The Sugar skull ghost thief by Jason salas

PUBLISHER: fine line llc

RELEASED: may 10, 2017

GENRE: mystery, ya fiction, ghosts

Perk is just your normal, everyday average guy. He could do with a little adventure in his life. Yet, all he wants is some down time and a vacation. However, fate and the universe have other plans for him.

On a whim, Perk heads to the mystical town of Old Mesilla, NM to pick up a VW Microbus for his roommate. Little did he know that he was entering into a paranormal vortex of outlandish Mexican folklore and scandalous black market deals. All of which seem to link to a phantasmic nuisance which resembles a beloved relic.

Along the way, he meets the beautiful and dynamic Maya, a young Latina woman with a spicy personality. Everything Perk knows about girls is thrown out of the window with this intoxicating new personality in his life.

Perk may seem average but, beneath the ho-hum façade, the wheels are turning in his head. Will he be able to save Maya and her family’s business from the hauntings that threaten to obliterate it?

The Sugar Skull Ghost Thief is a light and breezy read which, upon reflection, exposes complex themes dealing with our moral natures, respect, superstition, and the continuation of legacy. It is a tale within a tale, peppered with humor and romance. For lovers of sugar skulls and Día de los Muertos, look no further. This southern New Mexico mystery will satisfy your appetite for the spicy and the savory.

I am a humorist at heart. Not necessarily a comedian, but a humorist. They overlap but are different fields. At any rate, as a humorist, I take the world into my brain, slosh it around a bit, then produce artistic works in an effort to communicate a point, a theory, a concept, or a perspective.

While many know me as a cartoonist, due to my comic strips “Perk at Work” and “In The Way,” I am more of a writer. After all, comics are written before they are illustrated. Even then, I find more pleasure in the written word without illustrations.

I have worked at a bunch of different places doing a variety of jobs, all the while continuing to work on my creative endeavors.

And that’s that. See below for more in-depth stuff.







I headed back to Calavera’s. I still had a few minutes to kill so I looped around another part of the village just to take in more sights, think about El Mismo, and do some Chihuahua dog watching. I ended up on a street that ran along the backside of Calavera’s. I recognized the back of the building from when Maya and I were looking for the work that Esteban supposedly had done. It was still about a hundred yards ahead. I saw a guy leaning against the back wall. I squinted and realized it was Rocky. He was smoking a cigarette. I decided to go up and talk to him. Maybe I could get him to tell me something, anything. Maybe he had some sort of information that would help me figure this whole thing out. I started to walk his way and stopped when another guy came from around the side of the building.


If you had the chance to travel to a town and pickup a van for a buddy of yours in exchange for some cash, would you? First, you might think…well, how much are we talking about? Then, you might think…do I have anything better to do? Got some time off from work? No family responsibility? No relationship? It might be a nice vacation, but then again…it might be an adventure of a lifetime if you take the chance. Salas presents some terrific insight into the lively and enigmatic culture from the mystic town of Old Mesilla, New Mexico. Just an average man finding himself in a very ghostly mystery, what’s not to like?


Perk is just a normal guy who travels to Las Cruces, New Mexico to pick up a VW Microbus for his roommate. He needs a vacation and the beautiful town of Old Mesilla is the perfect place to go. He rides the bus all of the way there and finds a beautiful young, Latina woman waiting to pick him up not long after arriving. Maya is everything that Perk wishes he could find in a woman. She has an exuberant personality. She is outspoken, loud and intoxicating according to Perk. After getting to know Maya for a few days, he is enamored by her, but saddened by the story of El Mismo. Maya’s mother and father run a family restaurant that has been suffering since a ghost has been haunting the area and driving off tourists. Old Mesilla’s shops and restaurants thrive on tourism and without the business, Maya and her family may have to close it down for good. With the restaurant being in the family for generations, Perk feels that he owes Maya to try and find this ghost and solve the mystery once and for all. Can he find out what is going on before it is too late?


Jason Salas has a great story-line with great character development and original content. The cultural and historical references are insightful. All of his characters are fun, spontaneous and not afraid to live life to the fullest. The pace flows naturally and the story is well-written. This review is complimenting the book. If you are a reader of cozy mystery and cultural fiction, this may be perfect for you.


A paperback copy of this book was purchased by Turning Another Page from the author. We provide a four-star rating for The Sugar Skull Ghost Thief by Jason Salas.