ABOUT THE BOOK: One phone call…And suddenly that fresh start Susan Scott wanted is threatened, needing help she turns to the only person she trusts. Detective Dominick Antonelli swore he’d always keep her safe, and that’s exactly what he intends to do. But living in tight quarters leaves him battling against his desire for her and his promise to protect the woman he’s falling in love with. Tensions mount as their attraction for one another builds, leaving them both unaware of the danger stalking their every move. Dalton will stop at nothing in his quest to seek out his betrayer. He watches her carefully, biding his time for the perfect opportunity to strike. Dive into the conclusion to the Marked Series, where Dalton’s reign of terror continues. Will this evil man get the last laugh?  Or will he be defeated once and for all?


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I will not start our marriage off on a bitter, resentful note. You are going to have to forgive the past before you even think about starting a future with me. You’re going to have to drop that crushing weight of anger you’ve been carrying around. Make peace with them, Behr. Start life with me on a clean slate. I still look over my shoulder every time I hear footsteps approaching, expecting to see my parents walk in like nothing’s happened. I wish every single day that I had just five more minutes with them. And here, you have both your parents begging you to forgive them, leading to be a part of your life, and you’re taking it for granted. You’re throwing away precious time with them…limited time.

REVIEW: To forgive and to forget have two separate meanings; however, they are often times used within the same sentence. If you forgive, that does not mean that you will ever forget. There are many cruel and intentional acts of violence that have plagued the lives of Lorenzo’s characters; but, these two words seem to make the story much more realistic and close to the heart. If a killer does what he has only even known, but is then shown a different way…can he be forgiven? If a man’s reputation has broken the hearts of many women, will his soulmate learn to trust his faithfulness? The heart can be pure. It can be the epitome of innocence. It can be deeply scarred. One thing is for certain, where the mind provides rational and logical responses…the heart provides instinct and genuine strength to endure anything that life throws your way.This third installment focuses on four main characters. These characters have all been mentioned in previous installments, but the reader was not really able to gain much of an emotional insight into their personality or their thoughts.

Susan, a former employee to Dalton, has escaped his grasp and is now in Witness Protection with her mother and brother. Her life has forever been altered, but the fight is not over. Dalton has cashed in his get out of jail free card and is now making it clear to Susan that he does not allow room for anyone to betray him. Desperate for protection, she makes the call to the only person who has ever been there for her…Dominic. While she knows that calling Dominic will push their professional relationship into something possibly more…fear has elicited every decision. Can he help her escape Dalton for good?

Adelle, the girl next door, has always been in love with Gavin…but, he never showed any reciprocation of her feelings until that one night before college where she had a complete makeover from head to toe. If looks meant everything, she was gold with Gavin. That isn’t all that she wants though—she is afraid of letting herself fall for him now that she is back in town. Does he still have a score to settle or is he genuinely interested in her as a person? If she gives her heart out to him and he breaks it, she may never recover.

Gideon, incarcerated for killing Ellora’s parents and many other targets, has come clean with everything. He turned on Dalton, giving him less of a sentence—but then he met Eva. This woman means everything to him and he is willing to wait for her…she made his heart beat again. Since he was a child, killing was all he had ever known. Dalton took him in and groomed him to be the man that everyone fears. No longer will he be that man…because of Eva. Knowing that he may never receive the forgiveness that he desires, he still makes it his mission to apologize to those who he has forever destroyed. This is the first step to being a different person, a compassionate person…and one that may possibly find himself outside of prison bars to begin a new life.

Behr, Ellora’s forever, has come face to face with the past. After his boat is blown to smithereens, he now needs to find a new one to purchase. With Gavin’s help, they find the perfect boat, in need of much repair—but perfect. The only downside is that the owner is Behr’s father…the same father who abandoned him when he was boy. Can he let the past go? Especially since his father is now pleading with him to forgive? Knowing very well what Ellora will say, he is hesitant to bring her on board…but she is pure and everything that is good in his life. He knows that she will guide him to what is right, but does he have enough strength to do it?

Lorenzo entertains the reader with a vast array of emotional situations. Each character is battling their own fight—struggling with their own inner demons. This story is emotionally charged, with superb character development, creativity, and originality. It is fast-paced and very well written, allowing the reader to zip right through. If you are a reader of romantic suspense, you may be interested in picking it up. It is highly recommended for the reader to begin with the first installment within the series, since these are direct continuations. A copy of this book was provided to Turning Another Page by the author, but this in no way affects our honest opinion of the book or the review that has been written. We provide a five-star rating for Past Forgiven by Jesse Lorenzo.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jesse Lorenzo (formerly Lady J) is a romantic suspense writer and author of The Marked Series. Her debut novel, Forever Marked, released in August of 2015 and the rest is history.

She was born and raised in Central New York. This is where she met, fell in love with, and married her husband, in what can only be described as a whirlwind romance. Together, with nothing but the clothes on their backs, they forged an adventure across the country to sunny Arizona.

Now, Jesse spends her days raising her three beautiful daughters, and two fur babies… Her nights belong to writing and the creation of exciting new worlds.

Self proclaimed coffee connoisseur, lover of all book genres, camping, shooting, and all things outdoorsy.