If you make art, people will talk about it. Some of the things they say will be nice, some won’t. You’ll already have made that art, and when they’re talking about the last thing you did, you should already be making the next thing.” -Neil Gaiman


A Chaotic Courtship by Bethany Swafford

A Composition in Murder (A Cherry Tucker Mystery Book 6) by Larissa Reinhart

A Curious Beginning (Veronica Speedwell Mysteries, Book 1) by Deanna Raybourn

A Dragon’s Treasure (Shifters of Black Isle, Book 3) by Lorelei Moone

A Family No More by Amy Quonce

A Witch’s Path (A Witch’s Path Series Book 2) by N.E. Conneely

A Witch’s Trial (A Witch’s Path Series Book 3) by N.E. Conneely

A Witch’s Concern (A Witch’s Path Series Book 4) by N.E. Conneely

After the Pain (The Reflection Series Book 2) by Gia Riley

Air and Ash (Tides Book 1) by Alex Lidell

Alace Sweets by MariaLisa deMora

Alexander’s Blood Bride (Vampires of London Book 1) by Lorelei Moone

The Alibi by Marilyn Baron

All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

All the Pretty Bones (The Hunted Series Book 1) by Camela Thompson

All Riled Up by Elizabeth Barone

Alt Truths by Alec Birri

Always You (Second Chances Book 1) by Stephanie Rose

Angelo’s Journey: A Border Collie’s Quest for Home by Leland Dirks

Another Shot at Love (A What’s Love??? Novel Book 1) by Niecey Roy

Apple Boy (The Quiet Work Book 1) by Isobel Starling

Aranya (Shapeshifter Dragons Book 1) by Marc Secchia

The Art of Going Home by Nicole Sorrell

Ashby Holler (Volume 1) by Jamie Zakian

Autumn of Fear (Fearless Series Book 2) by Glede Browne Kabongo

Awakening (Redeemer Chronicles Book 1) by Julie C. Gilbert


Barking up the Wrong Bakery (Happy Tails Dog Walking Mysteries, Book 1) by Stella St. Claire

