Jax LawrenceABOUT THE BOOK: Every year the village sacrifices a maiden to the beast. The maiden disappears, and no one knows what happens to her.

Beautiful and passionate Belle couldn’t care less, she’s more interested in catching the eye of her father’s handsome stablehand. All her fears are realized when she’s kidnapped by the villagers and left, bleeding and naked, at the mercy of the beast.

Yet the Beast does not turn out to be what she expected. For one, he’s the sexiest thing she’s ever seen. For another, he’s not interested in killing her. He’s interested in something else, something she’s always fantasized about.

Is the the one who can break his spell? Can she sexually dominate him for three days?
This fast-paced erotica includes BDSM (with safe words), masturbation, and a beast. A very big beast.

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As she neared the stable a tingling hit him. Something didn’t feel right. He burst forward and got to the door before she did, holding his hand out to stop her. She crossed her arms over her chest. He opened the door and went in. The shadows swallowed him. He blinked, trying to adjust to the light. There was shuffle of clothing behind the door. Quick as thought, Will drew his knife—but his wrist was slammed by a fierce blow from a steel bar, and the knife fell. He felt an explosion of pain as his wrist bone snapped. “Run!” he shouted in a tight voice to Belle.

30985130REVIEW: A short, sensual tale—twisted to encompass a world that we once knew as fairy tale. Belle is beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful woman in the small town that she lives in—but she is by no means…sweet. Her wild side is the reason that she winds of trapped on that ledge, naked and bleeding—an unwilling sacrifice to the beast of legend who lives in the mountain. The Day of the Beast is said to be a day where one virgin is sacrificed in hopes of the beast leaving their village alone for another long year. When Belle is caught, the man that she lusts after is willing to do anything to protect her—but there are just too many men and she is bruised, beaten, stripped and taken away—and he is left on the bridge of death. After being tied up, Belle is able to free herself, but only to an attempted rape by one of the villagers who captured her. This is where the beast makes an appearance—so fierce and utterly terrifying, Belle blacks out and then winds up in the beast’s castle, one where a curse has been placed over everyone and everything belonging there. Learning of the kinky and erotic things that she must do to the half beast, half man—is Belle the right person who can break the curse?

Lawrence offers a terrific plot, wonderfully descriptive characters and a seemingly interesting twist to the original tale of Beauty and the Beast. This short tale, however, is not for children or teens under the age of eighteen due to its sexual content and slight hint at bestiality. Typically not an everyday read, there are parts of this story that were very easy to assimilate too; however, other parts are a bit more difficult and targeted to a certain audience. If you are a reader of twisted fairy tales and erotica, you may want to pick this up.

A free copy was exchanged for an honest review of this fictional piece.

13891961_10153963302104773_6222678771243957365_nABOUT THE AUTHOR: I was born in the jungles of Thailand, was raised in a small farming village in Iowa, lived in the middle of a Texan desert, and now abide in the Ozarks. I get nerd points for being home schooled. I get nerd points revoked for being a basketball jock in high school. I get nerd points again for dressing as Aragorn for LOTR midnight showings. I’m trying to become a world-renowned geek.

I’m a creative editor for Stonehouse Ink. I’m a producer of enhanced digital books for Noble Beast Books. And I write comics for Motionworks Entertainment.

I like writing fairy tales, science fiction, thrillers, and am seriously interested in transmedia storytelling. I like reading and watching well-written adventures. Especially if they’re hilarious.

I’m specially qualified for the zombie apocalypse in that I know how to load and shoot guns, and I’m a long-distance runner. I’m specially qualified for the energy-crisis apocalypse in that I can ride a horse. I’m specially qualified for the dinoapocalypse or monster apocalypse in that I’m a certified nurse. And I’m specially qualified for the nuclear apocalypse in that I’m not afraid of death or growing a third eye.

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