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A small town romance sent against the romance of the beautiful Dandenong mountains about loss, lies, and the courage to live true.

Forget the whole billionaire tycoon thing: Kate Moore is a billionaire’s daughter, and she knows first-hand that they’re not all romance novel worthy. Her father is brilliant, inflexible, and brutal – and nothing she’s ever done has been good enough for him.  Her one chance to take over the massive Moore’s Hotel Corporation is restoring the run-down Burnham Beeches in beautiful Sassafras to its former glory. To that end, she hires David Wright, a talented landscaper with an unparalleled eye for beauty and an unparalleled talent for distracting her from her goal.

David really needs this job. He needs the contract, the Moore’s name on his portfolio, and the money to pay for his ailing father’s health. Everything he’s worked for is now within his grasp, and he’s going to reach for it with both hands. What he doesn’t need is the diversion, or the temptation, presented by his new boss.

Neither David nor Kate are free to follow their own desires, but they’re powerless to fight their growing attraction. But they come from very different places; perceptions will have to crash, misconceptions will have to collapse, and they will have to face their own personal challenges before they find their space to meet in the middle.

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‘Life is about lots of things. If you do nothing but work all the time, things will pass you by if you don’t look up and see what’s about you every so often.’ Kate frowned. ‘How do you mean?’ ‘I mean David was watching you all night like he couldn’t take his eyes off you. You can let people in. Life isn’t all about work and not every man is Albert or Greg.’

No matter how high you put up walls, how perfect you conceal your true identity, there will always be someone who can see straight through the fabrication. Ross provides her readers with more than meets the eye. Her sole purpose for writing this novel is portrayed in the character development, style of writing and detail that she gives to moral behavior. It doesn’t matter what gender you are or what social class you belong to, the outcome is the same…everyone deserves to be loved for who they are.

Kate and David are the most unlikely pair. Kate…or Queen Kate…is in an elite social class, supported by her father Alfred Moore. Her life has been rather uneventful, except for her sister disappearing three years ago. Moore is one of the most prestigious names in the hotel business and her new little side project was started to share in the success. Her intentions are crystal clear, she wants to be every bit as worthy in her father’s eyes…but then comes David, the new landscaper for her hotel. David completely sweeps her off of her feet, making her think about rights and wrongs…as well as how manipulative her father can be and always has been. Maybe there was a really good reason that her sister disappeared, but Kate is determined to find out and…David…David shouldn’t even be on her mind all hours of the day. What would her father think if he knew she was falling in love with a landscaper? What would that do to the Moore name and would she be able to live through the shame?

Ross has a wonderful, fast-paced story with well thought out characters and originality. This story does have a bunch of grammatical and spelling issues, but it is still entertaining and light-hearted. If you are a reader of Romance and Women’s Fiction, you may be interested in checking this book out.

A free copy of this fictional piece was provided in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author

6534821My first foray into romance was as a fourteen year old where I fell hopelessly and eternally in love with my hero as only a teenager can. Instead of watching movies and staying up late, I would go to bed at eight thirty and continue my very romantic, very safe, love affair.

Since then, I have fallen in love with many heroes, some less safe than what my teenage brain could possibly imagine. After earning a Fine Art’s Degree, a Diploma of Secondary Education and a Diploma of Marketing, I worked as a Graphic Designer in various advertising agencies as well as in-house marketing roles and am currently involved with digital marketing and everything web in my current position. But I always return to writing.

Although I have travelled, I always return to my home town of Melbourne and live with my husband, two children and two cats in the ferny-greens of the Dandenongs. If I’m not working on my latest romance and falling in love with yet another hero, you’ll find me reading, watching and basically indulging in my addiction to any story on any media type I can get my fingers on.