Be Mine (Second Chances Series Book 1) by Isobelle Cate

Beautiful Stranger (A Marked Ones Novella) by Kat Vancil

Beauty and the Beast (Sensual Fairy Tales Series Book 1) by Jax Lawrence

Beauty of the Beast (Fairy Tale Retellings Book 1) by Rachel L Demeter

Behind the Stars by Leigh Talbert Moore

Being a Witch and Other Things I Didn’t Ask For by Sara Pascoe

Bella and the Beast (Scandalous Fairy Tales, Book 2) by Izzy Szyn

Between Everything and Us (Sutton College Book 1) by Rebecca Paula

Between the Pain (The Reflection Series Book 1) by Gia Riley

Between the Sea and Stars (The Lena Series, Book 1) by Chantal Gadoury

Beyond Redemption (Marked Series Book 2) by Lady J

The Biker’s Cross by Brian Denning

Bite Me (The Puritan Cover, Book 1) by Louise Cypress

The Black Blossom (The Healer Series Book 2) by C.J. Anaya

The Blackfish Prophecy by Rachel Clark

Bleeding Hearts by Dana Louise Provo

Blinding Night (Blinding Night Book 1) by Chantal Gadoury

Blocked by Jennifer Lane

Blood Moon Magick (Whiskey Witches Book 2) by S.M. Blooding

Blood, Spirit & Bone (The Hunted Book 2) by Camela Thompson

The Body In The Landscape (A Cherry Tucker Mystery Book 5) by Larissa Reinhart

Borderline (Lassiter/Martinez Case Files, Book 1) by Joseph Badal

Breathe You (Pieces of Broken, Book 2) by Celeste Grande

Bridge to Burn (Detective Kay Hunter, Book 7) by Rachel Amphlett

The Broken Girl (Lonely Girl Series Book 2) by Gracie Wilson

Buried Secrets by J.C. Valentine

Bury the Living (The Revolutionary Series Book 1) by Jodi McIsaac


Call to Arms (Detective Kay Hunter Series, Book 5) by Rachel Amphlett

Capricious (Back to Bad Book 1) by Jade Eby

Caramels With A Side of Murder (Daily Buzz Mysteries Book 2) by Meredith Potts

Carbon (The Watcher Series, Book 2) by AJ Eversley

Cash Kills (Angelina Bonaparte Mysteries, Book 2) by Nanci Rathbun

Catch Me If You Can by Miss Mae

Chameleon Soul (Chequered Flag Series Book 1) by Mia Hoddell

Chasing Power (The Realm’s Salvation Series Book 3) by Constance Phillips

Chocolate With A Side of Murder (Daily Buzz Mysteries Book 1) by Meredith Potts

Chosen (The Chosen Chronicles Book 1) by Jennifer Ortiz

Claimed by the King (Shifters of Black Isle, Book 1) by Lorelei Moone

Collide (Collide Series Book 1) by J.C. Hannigan

The Concealing (Spirit Warriors Series Book 1) by D.E.L. Connor

Consumed (Collide Series Book 2) by J.C. Hannigan

Cordial Killing (A Backyard Farming Mystery, Book 2) by Vikki Walton

Cornered Magic (The Void Series, Book 1) by Charissa Dufour

The Corpse in the Cabana (The Viola Roberts Cozy Mysteries Book 1) by Shea MacLeod

Corruption (The Corruption Cycle Book 1) by Adam Vine

Cuddling Sucks in Coffins (The Slayer’s Reverse Harem, Book 2) by Holly Ryan

Cutlass (The Cutlass Trilogy Book 1) by Ashley Nixon


Damaged Goods (Damaged Goods Series Book 1) by J.C. Hannigan

Dark Days of Promise by Shaunna Gonzales

Daughter of Death by Lexi C Foss

Dead Man’s Kiss (Romancing the Pirate Series Book 5) by Jennifer Bray-Weber

Deadly Aim (The Shandra Higheagle Mystery Series Book 3) by Paty Jager

Deadly Portfolio: A Killing in Hedge Funds by John J. Hohn

Deadly Shadow (The Assassin Chronicles, Book 1) by Kim Cresswell

Dearest Clementine (Dearest Series 1) by Lex Martin

Death of the Mad Hatter (Twisted Fairytale Confessions Book 1) by Sarah J Pepper

Death Unmasked by Rick Sulik

Death Unscripted by M.K. Graff

Demon Rising by Deanna Browne

The Demonic Dozen (Detecting Magic with Dick Hunter Book 2) by A. Jarrell Hayes

Devil’s Lulliby (Ringer’s Masquerade Series Book 1) by Sarah J Pepper

Diving Into Him (South of Forever Series Book 1) by Elizabeth Barone

Dog Health Care: 7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy by Rachele Baker, DVM

