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unfinishedbusinessbooktwopartonebook graphicUnfinished Business Book Two Part One

FATE: The development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.

Fate can be kind. She can also be a spiteful bitch.
That is something Connor Holden, Earl of Featherstone, has discovered through firsthand experience. But if he thinks Fate’s a witch… Just wait. He’s about to meet her sisters—Destiny and Luck.
They will make Fate’s deeds look like child’s play.

Best selling author, Ranay James presents Unfinished Business: Book 2 Part 1 of the McKinnon Legends Time Travel Series.

Just because time travel is possible does not mean time stands still. Connor doesn’t care if it stands still or not. For him time no longer holds any meaning.
Much has happened in the five years since Reagan disappeared through the curtain of time, taking Cullen McKinnon with her in the hope of saving the young knight’s life. The least of those events is Henry’s awarding Connor the titles of Duke of Featherstone and Earl of Rockport. Upon Connor’s request, the earldom was passed into his care to hold until the rightful heir can take possession. No one but Nic, Morgan, and he knew that the heir is Reagan O’Riley. He just has to keep the faith that she will eventually return.

Connor has always been a prime catch, but this latest news sends his stock soaring to new heights. The titles did not come without stipulation from the king. “You must marry, Connor, and make it soon. I, like you, have little patience these days.” Henry was quite emphatic. Conjecture is rampant and expectation is running high in the ranks of the nobility. All are anxiously awaiting the announcement. Who exactly is to become his duchess? Connor is running out of time. In this instance he prayed time would stand still.

Finding herself stranded in the twentieth century, Reagan feels lost. Grieving the loss of those she has grown to love and had to leave behind, she wonders how she will adjust. Having no job, no home, and no identification are secondary to her feelings that she just does not belong in the twentieth century. It feels so wrong, and Connor’s kiss felt so right.

Rafe McKinnon, native Texan and MD, is called in to perform the lifesaving surgery on the young knight Cullen. Realizing Reagan is adrift, he follows her into the garden just to be sure she doesn’t need medical assistance. Time travel can be hard on the human body, and this time was no exception. Realizing how distraught Reagan is, he wants to help her get home. He vows to do whatever he can, realizing that he just might be her only hope.
Fate, it seems, would agree.

Please note that this is not a stand-alone novel but part of on on-going series.

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Ranay's PicAbout The Author: Ranay James moved to a small farm in East Texas along with her husband and two dogs after walking away from the fast-paced corporate life in 2012. Ranay graduated from college majoring in accounting and finance with a minor in business management and law. Becoming a romance writer seems a most unlikely path for a woman who spent most of her career managing people and operational practices within the corporate environment. It all began in 2004 on New Year’s Day. Having made a list of things that she wanted to accomplish for the year, she added some items to that list that would push her skill set and take her out of her comfort zone. Learning to speak Spanish and write a novel were the two items that she felt would stretch her abilities the most, having no prior training in either. Later that day, Ranay sat down at her computer. Looking at that blank Word document, she simply wrote the first thing that came into her mind. “What were you thinking?” she wrote, having remembered the line from a dream she had in a hotel room in Houston, Texas in 2002. Several chapters in, Ranay found her voice as the story began to form. It poured out from a place that she never knew existed. Ranay began to write that day in 2004 and never stopped. With twelve published works to her name and nine more completed awaiting publication, Ranay has found a new passion—the love of storytelling and sharing her characters with the world.


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