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Audiobook Blog Tour: Max Random and the Zombie 500 by Mark London Williams

Author: Mark London Williams Narrator: Luna Cross Length: 6 hours 14 minutes Publisher: Trifecta Publishing House Released: Oct. 8, 2018 Genre: Horror “When I first saw Max Random, he was driving his go-kart right at me. He was also wearing goggles, so it was hard to tell if he was dead or alive. I was pretty sure, though, that zombies… Read more »

Book Tour: Drenched Sunflowers by Tammera Cooper

DRENCHED SUNFLOWERS by Tammera Cooper Publication Date: October 15, 2018 Genre: Horror, Ghosts, Romance   Rainy days and river views fill Beth’s summer as she makes a new start in small town Washington, North Carolina.  After the loss of her husband in a tragic accident, simple seems better.  It’s time to renovate her life, starting with a future art gallery… Read more »

Release Blitz: Jersey Ghouls by A.L. Sirois

JERSEY GHOULS A.L. Sirois Genre: Horror Publisher: Azure Spider Publications Publication Date: June 15, 2018 A disabled cop and his ex battle giant centipedes and ghouls in a small riverside community that’s about to be flooded out. The rain-drenched riverside town of Sherwood’s Landing, NJ is invaded by a species of centipede from Central America armed with psychedelic venom. Former… Read more »

Book Blitz: The Spitting Post by Jason R Barden

THE SPITTING POST Jason R. Barden Genre: Horror, Dark Fantasy Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Publication Date: December 8, 2017 Vincent must find the Spitting Post, but only the purple swan knows the way. Vincent Carpenter’s life is a wreck. He has given up his dreams. He has lost his job after an economic disaster. His ten-year marriage is crumbling…. Read more »

Audio Blog Tour + Review: First Contact by Kat Green

Author: Kat Green Narrator: Kate Tyler Length: 5 hours 24 minutes Series: Haunts for Sale, Book 1 Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Released: Nov. 9, 2017 Genre: Horror Sloane Osborne is a paranormal real estate agent in the business of selling haunted houses, but, in truth, she’s only searching for one ghost. And her time is running out. It’s the… Read more »

Book Tour: World of Shadows Series by Lincoln Cole

The Everett Exorcism World of Shadows Book 1 by Lincoln Cole Genre: Horror, Occult Thriller, Urban Fantasy Something strange is happening in the city of Everett, Washington and Father Niccolo Paladina is tasked with investigating possible demonic activity. Nothing is as it seems, however, and things quickly begin spiraling out of his control. When his path crosses with that of… Read more »

Book Tour: Subhuman by Michael McBride

Subhuman Unit 51 #1 by Michael McBride Genre: Horror, Thriller, Supernatural, Aliens THEY ARE NOT HUMAN. At a research station in Antarctica, five of the world’s top scientists have been brought together to solve one of the greatest mysteries in human history. Their subject, however, is anything but human . . . THEY ARE NOT NATURAL. Deep beneath the ice,… Read more »

Book Tour: Not Dead Yet by Samie Sands

Not Dead Yet AM13 Outbreak Series Book 4 by Samie Sands Genre: Horror, Post- Apocalyptic The AM13 Outbreak has affected everywhere, the entire world has experienced infection. Victims of the virus are no longer human, they’ve changed, become something scientifically impossible. With their loss of human function and their new lust for flesh, there’s only one word to describe them…… Read more »

Book Tour: Shadowchild & The Shady Corner by Matthew Williams

Shadowchild by Matthew Williams Genre: Horror In 1629 something visited the parish of Feckenham. The events that followed were so terrifying that they never gained their place in the history books. Now in 2008, something seems to be wrong with Marie Watson’s young children. Her father won’t believe her and her mother is nearing the end of her tether. Marie… Read more »

Book Tour: Extinct by Samie Sands

Extinct AM13Outbreak Series Book 3 by Samie Sands Genre:Horror Writing books about the horrors of the zombie apocalypse is one thing—but Georgie Blake can’t believe it has become her reality… She never expected her fictional stories of blood, death, and the consumption of human flesh to jump off the page into the real world. She certainly didn’t think she’d survive… Read more »