ABOUT THE BOOK: Lane Carson is used to getting her own way—apart from throwing hissy fits and pulling outrageous stunts to attract her workaholic husband’s attention, Lane lives a seemingly perfect life. But things are seldom as they seem…

Lane is blindsided and her charmed and pampered existence uprooted, when her shattered husband, Micky Capello, breaks the devastating news: he’s lost the family fortune and is leaving on a quest to “find himself.” The most daunting part is they’re losing the nannies—and the children Lane barely knows will live with her.

Without the leisure to wallow in misery and self-pity, Lane is catapulted into an adventure of a lifetime that’s filled with outlandish and often emotionally charged escapades of trial and error, all with her über supportive—albeit dysfunctional—family in tow.

This comedic drama is bursting with outlandish hilarity and warmth, and is sure to keep you roaring with laughter, while tugging at your heart with its endearing, candid reflection. A must read!

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“Because, show me one parent who hasn’t turned to a grandparent before and asked for help. Show me one parent out there who has never been overwhelmed, or even desperate for some support. Show me one parent who has never lost their cool, lost their composure in the quiet hours of the night, questioning their abilities, even if their concerns are irrational or unfounded.” Sour Face’s eyes are locked on mine, and probably unbeknownst to her, she is nodding her head ever so slightly. I’ve reached her! I’ve penetrated beyond the clipboard, beyond protocol, and am making my voice heard.

REVIEW: Money corrupts people. For some, they put it away for their children’s education or they put it away for retirement. For others, they give it to charity. These practices will never be taken for granted, as they will always be considered as selfless. There are way too many though, who spend it until it is all gone…corruption in its most primal state. It is right beneath your nose until you’re left wondering—what should I have done with what I had? What do I do now? This is where Nagasaki’s story begins.

Lane Carson has the world. She has riches. She has an amazing yacht. She has a huge, luxury of a house—designed by her. She has two children. She has nannies. Her cousin is her best friend. She has a perfectly handsome husband…who doesn’t seem to understand the importance of an anniversary. He would rather work all day than spend time with his wife. Obviously, not everything is perfect in paradise. When her husband informs her that he has lost the family fortune and needs to go “find himself”, he doesn’t give her an ultimatum. She has to move out with the children in two days! No more nannies. No more beautiful mansion. No more money. How can that be? Lane’s world comes crashing down around her quicker than anything else that she has ever done, but she has to figure out a way to be strong for the two children who she barely knows. Moving out to Kitsilano, a favored place when she was young, Lane learns the basics of parenting, friends and finding one’s self among the mass of people struggling to also make a living. She finds meaning in her life that doesn’t have anything to do with money…she finds happiness. Right up until the moment when an old friend informs her that nothing is ever as it seems, especially when it comes to business tycoons. Can Lane find the strength to leave her past behind to make a beautiful new world with the people who she has come to know as family…or will she fall back into lies and secrets again?

Nagasaki has a superb story, filled with fantastic character development, emotional prowess, and creative content. All of these characters have strong personalities, some that readers can sympathize with and others that make them cringe. Riches & Rags is very well-written and holds a fast pace, allowing readers to become easily immersed in the lives that this author has created. It is riveting, entertaining and will leave readers laughing and smiling throughout its entirety. If you are a reader of Women’s Fiction and Humor, you may want to pick this up.

A copy of this book was provided to Turning Another Page by the author, but this in no way affects our honest opinion of the book or the review that has been written. We provide a five-star rating for Riches & Rages by Camille Nagasaki.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: CAMILLE NAGASAKI is a Toronto-born Canadian author, film/TV actress, and entrepreneur.  Having always had a tremendous fascination with the written word, Camille became an avid reader at a young age and has written creatively and for business for many years.  After leaving the corporate world to be home with her kids, Camille earned a professional designation in her field, launched a new business, and began a three-year labour of love writing Riches & RagsCamille lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and children. Riches & Rags is her first novel.​

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