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Discover what lies beyond the Quantum Door. The mysterious woods behind Brady and Felix’s house have been deserted for years. But things change when a fence goes up and the brothers notice strange things happening at night. From the moment they dare cross the fence, the brothers enter a world of dark technological secrets that will rock the foundation of everything they know to be true. And once they enter, there’s no turning back. Some places are better left alone…

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Brady closed his eyes, balled his fists tightly, and walked toward the portal. As he took his first step into the light, he expected to be whisked along a celestial tunnel through the stars. But he never left the ground. Instead, he felt a slight pressure that pushed ever slightly against his skin like an invisible membrane. And then the sensation was gone—the bubble had burst.

Portals, robots, danger, oh yes…an entire multiverse is waiting within these pages. What could possibly be any better than that?! Science has come a very long way in this book—one where an entire world is filled with energy and futuristic possibility. Ballagh has written an adventurous young adult sci-fi novel that will hold his readers to the edge of their seats.

Brady and Felix are brothers, total polar opposites as far as personalities go. When an elderly man moves out of the neighboring lot, Felix becomes curious as to what possesses the new tenant to put up a huge fence. Is it to keep something in or to keep them out? Since Felix is a boy genius with gadgets, he devises a plan to fly a robotic helicopter over the fence into the many acres of neighboring forest, in the hopes of finding adventure. When something jumps out of the air and knocks the helicopter down, the brothers are forced to trail into the unknown after it. They not only know that it is highly dangerous, but their curiosity of what happened and the fear of getting caught, compels them both to continue on. What they find is priceless—the very air that they breathe splits and forms a blue vortex of light. Out of the light, steps a girl and her robotic dog. At first, Brady and Felix are terrified, but as it turns out—the girl, Nova and her dog, Achilles, need their help to fight a war that is much bigger than they could have ever imagined. Will Brady and Felix be able to help Nova and Achilles before the danger crosses over to their world too?

Ballagh has a superb story-line, one filled with creativity and original content. The science aspect of this novel is compelling by itself, but readers will fall in love with the highly developed characters that this author has created. With such unlikely friends, this novel is suspenseful and entertaining. If you are a reader of young adult and science fiction genres, this may be your type of book.

A free copy was exchanged for an honest review of this fictional piece.

About the Author

14228490Jonathan Ballagh is the author of the new Sci-Fi thriller The Quantum Door. He has been writing software since he was five, created his first online game at fourteen, and has a deep love of all things A.I. and robotics. He currently lives in Virginia with his wife and three kids.

Follow him on twitter @JonathanBallagh or visit his website jonathanballagh.com.