Across town, Lucian stood with his hand on a decanter, staring into the pile of ash in his fireplace. Thoughts danced across his mind, crashing into one another like sparks feeding a larger flame. He had cast Olivia into her role as Executioner the moment he had decided to help her transition. She had no say in the matter. He made the decision for her as she lay sprawled out, bleeding into the gravel behind a house that had been constructed just for her.

30838727What is the one thing that scares readers the most about the things that go bump in the night? That one thing…is fear of the unknown. Thompson drudges up nasty monsters and icky black goo that can terrify almost anyone—including her Vampires. But, that isn’t all that she embraces with her paranormal tales. This third installment digs deeper into the heart of the true evil that they are fighting. Betrayal is real fear. Having someone that you once trusted—possibly loved—or simply worked with, having the capacity to give in to their darkness…it’s absolutely horrific because you are the most blind-sighted by it! What happens when the city is in chaos and no one knows who they can trust…let alone what they can trust. There is only the hunter and the hunted.

Olivia and Lucian are back with a vengeance in this third installment called Visions & Bones. After the dreadful memory of what she had to do to her ex and loyal friend, Shawn—she made a promise to watch over his children and keep them from any harm. When the Council deems that the Covenant is in danger, Olivia has to leave her post and investigate the mysterious killings in both the supernatural and human communities because she is the Executioner. Lucian has fine-tuned his logic and is dead set on proving a shared connection between both. The killing of one of his strongest vampire soldiers in the Nobil Onorabil has to be somehow connected to the human killings that seem to be some type of possession. It just can’t be coincidence! Olivia and Lucian enlist some old friends in this installment; however, they also have some new friends that assist them with their research and hunt, including a human homicide detective. Together, with the Executioner on their side, what can go wrong? Once they figure out that the killings are meant to be a distraction to take them off track, they must race against time to figure out what they have missed and who the intended target is.

Thompson has outstanding character development and her tales are highly original. The creativity within this story is fantastic, coming up with a secretive world of underground workings that consist of demons, witches, oracles and vampires among others. This author engages her readers with action, suspense and a slight romantic endeavor that will leave you wanting more. If you are a reader of paranormal suspense, this may be perfect for you. It is recommended that the series is read from the beginning due to the references made from previous scenes in other installments.

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