefer to keep secret as she tries to lead a normal life at her new school. After all, she didn’t change her identity for… Read more »

Monster Mash Countdown Blitz 2018: Second Sight by Denise Moncrief

SECOND SIGHT by Denise Moncrief Series: Prescience Series, Book 1 Release Date: April 15, 2018 Genre: Psychic Thriller, Paranormal Suspense, Serial Killer   Desperate to begin a new life, Jerilyn Bowman changes her name and goes off the grid. Sparks fly when Det. Nick Moreau confronts her about her identity and then seems to follow her wherever she goes. When… Read more »

Monster Mash Countdown Blitz 2018: Artesans of Albia Box Set by Cas Peace

ARTESANS OF ALBIA by Cas Peace Series: First Artesans Trilogy, Box Set Release Date: December 13, 2017 Genre: Sword & Sorcery, Fantasy, Epic, Science Fiction   Desperate to learn how to control his innate Artesan powers, Taran embarks on a foolhardy plan to acquire the teaching he craves. The military backlash his action unleashes forces Albia’s High King to send Major Sullyan… Read more »

Monster Mash Countdown Blitz 2018: Stutter Creek by Ann Swann

STUTTER CREEK by Ann Swann Release Date: May 30, 2013 Genre: Romantic Suspense   Stutter Creek (book one) is a romance, brilliantly hidden within a suspense-filled tale of a psychotic serial killer with a chip on his shoulder. It is also a classic tale of young love lost, and a life of regrettable what-ifs.   Book Links Amazon | Goodreads… Read more »

Monster Mash Countdown Blitz 2018: Before by Catina Haverlock & Angela Larkin

BEFORE by Catina Haverlock & Angela Larkin Series: Beyond Series, Book 2 Release Date: September 10, 2018 Genre: Paranormal Ghost Romance, Young Adult   True love doesn’t always mean a happy ending. Presley and Landon finally have a chance at a real relationship when they travel back in time, but their leap backward to two months before his accident has… Read more »