The Big One was a phrase folks in Western Australia used regularly. It had been years since a good, restorative rain. Every half century or so, heaven uncorked its barrels, as Merl liked to put it. When that happened, Deadhorse Creek and Gillagong Slough became a roaring, killing monster, swallowing man, beast, and hearth, rearranging the jagged edge of the sky.

Jagged Edge of the Sky Book CoverThe world revolves around life. Life, at any cost can be a blessing or a curse, but Coomer allows her readers to decide for themselves what they make of the several characters that she writes about. From Australia to North America, this author’s love of sharing others’ tales has been made apparent. This work of literary fiction is a beautiful array of descriptions in what one would consider, an amazing life…a harsh life…an abandoned life…and a life worth living. There are portions of this novel that are quite emotional; however, for those who stick it out to read until the end…it is a truly entertaining and riveting story. Coomer has a way of spanning her research with remnants and bits of truth crossed with fiction.

This novel first delves into the life of a woman, named Cherise Tuor, who feels her life has completely stopped…become uneventful even though she has a loving husband and children. She becomes infatuated with a man, Rich Hand, who has traveled with neighboring Americans into the Outback for educational purposes. Both her and the neighbor, Jeanne McMurtrey become pregnant from an affair with Rich. After having the child, Cherise ultimately leaves her husband and children for a new life while Jeanne and her family travel back to America. Two children, left with no recollection of who their father is. After being told…Dale McMurtrey goes in search of his father in Australia while Martin Tuor, after his divorce, travels to the Americas in search of the great West. Coomer’s story is very character-driven; however, all characters that are mentioned have all had some type of connection with the other characters in the book. This connotation makes is a tremendously satisfying read, but it is deeply emotional.

Coomer is exceptionally knowledgeable with her research and her writing is amazing. This author does a great job with character development and originality. The pace is a little slower than intended, but not so slow as to hinder interest. This authors has a mesmerizing novel that will both captivate and immerse the reader into a spiraling vortex of emotion and complexity. If you are a reader of literary fiction, this may be perfect for you. On a quick note, this novel is a bit different from general literary fiction; it can be categorized as experimental since an open mind is necessary for this read.

A free copy was exchanged for an honest review of this fictional piece.


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