ABOUT THE BOOK: “This was no longer her world against the queen. It was the queen’s world against her.” 

The Queen wants to destroy the life force of earth and has destroyed the last being that can stop her. Or so she thinks . . .The last powerful mage in the world, Princess Aura, is the sole witness to the nefarious plot. The good news is she knows how to stop it. The bad news? She can’t do it alone.

Aura must summon someone she hoped never to see again. Saint George, her lover who left five years ago for another woman. And another. And another.

Can they work together long enough to defeat the queen and save the world?

Told collectively by a troupe of digital artists, Slice of Life employs every medium available: prose, pictures, poetry, illustration, audio scenes, and music, to provide an immersive and exciting reading experience.

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REVIEW: This story begins with Aura tied to a pyre by the Queen’s men. She has been asleep for an extended period of time; therefore, does not realize the dire situation at hand until it is upon her. Ki, the life force for good, has been taken and is also in danger. Before the final blow, Ki mentions to the queen that the life force is unable to be destroyed by emanate death. This triggers an automatic survival response from Aura; her need to escape is almost unbearable but detrimental. This is where Aura’s adventure begins. The tale unfolds with her struggles to find the other part of the life force before the Queen can destroy it. I really enjoy the author’s love of fictional and mythical characters. She makes this apparent by how many are portrayed in this book. Some of those appearances include Pan, Captain Hook, Frankenstein’s monster, Hermes and Merlin. The wide variety is a little difficult to keep track of since most of these characters correlate outside of each others worlds in different stories. I did find it exciting that they were all mentioned together in this tale; however, this may be due to the fact that I do have prior knowledge of all characters mentioned throughout the story. I do appreciate the adventure and the slight violence that the author reveals because it makes the characters human and susceptible to death. Some parts of the story were a little difficult to comprehend though. While reading the tale, there is an apparent change in pace among certain scenes. The pace of this tale is generally fast; yet, the author is still able to provide enough vivid description allowing you as the reader to see the scenes play out as they were meant to. After reading this tale, it reminded me of a graphic novel. I believe that I could actually see the context displayed in a multitude of pictures while reading. I recommend this book to my club members, both men and women, who like fairy tales, pirates, ogres, mermaids, Greek Mythology, and monsters in general. This tale does reveal a slight hint of romantic interest between the two main characters but the adventure is the primary motivation of this story. I am excited to read more from Ellie Ann and I exit here with providing four stars for this wonderful author and enthralling tale.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I was born in the jungles of Thailand, was raised in a small farming village in Iowa, lived in the middle of a Texan desert, and now abide in the Ozarks. I get nerd points for being home schooled. I get nerd points revoked for being a basketball jock in high school. I get nerd points again for dressing as Aragorn for LOTR midnight showings.

I like writing fairy tales, science fiction, thrillers, and am seriously interested in interactive storytelling. I’m a NYT and USA Bestseller. I also wrote articles for the PACHE Homeschool Newsletter in the 7th grade. I don’t mean to brag, but my Mom totally LOVED my article about the Apple Orchard Field Trip and hung it up on our fridge.

Post-Apocalypse specialties (for when we’re choosing sides at the end of times): I’m specially qualified for the zombie apocalypse in that I know how to load and shoot guns and I’m a long-distance runner. I’m specially qualified for the energy-crisis apocalypse in that I can ride a horse. I’m specially qualified for the dinoapocalypse or monster apocalypse in that I’m a certified nurse. And I’m specially qualified for the nuclear apocalypse in that I’m not afraid of death or growing a third eye.

I’m a New York Times and USA Today bestseller of thrillers, science fiction, and comics.

I’m a creative editor for Stonehouse Ink and other bestselling clients. I’ve ghost written a series for a NYT bestseller. I write comics for Motionworks Entertainment. If you think I seem suitable for a freelance editing or writing project that is totally AWESOME. Hit me up with your info.

Come say ‘hi!’ I don’t bite. Unless I’ve been turned into a zombie.

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