ABOUT THE BOOK: The dream of college football propels Casey Clinton into the best and worst times of his life. On Friday nights in Avalon, Alabama, football reigns supreme. Quarterback Casey Clinton’s magic arm drives recruiters and his opponents wild. Girls worship him. A preacher’s wife seduces him. Life can’t be any better.

But when slick college football recruiters offer the small-town high school player the chance for fame and glory, it’s no longer a game. It’s business. And it’s brutal. Lavish promises of money, women, and a spot at the top of the football world take Casey into a violent world he could never imagine.

Temptation is great. His life spirals out of control. His world crumbles out from under him. Football is no longer a sport. It’s a fight for survival in a game where everyone but Casey knows how to play.

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A coach never knew which one would eventually go down during the season with a concussion, pulled hamstring, torn ligament, busted knee, shattered wrist, dislocated shoulder, broken collarbone, fractured jaw, or broken heart when he found his girlfriend in bed with a wide receiver who hadn’t caught a pass in three games. The number of debilitating injuries was endless and sometimes self-inflicted. It was damn hard for a kid to remember the snap count when he was high on meth or a joint of Mary Jane. 

31705838REVIEW: What is there to do after high school, in a small-town, that no one has ever heard of before? Friday Nights Don’t Last Forever is a novel based on football, where a couple of high school football players have to make as much of their life after school with what has been handed to them. Pirtle is a very brutally honest and enigmatic author. His stories may take a little getting used to, but it is worth it. This story shows depth and overshadows two main characters after losing the state championship game. Friday nights as they know it—is over.


Casey Clinton and Lucas Calhoun only associated with each other on the field. Casey threw the ball and Lucas caught it. Outside of football, neither boy had anything to really base a friendship with, but they find themselves similar in many aspects than originally thought. They both live in a small town called Avalon in Alabama, where no one ever comes…least of all major sports recruiters—until now. After hearing about Casey’s throwing arm, they start flocking in fast. When things start hitting the fan, primarily Lucas’ mother found dead in a ditch and an unfaithful preacher’s wife, Casey and Lucas come to a mutual agreement that if Casey accepts a position, he’ll mention his name for a pickup. All that changes when Casey realizes that the girl who he always thought he’d marry, winds up pregnant…and he hasn’t been lucky with her yet. These two boys have been handed the rough end in life, but what they do with what has been given to them is the ultimate make or break.


Pirtle is an interesting author, his writing is a different style to other authors that generally write in this genre. His words are brutally honest and his characters are developed quite well. This novel does begin slow, but then picks up the pace as the plot thickens. There are several spelling and grammatical errors with this novel, but it may not be a hindrance to readers who don’t classify these mistakes as being high on their list of what makes a good novel. If you are interested in sports fiction, you may want to pick up this novel. Warning: it is targeted for a mature audience due to the sex, violence, profanity and drug usage throughout the story.

81vuctvot5l__ux250_ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Caleb Pirtle III began his career writing about history and travel. He learned quickly, however, that what happens is never as important as those who make it happen. Many of those people have made their way into his novels.
Pirtle is the author of more than 65 published books, including the new noir suspense thrillers, “Golgotha Connection,” “Secrets of the Dead,” “Conspiracy of Lies,” and “Night Side of Dark. His other novels, include “Deadline,” and “Little Lies.” He has written such award winners as “XIT: The American Cowboy,” “Callaway Gardens: the Unending Season,” “The Grandest Day,” “Echoes from Forgotten Streets,” and “Spirit of a Winner.” His nonfiction works include Gamble in the Devil’s Chalk and No Experience Required.
He earned a journalism degree from The University of Texas and became the first student at the university to win the national William Randolph Hearst Award for feature writing. As a reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Pirtle received both the Texas Headliner’s and Associated Press Awards.He served as travel editor for Southern Living Magazine, and his travel writing was given the National Discover America Award three times. For more than two decades, Pirtle was editorial director for a custom publishing company in Dallas.
He has written three teleplays for network television, including “Gambler 5: Playing for Keeps,” a mini-series for CBS and “The Texas Rangers” for John Milius and TNT. Because of the success of the CBS mini-series, Pirtle was asked to write two novels, “Jokers Are Wild” and “Dead Man’s Hand” for Berkeley. His blogs appear regularly on http://venturegalleries.com.