Release Blitz: Kane The First Blood Son by Carol McKibben

The prequel to the thrilling Snow Blood Series by Carol McKibben
A most interesting start to a unique new vampire series!
– Patti, Goodreads Reviewer
Kane - The First Blood SonKane
Carol McKibben
Series: Prequel to The Snow Blood Series
Genre: Paranormal Fiction
Publisher: Troll River Publications
Publication Date: October 1, 2017
Kane de Medici’s thirst for knowledge leads him into the dark vampire world.
Kane de Medici’s thirst for knowledge leads him into the dark world of vampirism. Working as an apprentice to the great master, Leonardo da Vinci in 1503, he encounters Brogio, one of Florence’s most wealthy bachelors. Their growing friendship coupled with strange events lead him to uncover Brogio’s inconceivable secret. Brogio is a vampire, the very first vampire.
Kane’s quest for endless learning has him propose that the vampire “turn” him so that he can become Brogio’s first vampire blood son. Reluctantly Brogio agrees, but Kane’s uncontrollable blood lust unleashes a plague upon the world.
This Snow Blood Series Prequel will delight fans of this beloved family of vampires.
This is not your normal vampire series… If you are one of those individuals who has yet to read the Snow Blood Series, this will be a great start…
– Dina Bushrod, Goodreads Reviewer
Absolute Perfection-Must Read. Carol’s style of weaving a story draws you into the book. You’re not just reading, you find yourself answering characters, or running with them as they hunt, or fight, “she’s that good!” If there is one book you don’t want to miss, it’s First Blood Son!
– inspectorrick, Amazon Reviewer

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Brogio stood just outside the doorway, and she was intrigued by his handsome face and body. The consummate host, he whisked her inside and wined and dined her. As she picked at a sweet cake on a stomach that hadn’t had this much food in months, she became instantly fearful when he made his proposition of vampirism. “No! I couldn’t possibly consider something this degrading!” She rose to leave, but Kane placed his hand on hers. “You couldn’t consider the possibility of having great strength, longevity and time to accumulate wealth, with my help?” She slowly sat back down and turned to her former love interest. “Are… are… you… a… vampire, too?”

Could you decline an opportunity to become immortal, study abroad wherever you want, see the world, and discover the ages? It is tempting, but with all of that wonderful stuff, comes the hard things like loneliness and watching the ones that you love leave the world over and over again. Brogio gives Kane the ultimatum and tells him that this decision is one that will be with him for all eternity. McKibben has a compelling short story, the Prequel to the Snow Blood Series.

Upon Kane seeing Brogio for the first time, he is intrigued by this man who doesn’t have the normal tendencies of a man at all, but rather something more. He is fast, much faster than anyone that he has every seen. He is reclusive, which Kane finds himself being drawn to. He seems lonely and in need of some company. After learning of what Brogio is and wanting what he has to offer, Kane thinks that he has made the best decision but realizes that what may appear to be a gift can also be just as easily a curse…Brogio describes vampirism as a curse from the Gods. Once the transformation takes place, Kane understands that his life will be forever changes and whether that is good or not…he will soon find out. One tiny mistake, one loss of self-control and the blood-lust could completely destroy him and make the earth that they walk on a VERY dangerous place. Will Kane listen to Brogio and his warning of staying close or will he take advantage of the freedom that the world offers to an immortal?

McKibben has a fantastic story-line with great character development and original content. All of her characters are memorizing and exciting with a hint of mystery. The pace of this novel is fast, making it easy to read; however, there are some spelling errors throughout the story. Since this is an advanced reader copy, these may have been cleaned up upon further proofreading, but if not, this should not hinder enjoyment of the novel at all. This review is complimenting the book. If you are a reader of paranormal fiction and dark fantasy, this may be perfect for you.

A copy of this book was provided to Turning Another Page by Book Unleashed, but this in no way affects our honest opinion of the book or the review that has been written. We provide a five-star rating for Kane: The First Blood Son by Carol McKibben.


Afterward, since he hadn’t been able to find da Vinci at the Hall of 500, he walked the streets of Florence. A young woman soon came alongside him.

Beautiful, she moved around him like a cat, rubbing against him playfully. “What’s your pleasure, handsome? You’re too gorgeous to be alone tonight, don’t you think? Got a girlfriend?”

“No.” Kane watched the blood pulse through the artery in her neck and could feel his control slipping. He focused on conversation to alleviate the blood lust. “You’re younger than most of the ladies of the night I’ve seen around here.”

“Awh. I’ve been around. I’m 21 and know how to please you.” She rubbed a long fingernail under his chin and came closer so he could get a better look at her partially bared breasts.

Kane grabbed her by the throat, surprising her.

She squealed as he ran his tongue down the side of her chin and rested his mouth just at the pulsating artery of her neck. He mumbled against it. “What will it take for you to join me at my… old… apartment? It’s just near the Hall of 500.”

She stood on her tip toes and wrapped her arms around his neck, running her hands through his long hair. “Why 75 Lira will buy you the night.”

He smiled down at her. His anger at displeasing Brogio bubbled into heated blood lust. He picked her up and ran with her to the rooms that he still kept near his work. Setting her down to remove the key from his pocket, he unlocked the door, picked her up again, kicking the door behind him. He chuckled as he thought about the night he had compelled his landlord to invite him into his own apartment once he realized that the actual owner had to issue an invitation to enter.

He sat the wench down so quickly that she staggered and fell onto a nearby threadbare sofa. She again squealed her delight and began to remove her boots, legs straight in the air.

Kane moved to his meager bar and poured them each a glass of wine. As he handed her a glass, he reached down and ripped off the stocking that she struggled to remove.

She laughed and chugged down the wine. Pulling on her other stocking, she flung it to the other side of the room.

He gulped his wine and set the glass down on a nearby end table.

With one quick movement, she pulled out a small knife and cut the laces of her bodice and exposed her chest to him. “You like?”

Kane growled as he buried his face in her breasts. Scooping her up, he carried her to a small bed in the next room and threw her down. Her laughter filled the room as he reached down and ripped off the rest of her dress, exposing her naked body.

His blood lust came to a boiling point. He fell on her and took her in a fit of passion. As he pounded into her, he couldn’t stop himself. He latched onto her throat with his fangs.

She cried out and struggled. “Oohh! What are you doing? That hurts. Stop!”

The more she resisted him, the more frenzied he became, draining her body of its blood. Soon, Calliope stopped moving.

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– Alina Hart, Reviewer


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