Donald Trump: Plague Doctor by Caspar Vega

Done With Love (A What’s Love??? Novel Book 2) by Niecey Roy

Double Duplicity (The Shandra Higheagle Mystery Series Book 1) by Paty Jager

Doubleback (The Georgia Davis P.I. Series Book 2) by Libby Fischer Hellmann

Down the Rabbit Hole (The Absolution Series, Book 3) by Joz Maxel

The Doom of Undal (Dragon Court Book 2) by Katrina Sisowath

Dopey Women by Laura Barnard


Easy Innocence (The Georgia Davis P.I. Series Book 1) by Libby Fischer Hellmann

Edge of Danger (A Corpus Agency Novel Book 1) by Zee Monodee

Ever Over After (Over Duet Book 2) by J.A. DeRouen

The Everett Exorcism by Lincoln Cole

Evil’s Unlikely Assassin (Alexis Black, Book 1) by Jenn Windrow

Exodus ’95 by Kfir Luzzatto

Eye of Fear: Anthology

Eyes of Autumn (The Marcel Experience Book 2) by Cynthia H Wise


The Fall of Undal (Dragon Court Series Book 3) by Katrina Sisowath

Fatal Obsession (Black Widow Book 2) by Christina Ow

Fate’s Cry by Jalpa Williby

Fated (Vanguard Legacy Book 3) by Joanne Kershaw

Finding Dandelion (Dearest Series Book 2) by Lex Martin

The Fire Test (Magic Academy Book 1) by E.R. Ross

First Contact (Haunts for Sale Book 1) by Kat Green

Flintlock (The Cutlass Trilogy Book 2) by Ashley Nixon

Follow the Ashes (Executioner Trilogy Book 1) by Kindra Sowder

Forever: A Lobster Kind of Love by Jody Pardo & Jennifer Tocheny

Forever Marked (Marked Series Book 1) by Lady J

Forever Tattooed (Tattooed Billionaire Book 3) by Alicia Rae

Friday Nights Don’t Last Forever by Caleb Pirtle III

From Frights to Flaws by Sunayna Prasad


Game of Fear by Glede Browne Kabongo

Girl Behind the Veil (The Invisible Veil Series Book 1) by Jalpa Williby

Go On, Girl by Hilary Grossman

Gone to Ground (Detective Kay Hunter Series, Book 6) by Rachel Amphlett

Gravity by Amelia Wilde

Guarding Christmas by Jenny Schwartz


Half-Soul (The Realm Book 1) by Katherine Rhodes

Handbags & Hooligans (A Presley Thurman Mystery Book 3) by Laina Turner

The Haunting of Hillwood Farm by Kathryn Knight

Haven Divided (The Dragon’s Brood Cycle Book 2) by Josh de Lioncourt

Haven Lost (The Dragon’s Brood Cycle Book 1) by Josh de Lioncourt

The Hazards of the Old Ones (The League of Elder Book 2) by Ren Garcia

He Found Me (He Found Me Series Book 1) by Whitney Barbetti

He Saved Me (He Found Me Series Book 2) by Whitney Barbetti

The Heart of Escher by Jonathan Dance

Heartfelt Lies (Undone Series Book 2) by Kristy Love

Hell to Pay (Detective Kay Hunter Book 4) by Rachel Amphlett

The Hero Beat (The Conway Reports Book 1) by Nick Svolos

Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

The Holly & the Thistle by Regan Walker

Home Economics For Girls or Tabitha Tickham and the Cake Crisis by J.P. Wright

Honor Kills (Angelina Bonaparte Mysteries, Book 3) by Nanci Rathbun

Hope Over Fear (Over Series 1) by J.A. DeRouen

The House of Bloodstein by Ren Garcia

The House on Seventh Street by Karen Vorbeck Williams

How to Fall for the Wrong Man (Ladies of Passion, Book 3) by Harmony Williams

How to Play the Game of Love by Harmony Williams

Hunt Me (The Puritan Coven Series Book 2) by Louise Cypress

The Hunted (Hunter Circle, Book 1) by Jessica Gunn


The Immundus by Christina Enquist

In the Company of the Dead (The Sundered Oath Book 1) by Ciara Ballyntine

Into the Web (Shadowzone Book 2) by Simon Rose

It Takes a Spy (Secrets & Seduction Book 1) by Sheridan Jeane


Jaded by Desire (Lust, Desire & Love Trilogy Book 2) by Desiree A. Cox

Jagged Edge of the Sky by Paula Marie Coomer

Just a Kiss (A Wine Country Romance Series Book 1) by Kate Kisset


Kane: The First Blood Son (Prequel to the Snow Blood Series) by Carol McKibben

Kassandra’s Wolf (The Dragon Ruby Series Book 3) by Leilani Love

Kat, the 6th Turn by Ren Garcia

Keys to the Coven by Vicky Loebel

Kill Code by Clive Fleury

Kingdom by the Sea by Anna del C Dye

Kissing Madeline (Dearest Book 3) by Lex Martin


Learning to Breathe by Marisa Oldham

Lighter (Begin Again Duet Book 1) by Gia Riley

Living Proof by Peter J Thompson

Locks: Rapunzel Unhinged (Twisted Fairytale Confessions Book 2) by Sarah J Pepper

The Lonely Girl (Lonely Girl Series Book 1) by Gracie Wilson

The Lover’s Portrait (Adventures of Zelda Richardson, Book 2) by Jennifer S Alderson

Low Over High (Over Duet Book 1) by J.A. DeRouen

Loyalty and Lies (Chastity Falls Book 1) by L.A. Cotton


The Machine (The League of Elder Series, Book 4) by Ren Garcia

Magic Fishing Panties by Kimberly J Dalferes

Magic-Price (Crown of Stones Book 1) by C.L. Schneider

The Magic Thief (The Supernatural Pet Sitter Book 1) by Diane Moat

The Making of a Man: A Short Story Anthology (Novel of Rhynan Book 2.5) by Rachel Rossano

Margaritas & Murder (Sunny Truly Mysteries Series Book 1) by CeCe Osgood

Midnight’s Edge (The Secrets of Sleepy Meadows Book 1) by David Cappius & Michael Klinger

