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Regeneration X

RX-FrontCoverRegeneration X is a story about having choices and dealing with the consequences; creating new memories and letting others fade; and making sacrifices in pursuit of happiness.

At one time or another, you’ve probably said or thought, “In hindsight, …” So, what happens when To have been, becomes something that can be changed?
In the not too distance future, Charley faces a hard choice: whether or not to follow her long since abandoned dreams. Journey with her on a quest, and you’ll be asking, “If I could change the past, would I?” Delve into this simple question, because one day soon, you too, may have that chance. Our world is flying forward—fast; would you glide, or take the risk and soar? 
To be or to have been … THAT is the question.


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Progeny CoverNineteen-year-old, Emery Kidd is one of two historians for her community. As a Chronicler, she is aware of the minute details of a society dramatically changed in the course of the two hundred years since cellular regression began. However, it is only now, after one of her lifetimes has passed, Emery discovers an important fact about her own heritage. She is the daughter of the most famous of regeneratives to have ever lived.

Consequently, Emery is also quietly learning just what it means to be the daughter of a martyred woman. Undoubtedly, she bears a strong resemblance to her mother, but more than auburn hair and expressive facial features, Emery would like to believe she’s inherited the same strength of character as well. And yet, believing and knowing are entirely separate matters.
Since everything changes with time—in varying degrees—and destiny often unfolds a plan unforeseen, Emery may just find the opportunity to test her belief. In fact, the entire human population will come face to face with their true inheritance.
The question is how this legacy will be received. For the future is inevitable, this much is certain. Lest we forget, the mere passage of time does not come with it the entitlement to life. To live and prosper is a path that is earned, but mankind has seemingly forgotten this. Can Emery remind the world that survival requires conscious effort? Will Emery and her friends, Cassidy, a fellow chronicler, Liam, a brilliant engineer, and Aiden, a reserved mediator be enough to save the oblivious many?
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Author picEllison Blackburn is a full-time designer/web developer of fifteen years. Ironically, she often waxes nostalgic over simpler days. Her passions include writing fiction and poetry, painting, and collecting vintage thingamabobs.

Raised in Chicago, she relocated to the Pacific Northwest where she currently lives with her husband and three beastly, furry children.

She is a writer of fiction and poetry and the internationally published author of Regeneration X. 


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This story is so unlike the novels that I usually read. I automatically signed up to review this before even reading the synopsis because the cover is so interesting and attractive. Sometimes, you just can’t help but prejudge a book by its cover! Regeneration X begins with Charlotte Rhys, Charley for short. She is in her fifties and a little regretful of the life that she has led thus far. She is in a marriage which is no longer romantic and fulfilling. With the technology as advanced as it currently is in 2024, Charley feels like this is her opportunity to begin again. She researched the new process of Cell Regeneration which will rearrange her current cell pattern, allowing her to regress back to an earlier age. With her doctor’s assistance, she takes the leap. The consequences of her actions seemed to minimal until after the process has been completed. When she regresses to a 17-year-old version of herself, she realizes that this procedure will change the way the world sees her…including her husband. Since this is a once in a lifetime procedure, will Charley regret her decisions later?
My favorite character in this story is Charley. Her personality is a little ill-perceived at first due to the way she feels. When she starts visiting a psychologist, thinking that depression may have bottomed her out, she finds out that she still has the opportunity to make her own decisions. A light sparks and Charley is no longer the same as before she stepped into Dr. Baum’s office. I really enjoy reading about her self-doubts and the plans that she makes for herself, all for happiness. These situations and issues the Charley must face are real and I am able to relate to some of them.
In my opinion, this book really opens up possibilities of a futurist world, where technological advances make things unimaginable…very possible. While some of the information scares me, I really enjoyed the general concept of this book. I recommend this story to an adult audience; those who enjoy science and women’s fiction primarily since this story is about Charley’s life. I enjoy the pace of the story and the author was able to hold my attention throughout its entirety. I found that some of the issues saddened me, but others were enlightening and very much hopeful. I rated this with five stars because it is well-written, creative and interesting.

This story, much like the first, is so unlike the novels that I usually read. I received an advanced copy of Progeny by Loving the Book in exchange for an honest review. Since I read the first installment and loved it, I figured that I would really enjoy reading the second installment as well. This story begins with a teenager named Emery–well not really a teenager, but she is known as a regenerated individual (regen for short). Emery is a chronicler for her somewhat subdivision and lives with her “mother” named Julia. But Julia is not really Emery’s mother even though Julia doesn’t know any different due to implanted memories. Emery knows that the past has many faults, but yet she cannot escape from the desire to learn more. With excitement and certain determination, she knows that she must find some type of proof that Charlotte Avery is her biological mother. After countless videos and journals that Charlotte left behind after her death, Emery’s interest consumes her entire existence. Can she learn the truth and will it change the only thing that she has ever known about the world that she lives in now?

My favorite character is Emery because she is much like myself. She is very independent, smart and filled with curiosity as well as a desire for knowledge. Her research is in-depth and some of the technological theories and ideas that surround her research are astounding. I enjoyed reading about Emery and Julia’s banter as well as Liam and Aiden’s characters. The interest that Emery has with Charlotte and Parker is fascinating and I liked reading about them from a different perspective. The one thing that I enjoyed the most about Emery’s character is the fact that she portrayed Earth as being one of vast wonder…in essence. She has knowledge of Earth and its billions of people as they faded, eventually leaving the survivors to form pods in certain areas or little minute collections of people after the Rapture took hold. Her view of the previous lives that were lost is one of perplexed bliss. She is content to have the knowledge, but the cities in which were populated are still somewhat confusing and undesirable.

Overall, this story is written well with complex character development and an elaborate new futuristic world. I rate this book with five stars because it is not only highly creative and original, but the pace is steady and everything flows properly from scene to scene. This author likes to take her mind to another level when she writes and her ideas and advancements are absolutely stunning to read about. Some things were a little difficult to wrap my head around, but an open mind is definitely needed when reading these two installments because both stories make you think about the differences between what is and what could become. I really enjoyed reading this story. I would definitely recommend this to lovers of science fiction and I look forward to more books from this author in the future!


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