Dragon’s Quest
Dragon Princes Book 1
by Cyci Cade
Genre: Fantasy
Three lives separated by time and land, connected by curse.
Two princes from the Dragon ́s Dynasty, Liu and Wei, are cursed and condemned to live as dragons. After two centuries their fate changes when Kate appears in their lives and they are able to return to their human form. However, the curse isn ́t broken yet.
To break the curse, the princes must recover the eyes and heart of the Great Dragon. As Liu, Wei, and Kate embark on a journey to the Palace of Jade in search of the first eye, they ́ll have to face mythological creatures and immortal warriors. They ́ll have to face death too, and prove that they are
honorable men to save Kate ́s life.
They’ll be tested as never before. They ́ll discover feelings they never imagined existed. They ́ll have to fight like wild warriors.
A curse can be broken… But at what cost?
**Releases Feb 15th, 2017!!**
She wondered how long she could manage that situation for. If she had a child, she wouldn´t give her to anybody; thinking to herself, Kate could rescue Sam from the dragon´s claw. But how? She didn´t know where they lived, and she was only seven years old. Kate would figure it out, soon, before Sam became a slave at best or died at worst.

First, she needed to learn how to kill a dragon, second, how to make powerful weapons, third, how to become a warrior, forth, she needed to find where the dragon lived, and fifth… she´d be old by then. Kate was disappointed with her ‘infallible’ plan. She couldn´t save Sam by herself, and no one in the village would help her.

She heard Robert´s voice. “Kate, where are you? Come here now.” Oh! Did her father remember that he had another daughter? She thought about ignoring him, but the consequences would be serious. Her father wasn´t that kind of father who repeated the same thing for thousands of times; he asked once, if he had to talk again his order was followed by a punishment.

Kate spent hours with crazy dreams and unworkable ideas; she didn´t notice how quickly the time flew. Yes, crazy and unworkable because what could a little girl do against a giant dragon and an entire village? Nothing, just get killed.

Kate dragged her feet toward him. Hannah put Sam on the dragon´s chair. The chair, built a long time ago with hardy wood and ropes, on the top there was a sculpted dragon´s head. She headed to Sam, but Robert caught her hand and yanked her inside the house.

“No! I want to say goodbye!” Kate protested; Robert kept quiet. “Let me talk to Sam, please,” she cried. “Don´t let her go, I beg you.” Kate kicked; Robert ignored his daughter.

At the twilight, people ran fast into their houses, people weren´t allowed to watch the dragon taking the girls, but Kate found a way. She had always wanted to know how the dragon would take her older sister, so two days ago she made a hole in the window of her bedroom.

Hannah entered the house; tears wet her eyes. She was out of breath. For the first time since knowing about the prophecy and what Samantha was to face on her eighth birthday, Kate saw suffering in her mother´s expression.

Robert squeezed Hannah´s shoulder; she hugged him and cried copiously, her face buried in his chest. Robert was also in tears. Kate had never seen her father weeping before.

She thought that the dragon taking Sam didn’t bother them; she was wrong. They were in pain, like her; however, she still didn´t understand why they allowed it.

Robert guided Hannah to the chair, kissed the top of her head, locked the doors and windows, and sat next to her. A deathly silence fell on the village, including her house.

Kate darted into the bedroom and looked through the hole. Sam was there, lit by torches, her short legs dangling to the sides. Maybe she was nervous while she waited for her destiny. Certainly, she was. Kate would be.

“Poor Sam left alone,” she mumbled. Never more would they play together.

The silence continued, even the birds stopped singing. Kate realized that it was time, no matter how Sam felt, no matter how Kate felt. Despite all Kate´s prayers, she couldn´t save Sam from her tragic ending. She should have tried harder; if they had run away from home…only if because…in the end, she did not do anything; she was always a coward.

Kate might faint in Sam´s place; perhaps it´d be a solution, the dragon might think she was dead and leave her in peace. Certainly, the village people would kill her and say that Kate cursed them all.

A noise startled her; Kate looked for its source; she wasn´t able to see anything, only Samantha sat in the dragon´s chair. Would Kate like to see Sam´s face? Was Sam scared? Surely she was because Kate was frightened inside her home. What happened? It was too long; she thought, not that she wanted to see Sam leaving so fast, but it was torturing to watch her sister alone in the darkness.

A few minutes later, a huge creature with bat-type wings landed in front of Samantha. Kate got goose bumps and put a hand over her mouth to stifle any scream. Its wings grew out from its back, the body was long and strong, like a serpent; it had four legs. The forked tongue flicked the air around it. The dragon had the paws of tigers, the claws of eagles and green scales; the eyes were big and a little yellow, and…it hesitated.

The creature raised its head and with an awful roar spewed fire from its mouth. Kate bit her lips and froze; she waited for the outcome. Samantha kept quiet, possibly also paralyzed, waiting for the dragon´s next movement. The dragon stared at Sam, studying her for a fleeting instant.

I´m Cyci Cade and I write urban fantasy and fiction novels for young adult.
I´ll never forget the first time I wrote a story; I was in fifth grade. That experience enchanted me. What should be an insignificant composition became a four pages flash story. My teacher didn´t like it very much, but who cared? She did.
Well, I had to shorten my compositions. However, it didn´t discourage me; on the contrary, it made me try harder. I like a good challenge. I like to try new things; some of them don´t work as I expect, but it
doesn´t matter. I always learn new things.
I started writing articles for magazines, newspapers, and blogs. I wrote my first book in 2010 and published it in 2012. It was so amazing that I didn´t stop anymore. Writing makes me happy.
I have received 5 stars reviews from professional websites, and remarkable comments that have encouraged me.
During my free time, I like reading, watching TV series, and movies.
I live in Brazil and I have a cat named Angel. I love cats too.
Welcome to my world!