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Andrew Hess is a resident of Long Island New York who likes to spend much of his time traveling between Long Island, New York City and the Dutchess County areas. In 2011 he debuted with his first book Chamber of Souls, a small book of free verse poetry which depicted the struggles of a man who thought he had everything in the world only to feel like he lost everything after a rough break-up. In 2013, Andrew debuted his novel The Phoenix Blade: Project Justice; the first in The Phoenix Blade series.

Andrew is also a blogger at TheWritersRevolution13.blogspot.com where he interviews and promotes other authors in order to assist indie authors get more exposure. Andrew is also a frequent guest on the Anthony Charles Podcast, a show dedicated to creative professionals as they give insight into their works and the lives they lead; guests have included authors, comedians, musicians, stuntmen, actors and producers.
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About the Book

 This action packed thrill ride will leave you on the edge of your seat.

What do you do when your biggest case has come to an end? Stuck with mandatory desk duty, Detective Ali Ryan’s life as she knows it, is over. Six months without any action brought out a hunger to get back in the field. What she got, was much more than she bargained for.

The body of Blake Ambrose, one of the best defense attorneys in Dutchess County, has washed up on the shores of the Hudson River. Is this the case that will get her back on her feet?
Or will it end up being her last?

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Review of Campus Killer (Ali Ryan Series Book I)

I received a copy of Campus Killer from Loving the Book in exchange for an honest review. This story begins with a young man who has some problems with acceptance from his peers. The love of his life broke up with him and he is now returning to college with a vengeance against those who assisted her with making that decision. He takes on a new look and a new personality in an attempt to get close to his victims, he even takes on a new name! When Detective Ali Ryan gets involved after the first dead body on the college campus is found, she is not convinced that the death is a suicide. Can the detective push her Lieutenant and partner to keep the investigation over? How many incidents will happen before they realize that there may just be a campus killer?

My favorite characters are Detective Ali Ryan and Mark. The detective has a strong head on her shoulders and is usually pretty confident with most cases. After the first murder, everyone rules out homicide, but Ali is just not so sure. She is very brave for being so consistent with the Leiutenant, so much so that she could have lost her job for disobeying orders. Mark, on the other hand—is all over the place. This new persona makes him confident and very dangerous while still able to think quickly on his feet. He has this whole scenario planned out about how he is going to exact his revenge, leaving no trace or evidence of homicide. He is clever, witty and still manages to stay under the radar while being completely in control of his surroundings. To me, he is the perfect bad guy. He is the one that you really just don’t like because he gets under your skin.

In my opinion, this book deserves four stars. I thought that the overall story was thought out and planned really well. The content flowed well and there was an incredible amount of creativity. The story started off quick and maintained its pace until a little over half-way. I found that the pace started to slow down and became inconsistent which I did not really like. I wanted the story to continue with the quick pace instead of dragging on as much as it did. I am overly excited to start the second in this series called Scorned, so for those of you who are keeping a close eye to my reviews—stay tuned! I think that this author is very good and has so much potential to improve, especially grammatically. I look forward to reading more of his other books as well because his creativity and character development have piqued my interest.

Review of Scorned (Ali Ryan Series Book II)

I received an advanced reader’s copy of Scorned from Loving the Book in exchange for an honest review. This story begins with a young woman named Claire Cain who starts attending meetings to help her through something that happened six months ago—a man slipped her drugs and then took advantage of her. Now, seeing low-life and manipulative men wherever she goes, she can’t help but want to turn things around and give them a taste of their own medicine—only, it doesn’t exactly end well the first time that she decides to intervene. After the death of a very powerful and influential attorney, Claire wakes up the next morning in a complete panic. Claire has nowhere to go, but she knows that she can’t go on with her life without the remorse and guilt suffocating her. The only thought that helps her is knowing that these men will never hurt another woman again, but will it all fall back on her until the famous Detective Ali Ryan figures out who the killer is?
My favorite characters are Detective Ali Ryan, Detective James Thornton and Claire Cain. Again, I noticed the detective remains very head-strong, even though the story begins with her back on desk duty for the Campus Killer shooting. She still exudes the confidence from the first book, but there is a determination to get back to her field work. After the first murder, everyone automatically assumes that it is a homicide, unlike the first case that she began working on. I liked the way that Detective Thornton came through and took charge, even though Detective Ryan completely disregarded him as anything other than a womanizer. She does not automatically fall for his charms, unlike every other woman who he comes in contact with. I also really sympathized with Claire Cain. Dr. Cain has been traumatized and it can be clearly seen that her fear of men is unhealthy. She becomes extremely paranoid and believes that she has really become a killer who is being hunted down and followed, but little does she know that her fears and mentality allow her to be the perfect pawn.
In my opinion, this book deserves five stars. I thought that the overall story was thought out and planned really well. The content flowed well and there was an incredible amount of creativity. The story started off quick and maintained its pace throughout the entire read; however, there were still a ton of grammatical and spelling errors much like the first book. I can honestly say that this series has been great thus far and I do enjoy the originality and detail that the author created to surround his characters. I will be waiting for the third installment of this series and I look forward to reading more of his other books as well because his creativity and character development continue to astound me.



