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GSR Countdown Blitz: Love on a Limb by Laurie Lewis

LOVE ON A LIMB by Laurie Lewis SERIES: The Greykens, Book 1 PUBLICATION DATE: November 26, 2017 GENRES: Contemporary, Romance, Christian   Matthew Grayken is young, successful, and dying, which is why he’s about to propose to a total stranger. He isn’t interested in love. He needs a caregiver, a companion, and someone to be his legal voice when he… Read more »

GSR Countdown Blitz: Love at Lakewood Med by TJ Amberson

LOVE AT LAKEWOOD MED by TJ Amberson PUBLICATION DATE: March 13, 2018 GENRES: Romantic Suspense   Savannah Drake would be thrilled about starting her final year of medical school if it weren’t for one thing: she has to spend a month working in the emergency room with cold, aloof Dr. Wesley Kent as her mentor.   When her first day… Read more »

GSR Countdown Blitz: The Gentleman Physician by Sally Britton

THE GENTLEMAN PHYSICIAN by Sally Britton PUBLICATION DATE: April 19, 2018 SERIES: Branches of Love, Book 2 GENRES: Historical Fiction, Regency, Romance Banished from home by her angry father, Julia Devon travels to Bath to fulfill her role as family spinster by assisting her cousin, Lady Macon, in caring for her dying husband.   Nathaniel Hastings’s life runs in a predictable pattern, until a… Read more »

GSR Countdown Blitz: All the Way to Italy by Flavia Brunetti

ALL THE WAY TO ITALY by Flavia Brunetti PUBLICATION DATE: April 17, 2018 GENRES: Historical Fiction, Italian, Women’s Adventure, Cultural Heritage Until her dad died, Little considered herself a Californian. Now, thanks to half a letter, a symbol she can’t quite remember, and writer’s block, she finds herself back in Italy, the country of her birth. In a headlong rush… Read more »

GSR Countdown Blitz: Aeonian Dreams by Morgan J Muir

AEONIAN DREAMS by Morgan J Muir PUBLICATION DATE: March 13, 2018 GENRES: Historical, Fantasy, Fairy Tales Mariah has chosen to become a vampire, but she can’t remember why.   Upon waking in the labyrinthine caves of Sophus, a centuries-old vampire, Mariah can’t remember all the choices that brought her there, but she does know there are dangerous secrets hidden within… Read more »

GSR Countdown Blitz: Dark Days of Promise by Shaunna Gonzales

DARK DAYS OF PROMISE by Shaunna Gonzales PUBLICATION DATE: July 29, 2016 GENRES: Romance, Inspirational, Contemporary Thirty-four year old Vicki Laramie must learn to trust before she can love, but she might die trying. While Vicki’s children grapple with the death of their father — a man whom she’s successfully fabricated as loving, a lie her rebellious teenager recognizes — she must… Read more »

GSR Countdown Blitz: The Dragons of Alsace Farm by Laurie Lewis

THE DRAGONS OF ALSACE FARM by Laurie Lewis SERIES: A Second Chance Romance, Book 1 PUBLISHER: Willowsport Press PUBLICATION DATE: July 1, 2016 GENRES: Contemporary Romance, Diseases & Physical Ailments, Inspirational Fiction In need of his own redemption, Noah Carter finally confronts his childhood hero, the once-beloved uncle who betrayed him. Instead of vengeance, he offers forgiveness, also granting Uncle… Read more »

GSR Countdown Blitz: The Guise of a Gentleman by Donna Hatch

THE GUISE OF A GENTLEMAN by Donna Hatch PUBLICATION DATE: October 7, 2013 SERIES: Rogue Hearts, Book 2 GENRES: Historical Romance, Victorian The widowed Elise is a perfect English lady living within the confines of society for the sake of her impressionable young son. Her quiet world is shattered when she meets the impulsive and scandalous Jared Amesbury. His roguish… Read more »

GSR Countdown Blitz: Zenobia Challenging a Legend by Russ Wallace

ZENOBIA: CHALLENGING A LEGEND by Russ Wallace PUBLICATION DATE: November 16, 2015 SERIES: Zenobia, Book 2 GENRES: Ancient Civilizations, Literature & Fiction, Action & Adventure Sequel to the award-winning Zenobia – Birth of a Legend.   The continuing saga of the deadly young warrior who will one day challenge Rome for the supremacy of her world. As the dynamic girl continues her… Read more »

GSR Countdown Blitz: Confessions of a Timid Rider by Heather Wallace

“Heather Wallace is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, writer, equestrian, and animal massage therapist. Her first book, Equestrian Handbook of Excuses, was a 2017 Literary Selection for the Equus Film Festival. Her second book, Confessions of a Timid Rider, is an autobiography detailing Heather Wallace’s insights about being an anxiety-ridden but passionate equestrian.    After returning to riding as a mother,… Read more »