Midnight’s Paradox (The Cynn Cruors Bloodline Book 6) by Isobelle Cate

Mistletoe & Murder (A Presley Thurman Mystery Book 5) by Laina Turner

Murder Like a Labyrinth (Salem Grey Series Book 2) by Raymond Lee Hegstad

Murder Strikes a Pose (A Downward Dog Mystery Book 1) by Tracy Weber

My Daring Duchess (A Once Upon a Rogue Novel, Book 4) by Julie Johnstone

My Lady, My Spy (Secrets and Seductions Book 4) by Sheridan Jeane

My Perfect Imperfections by Jalpa Williby


The Nanny With the Skull Tattoos by Elizabeth Barone

Necklaces & Nooses (A Presley Thurman Mystery Book 2) by Laina Turner

Neverland Evermore (Never Ever Series Book 1) by Sarah J Pepper

No Remorse by Desiree A Cox

Nobody’s Business (Butterfly Memories Series Book 4) by M.J. Kane

Not for Me (The Windy City Chronicles, Book 1) by Kat de Falla



Painting of Sorrow by Virginia Winters

Passionate Pursuit (Dangerous Desires Book 3) by Tina Donahue

Past Forgiven (Marked Series Book 3) by Jesse Lorenzo

The Path of Destiny (The Cremelino Prophecy Book 1) by Mike Shelton

The Phantom Director’s Cut (Salem Grey Series, Book 1) by Raymond Hegstad

The Pirate’s Duty (Regent’s Revenge, Book 3) by Katherine Bone

Plan Cee (Secrets, Lies, and Second Chances Book 2) by Hilary Grossman

Pointe of Breaking by Amy Dawes & Sarah J Pepper

The Power Broker (The Conway Report Book 2) by Nick Svolos

Pre-Meditated Murder (Downward Dog Series Book 5) by Tracy Weber

Promises Forged (Venators Book 2) by Devri Walls


The Quantum Door by Jonathan Ballagh

The Quantum Ghost by Jonathan Ballagh

Quarter Mile Hearts (An American Muscle Novel Book 1) by Jenny Siegel


Rain of Ash (Skydancer Series Book 1) by Gwen Mitchell

Rapture at Midnight (The Cynn Cruors Bloodline Book 1) by Isobelle Cate

Rarity from the Hollow by Robert Eggleton

Raven’s Eye by Adam Gowans

Rebel Soul (Rebel Series Book 1) by J.C. Hannigan

Reckless Abandon (Damaged Series Book 2) by J.C. Hannigan

Redemption & Regrets (Chastity Falls Series Book 4) by L.A. Cotton

Regeneration X (Regeneration Chronicles Book 1) by Ellison Blackburn

Reluctantly in Love (A What’s Love??? Novel Book 3) by Niecey Roy

Remnants of Ash (Reign of Fae Book 1) by CK Dawn

Riches & Rags by Camille Nagasaki

The Ripper of Blossom Valley (Uncommon Senses Book 1) by S.D. Christopher

The Rite of Wands (The Rite of Wands, Book 1) by MacKenzie Flohr

Rituals of the Dead (The Adventures of Zelda Richardson, Book 3) by Jennifer S Alderson


