Review: When a Warrior Woos a Lass by Julie Johnstone

When a Warrior Woos a Lass


Series: Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts Book 6

Author: Julie Johnstone

Genre: Historical Romance

Publication: December 18, 2017




The past haunts them. Treachery awaits them. Love will save them.

A shattered lass…

Scarred by the cruel whims of her late husband, Lena MacLeod lives in fear of men and marriage. So when the king’s edict obliges her to wed Scottish warrior Alex MacLean, she never expects to feel safe, let alone happy. But behind Alex’s fierce exterior lies a gentle, gallant highlander who renews her soul, emboldens her, and offers her the one thing she never thought she would possess—true love. Now that Alex has her whole heart, she’ll settle for nothing less than all of his.

A tortured highlander…

Haunted by violent nightmares of his dark past, Alex MacLean has put off getting married for as long as possible. But now he finds himself the husband of the fragile, beautiful Lena, and he’s drawn to her as he has never been to another. He vows to protect and heal her, and as she grows stronger, so does his love for her. Yet, his horrible memories and a treacherous task are preventing him from giving himself to her entirely, and the secrets he harbors threaten to destroy their life together.

A union…

When Lena uncovers a dangerous scheme involving Alex, she embarks on a desperate journey to save the man she loves. But Alex still hasn’t let her in, and he runs the risk of losing her—and his life—unless he can accept that his once delicate wife is now an ally strong enough to light his way.







The king’s eyes narrowed to slits. “Then perchance,” he said in a halting tone, “I will have to reconsider my pardoning Cameron for his part in the death of my beloved Katherine.” The king knew damn well that his mistress’s death could have been avoided if she had remained quiet as Cameron had ordered when they had been under siege as they’d been escorting her to Dunvegan. It had been no fault of Cameron’s. But Alex understood the king and Iain were locked in a battle of wills. Alex also understood that he may very well have to make a dangerous choice in a breath—allegiance to his king or allegiance to his greatest and oldest friend. The thought brought a sharp sting to his gut, and he held his breath, waiting to see what would unfold.


Can abuse break someone to the point that they can never love again? Would the perfect match between two broken hearts be able to mend each other? Johnstone’s historical romance really exposes the raw emotion of love for what it is—vulnerability that can be harnessed into strength. This tale is of another Scottish warrior who has provided his unyielding loyalty to his King. Two tests have been thrown at him in rapid succession. A marriage that he very much wants to a women who has endured far more abuse then he could ever hope to banish from her heart and a King who has asked him to betray his people. When a Warrior Woos a Lass holds depth, historical adventure, emotional prevalence and timeless romance. Johnstone provides yet another riveting and fascinating story that will captivate readers who enjoy this genre.


Alex and Lena care for each other a great deal, being brought together time and time again since youth, but Lena’s last marriage to a cruel and abusive man has changed the way that she sees all men, including Alex. Once her brother saves her from that horror, can she learn to love another man and be with him as a woman should without fear of his touch threatening to overcome her? Alex is kind, compassionate, and stunningly handsome and yet, his eyes and his past hold a cold darkness full of secrets. When the King has demanded their marriage before an important task arises, a secret in which Alex and the King must hold sacred to themselves, Lena doesn’t know how to move forward. Should she follow her husband and betray her whole family or should she stay and leave her husband to his own betrayal? Lena knows in her heart that Alex is good, and she bases her determination to stay be his side out of faith that there is an explanation for his actions. Could she be wrong? Could he betray her?


Johnstone almost has a poetic vibe to her words and the rhythm with which she carries the story. It is clear that she has a profound knowledge of history and a lot of research went into her story. This author does a superb job with character development and originality. The pace is very fluid and quick, but not so quick as to hinder understanding or perception. As this story progresses, it becomes more of an adventure for both Alex and Lena, one which will test strength as well as trust. If you are a reader of historical romance, this may be an exciting read for you.


A copy of this book was provided to Turning Another Page by the author, but this in no way affects our honest opinion of the book or the review that has been written. We provide a five-star rating for When a Warrior Woos a Lass by Julie Johnstone.





Author Julie Johnstone first fell in love with romance fifteen years ago when she picked up her first romance novel in an airport gift shop on the way to Conroe, Texas for a family reunion and spent her whole weekend reading rather than water skiing, which up until then was one of her favorite things to do.

Julie is staying up way too late and typing furiously on her keyboard to finish her next book or blog with her fellow authors at Ladyscribes. Julie is married to an amazing lawyer and when she is not running her two precocious children to one activity or another she is trying to seek out some time to stay in shape and see her dearest friends.




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