08swim600_1Author Interview

1. What does your writing process look like?
It usually starts out very structured where I sit at a desk and listen to music. But lately it’s grown into a little more chaotic where I break from the structure in order to really dive into my characters.

2. Do you have any strange writing habits (like standing on your head or writing in the shower)?
No, not that I know of. My ideas come to me in strange ways like sleeping, driving, and showering, but no strange writing habits.

3. What book do you wish you could have written?
Harry Potter. JK Rowling had such a creative mind with that series and was incredibly successful.

4. Just as your books inspire authors, what authors have inspired you to write?
James Patterson, Edgar Allan Poe, JK Rowling, and lately a few friends of mine have too. Anne Conley, AR Senault, and Tanya Sands.

5. Is there one subject you would never write about as an author? What is it?
No, I’ve been slowly branching out into various genres. I love my mystery and suspense novels, but I started looking to psychological dramas, romance, and horror.

6. How important are names to you in your books? Do you choose the names based on liking the way it sounds or the meaning? Do you have any name choosing resources you recommend?
Each book is different. Some characters are based off of people in my life, while others are random names I splice together.

7. What do you consider to be your best accomplishment?
I think my biggest so far was when my series, The Phoenix Blade, won the 2014 Best Series from Indie Authors.

8. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I see myself being very busy in the next 10 years. I will be attending a lot more book conferences and signings, and putting out a lot more books.

9. Were you already a great writer? Have you always like to write?
I always loved writing. It gave me an outlet for my creativity. I wouldn’t say I was already a great writer, but one that likes to evolve his style and find new ways to become a better writer than I was yesterday.

10. What writing advice do you have for other aspiring authors?
I say this all the time…NETWORK. Learn to network with authors, bloggers, and PA’s. Learn from them, follow their advice, and appreciate them.

Top Ten Ideal Vacations

1. A 2 week trip to Italy

2. Spending a week in Ireland

3. Sandals in St. Lucia

4. Geek out with newest technology in Japan

5. An authentic Hawaiian vacation

6. Wine Country in California

7. Hollywood Studios tour

8. Spain

9. Visit the Eifel Tower in France

10. London, England

Top Ten foods

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies- I won’t lie…I’m the Cookie Monster

2. Sushi-I love sushi and will eat any type.

3. Pizza-I am creative and come up with the most unique toppings for my pizzas

4. Spinach and Artichoke dip- This is a new favorite of mine and can never get enough

5. Buffalo wings-Always get the best wings at Hurricanes.

6. Cheeseburgers- Love them all year round, but love them even more during summer.

7. Kielbasa- A favorite of mine since childhood and still love it to this day

8. Stuffed Shells- This is my favorite type of pasta.

9. Butter nut squash ravioli- another new favorite of mine.

10. Tacos- I have no reason. I just love tacos

Character Casting

Detective Ali Ryan-she is by far one of the hardest for me to cast. To fill this role, the actress would have to be smart, funny, sexy, a take no nonsense kind of woman. I can thank the show Marvel’s Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. for bringing this actress into the mix this season as well. The woman that would best fit the role for Detective Ali Ryan would be Adrianne Palicki


Officer Rodney Johnson-he is the strong former nightclub bouncer turned cop. His size and demeanor is intimidating, but since meeting the love of his life, getting married and having a kid, Rodney Johnson has shown a more sensitive side as well. Shemar Moore would be a good fit despite not being as tall as I would like.


Amanda Ryan-Many would think Amanda Ryan would be a naive college girl that’s fallen for a bad boy, but that’s not entirely true. Since moving to New Paltz and having her big sister around, who happens to be a bad ass cop, she is more grounded and wants to know any good dirt on Ali’s cases. A fitting actress for this role would be Emma Roberts.


Shawn-Mark L. Young played a great role as Scottie P. in We’re the Millers and feel he could pull off the role of Shawn much better than anyone I can think of.


Matthew-is a man of mystery and passion. The man to fit that role would need to do the same. Someone that has the look that could drive a woman wild and still have you guessing his intentions would be Amin Joseph.

Amin Joseph

Lieutenant Esposito-the hot tempered Lieutenant would be played by Cheech Marin. He is known for his many roles including Cheech and Chong or his time spent co-starring on Nash Bridges as Joe Dominguez. I feel Cheech Marin would be best suited to bring the comedic hot tempered Lieutenant to life.

Cheech Marin image
Cheech Marin image

There are only two new characters in this book and 2 new supporting characters.

Detective James Thornton- He is one of those guys that give a horrible first impression. He’s cocky, arrogant, and convinced he can get anything he wants. But beyond the bad boy image he personifies, he’s a man with a heart of gold. When it comes to women, he’s trouble with a capital T.

Doctor Claire Cain- She’s the good girl gone bad. In school, she was the one who always got the highest grades, was valedictorian, and made the Dean’s List. She personified success. But after facing the most traumatic moment of her life, she decided being good can only get you so far.

Sheila- One of Claire’s best friends and works as her personal assistant/secretary. She has a wild party girl personality and always on the hunt for another man.

Rebecca- Another one of Claire’s best friends. She’s more sensible and level headed than Sheila. She works at a law firm in Dutchess County, but knows how to use her feminine wilds and sex appeal to get what she wants. She’s very good at manipulating others both in court and in her personal life.


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