Salvation and Secrets (Chastity Falls Book 2) by L.A. Cotton

Savior (The Watcher Series Book 3) by AJ Eversley

Scar Tissue (The Mindsight Series Book 1) by M.C. Domovitch

Scared to Death (Detective Kay Hunter, Book 1) by Rachel Amphlett

Search for the Truth by Kathryn Freeman

Semester Aboard (More Than Magic, Book 1) by Elizabeth Kirke

Serpent Priestess of the Annunaki (Dragon Court Book 1) by Katrina Sisowath

Shadow (Blue-Link, Book 1) by Maureen A Miller

Shadow Born (Shadows of Salem Book 1) by Jasmine Walt & Rebecca Hamilton

Shadow Marked (Shadows of Salem Book 2) by Jasmine Walt & Rebecca Hamilton

The Shadow Tech Goddess by Ren Garcia

Shadows on Snow (Flipped Fairy Tales Series Book 1) by Starla Huchton

ShadowWolfe (Sons of de Wolfe Book 4) by Kathryn le Veque

Shadowzone (Shadowzone Book 1) by Simon Rose

Siren by Jennifer Melzer

The Six (The Gateway Chronicles, Book 1) by K.B. Hoyle

Slay Me (The Puritan Coven Series Book 3) by Louise Cypress

Slice of Life by Ellie Ann

Snow White Lies (Twisted Fairytale Confessions Book 3) by Sarah J. Pepper

Something Down There by Nancy Widrew

Soulless (Once Wicked Book 1) by Sarah J Pepper

Spilled Milk by K.L. Randis

Stenibelle by Ren Garcia

The Stiff in the Study (The Viola Roberts Cozy Mysteries Book 2) by Shea MacLeod

Stilettos & Scoundrels (A Presley Thurman Mystery Book 1) by Laina Turner

The Stillness of the Sky (Flipped Fairy Tales Series Book 2) by Starla Huchton

Stolen Breath (Chequered Flag Series Book 3) by Mia Hoddell

Sugar and Spice and All Those Lies by Evy Johnson

Surviving Doodahville by Ashley Fontainne & Lillian Hansen

Swan Deception by Glede Browne Kabongo

Sygillis of Metatron by Ren Garcia


Take Me by Sara V Zook

Take Me As I Am by Charmaine Ross

Tarnished Remains (The Shandra Higheagle Mystery Series Book 2) by Paty Jager

Tarragon: Dragon Bane by Karlie Lucas

Tarragon: Dragon Mage by Karlie Lucas

Tarragon: Key Keeper by Karlie Lucas

The Temple of the Exploding Head (The League of Elder, Book 5) by Ren Garcia

Three Stones of Bethany by April Marcom

Three-Year-Olds Are A**holes by Sarah Fader

To Dance With Ugly People by Lorene Stunson Hill

To Tame the Wind (Agents of the Crown Book 0) by Regan Walker

The Total Package by Stephanie Evanovich

Tough Justice: Exposed (Tough Justice Book 1) by Carla Cassidy

Toxicity (The Georgia Davis P.I. Series Book 3) by Libby Fischer Hellmann

Trail of Blood by Keith Latch & Steve Wands

Trial by Charm (The Charmed Trials Series Book 1) by Jolene Buchheit

Trial by Dreams (The Charmed Trials Series Book 2) by Jolene Buchheit

Tribulation & Truths (Chastity Falls Series Book 3) by L.A. Cotton

Trifles and Folly (Deadly Curiosities Collection Book 1) by Gail Z Martin

Truth Kills (Angelina Bonaparte Mysteries, Book 1) by Nanci Rathbun

Twisted by Desire (Lust, Desire & Love Trilogy Book 1) by Desiree A. Cox

Twisted Mind (Chequered Flag Series Book 2) by Mia Hoddell


Unenchanted (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Series Book 1) by Chanda Hahn

Updrift (The Mer Chronicles Book 1) by Errin Stevens


Vampires Don’t Give Hickeys (The Slayer’s Reverse Harem, Book 1) by Holly Ryan

Venators: Through the Arch by Devri Walls

The Villainous Viscount Or the Curse of the Venns by Lucinda Elliot

Visions & Bones (The Hunted Series Book 3) by Camela Thompson


Walker on the Cape (Sgt. Windflower Mystery Series Book 1) by Mike Martin

War Torn: Stories of Courage, Love, and Resilience by Kenneth E. Miller

Watched (The Watched Trilogy Book 1) by Cindy M Hogan

Watcher (The Watcher Series, Book 1) by AJ Eversley

Wedding Bell Blues (A Lizzie Hart Mystery Book 5) by Caroline Fardig

Weightless (Begin Again Duet Series Book 2) by Gia Riley

What was Mine by Helen Klein Ross

When A Laird Loves A Lady (Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts Series Book 1) by Julie Johnstone

When A Warrior Woos A Lass (Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts Series Book 6) by Julie Johnstone

Whiskey Witches (Whiskey Witches Book 1) by S.M. Blooding

Why She Lied by Julie Coons

Why Wilt a Wallflower by Amy Sue Jackson

Wicked Highland Wishes (Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts Series Book 2) by Julie Johnstone

Will to Live (Detective Kay Hunter, Book 2) by Rachel Amphlett

Wings of Arian (Solus Series Book 1) by Devri Walls

Wings of Tavea (Solus Series Book 2) by Devri Walls

Wings Over Poppies (Over Series 2) by J.A. DeRouen

The Winning Bid (The Auction Series Book 1) by Michelle Windsor

Wishes & Wellingtons by Julie Berry

Witch for Hire (A Witch’s Path Book 1) by N.E. Conneely

The Wonkiest Witch (Wonky Inn Book 1) by Jeannie Wycherley