Series: The Conway Report, Book 2

Released: June 18, 2017

Genre: Superheroes, Fantasy, Action, Mystery

Panhandler’s sidekick is missing. Glorious Leader, the super-powered dictator of North Korea, wants to be interviewed. Giant robots attack Santa Monica. Someone is stealing superpowers and selling them on the black market.

For hero beat reporter Reuben Conway, it’s raining stories, but when he unearths the connection between them, he must thwart the mastermind behind it all.

No pressure. It’s just the fate of the world at stake.

The eagerly-anticipated sequel to The Hero Beat, The Power Broker is a whirlwind ride through the exiting world of superpowers, international crises, mad scientists, and saving the world.

“When you first refused to go to Pyongyang, I thought it was cowardice,” she explained. “Well-informed cowardice, but still, I thought you were chicken. But, here you are, with a crazy story about time travel, mad scientists and the end of the world, ready to throw yourself to the lions to save your friends. The only reward you’ve asked for is to get your parking validated. That’s not the sort of thing a coward would do, is it?” “No, but it’s not like there’s a lot of options. Someone’s gotta do this, and it looks like it’s gotta be me.” She nodded. “My point exactly. I think The Angels see you as one of them… a hero.”

What do you think about action-packed superhero stories? Svolos has a compelling story about super humans that will engulf readers into a tailspin of action. Normal people by day and superhero personas by night, you could say…sounds dreadfully tiresome and quite difficult to reel it all in, doesn’t it? What happens if you make a tiny slip about your true identity? What happens if a whole team of superheroes were detained and you had to bail them out? Little ole you?

We are back at the daily grind with reporter of the Beacon, Reuben Conway, in this second installment. Conway gets a visit from the homeless superhero, Panhandler, to discuss a missing kid. This kid ran away from his family to learn how to better handle his superpowers after an accident, but now he is gone! Just poof…disappeared and Conway is Panhandler’s only hope at sniffing out what happened. On top of that, Conway gets mixed up with someone else who happens to be behind several protests throughout the United States to ban superheroes from using their powers. With these two highly confidential cases up and in the wind, Reuben barely has any time for himself, much less his girlfriend. On the one day that he takes her to the beach, these massive robots come out of the water and it is back to protecting the city again. So much for a date, huh?! Slowly, little breadcrumbs start to fall and Reuben finds himself thinking that all three cases may actually be interwoven together into one disturbing end of the world master plan. With no powers and no help from the Angels due to a detainment in North Korea, how can he ever hope to save them and the world at the same exact time?

Svolos turns up the heat with the second installment of the Conway Series. The characters are captivating and well-developed. They all have some attributes that may have been inspired by well-known comic characters in movies and illustrations today; however, they also have uniqueness and creativity to them as well. The plot is original and the pace is nice and steady throughout the entire read. If you are reader of superheroes and paranormal fiction, you may want to pick this one up. Fair warning, once you do, you may get sucked into Reuben’s world rather quickly. We do recommend the first installment, The Hero Beat, to be read prior to this one since it is a direct continuation.

A copy of this book was provided to Turning Another Page by Loving the Book and in no way affects the honesty of this review. We provide a five-star rating to The Power Broker by Nick Svolos.

Nick dropped out of high school in his senior year, joined the Navy and spent the next several years sailing around the western Pacific on the USS Enterprise. Upon discharge, he worked as an electro-mechanical engineer on X-Ray equipment, sheet metal fabrication tools and label applicators before getting his G.E.D. and going back to school to learn software development. While working nights and going to school during the days, he found a side gig, earning beer money by writing game reviews for the long-gone magazine Computer Strategy Games. Against all odds, he wound up with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science in 1995.

He spent over twenty years as an IT professional, developing, deploying and integrating a wide range of software products in the Project Management and Business Intelligence spaces. After his most recent job ended in a layoff, he decided to take a timeout and indulge the voices in his head by writing a novel. Now, he ekes out a living as a freelance web developer and spends the rest of his time writing about the stuff he loves, namely, mysteries involving superheroes and orks.

He lives in Crescent City, CA, with the lovely and violent Charlotte, their youngest son, Tommy, and a couple of layabout cats, Sprocket and Daphne. Everyone in the house is an avid gamer, and their home often resounds to the sound of tumbling dice. The cats prefer games involving small birds, but they’re more than happy to take a whack at a d20 if they get a chance.