ABOUT THE BOOK: Can the students discover the impostor before it’s too late?

Lace Labrencias is the princess of a small country the ruthless King James is about to invade, and she’ll stop at nothing to keep her people safe. She’s a powerful but inexperienced mage, with the ability to see and control auras, but she knows her magical gift could be much more.

So when a legendary mage invites her to attend his Magic Academy, she eagerly accepts. But once she arrives at the location, she is transported into a dangerous labyrinth. What’s worse—her magical abilities are gone. What’s even worse—she’s trapped in the maze with seven others claiming to be students—and deadly traps will keep coming unless they find out who the impostor is. Is it the child who is more than she appears, the mute gladiator, the nature-controlling witch, the prejudice Queen, the too-cheerful healer, the arrogant pirate, or the handsome, dangerous monk who has a mysterious tie to Lace?

This exciting fantasy romance is the first book in the Magic Academy series.

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Arif immediately jumped into it and Violet followed. Soon they were all in safety. Just as One Eye stepped out of the tiny space, there was a creaking noise and the wall slammed shut. Rocks smashed together. Lace met One Eye’s glance with a raised eyebrow. “Hope that wasn’t your lucky sword.” One Eye gripped the second saber at his belt. “Oh, that’s your lucky sword? Thank goodness.” He snorted, but a pleasant light danced in his eyes. Lace walked down the large hallway. A gust of wind tore through, whipping her skirt around her legs. She held her arms to her chest. Misty droplets sprayed over them. She turned and looked Arif up and down, a little smug. “Look who’s back.”

REVIEW: If you had the chance to go to a Magic Academy, where you could learn how to strengthen your power…in exchange for your help in executing the world’s darkest reign—would you do it? The world is becoming insufferable, difficult to live in because of the imminent danger threatening freedom, property, and survival. King James is the name that everyone fears in the dark. What decision would you make if you were offered a chance to protect those you loved against an evil so powerful that it may very well be unstoppable?

Lace, a princess of Zoto, has been provided an opportunity to train with one of the very best mages of her time. Her task is to fly to this Magic Academy where others around the regions will become students much like herself. When she arrives, she is mistakenly shot down by an arrow—but she is astonished to learn that she knows the man responsible. Finding no school anywhere in sight, both students become trapped in a portal of some sort, where they meet others who have traveled far to find the same school. Together, the students have to form an alliance in order to get out of the dangerous portal that keeps hurdling near impossible traps around every corner. Lace is unable to use her power, the ability to see auras of everyone who she has come in contact with. With no way of knowing who to trust, she must learn to use her instincts and decipher the best course of action. Everyone’s magical power has been taken from them when entering the portal—by someone very powerful who they have yet to identify. One of their powers can briefly be used, but it comes in dire times only. Fear is a powerful motivator, but will it be enough to trust the others when it comes to getting out alive?

Ross has an entertaining and impressive first installment. The character development and diversity are superb and the originality is credible. All of these characters seem to have their own stories, their own reasons for wanting to be a part of this Magic Academy. Most of the characters also give plenty of room for the reader to form an emotional bond to them in different ways. This story flows beautifully and is written extremely well, allowing the reader to find it easier to engage themselves in the world that has been created by this author. If you are a reader of Young Adult Fantasy, this may be perfect for you.

A copy of this book was provided to Turning Another Page by the author, but this in no way affects our honest opinion of the book or the review that has been written. We provide a five-star rating for The Fire Test by E.R. Ross.