JR Simmons lives in Northern Utah with his wife and 4 boys.
He loves spending time with his family and coaching his kids in all of their
different sports. He is an avid gamer and is very excited that his boys are
picking up on his hobby. 
JR was recently introduced to triathlons and has since
found that he loves the sport. Most nights he can be found either sitting down
with a good game or hunched over his laptop writing.
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An ancient prophet, witness to unspeakable sorrow, is
called to deliver a message of hope.
A barren couple learns they will have a child in their old
age, a child who will prepare the way for the coming Lord.
A virgin conceives a miracle.
As Zacharias goes about his duties in the temple, a visit
from an angel brings unexpected but welcome news. The same angel appears to
newly betrothed Mary, and his words will change more than her life. His message
will change the world. From Hebron to Bethlehem to Nazareth, travel with the
mother of the Savior of the world and the people she knew. Become part of the
miracle and see the world where Jesus Christ was born. We all know how the
story ends, but in Lo, How a Rose, see how it all began.”


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  • The Audio Books are read by two brilliant Narrators; Mark Deakins (reader of the Maze Runner series) and Emily Rankin (reader of Before We Were Yours)

The Audiobooks are well worth listening to!

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Now, she sat here, in a stable of all places, nursing the savior
of the world. She already ached for the child, instinctively knowing that
Jesus’s predestined calling would be difficult for him and all those who loved
him. Yet, she also knew that this tiny infant would one day bring a peace and
joy to all those who believed in him.
What a blessing it was to be chosen to bring him into the world of
“I will do everything I can to raise you right, my son,” she
whispered softly. “I love you more than I ever knew was possible. I am so glad
you are finally here.”
Mary sat still long after Jesus finished eating and fell asleep.
She lifted him to her shoulder and patted his back, watching as the light of
day slowly chased away the stars.
Even while those around her slept, Mary ran through the long list
of miracles that had happened in so short a time, from the initial visit of
Gabriel to the birth of John, from Joseph’s change of heart to the coming of
her son. She considered the shepherds’ account of what happened to them in the
hill country.
Something within Mary told her that the miracles were far from
Jesus stirred in her arms. Beaming down at her son, Mary was
filled with joy and love. She gazed into his sleeping face, an undefinable
emotion burning within her.
Soon, her husband and family would wake. Another day would begin.
A part of Mary ached to share her thoughts and revelations with them. Another
part whispered assurance that there would be time for discussion later. In this
moment, she was not quite ready to lay her musings bare.
For now, at least, she kept them and pondered them in her heart.


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