Title: Her Brother’s Keeper


Series: The Sacred Brotherhood

Book II


Author:  A.J. Downey


Genre: MC Romance


Release Date: November 1,



Fate introduces people at both

the right and the wrong times…


So it is for Maren on the

absolute worst day imaginable. When all hope was gone, and she was whittled

away to little more than tears and despair, up walks Nox, an unlikely hero to

save the day. Maren is about to discover that sometimes the good guys wear

black, and there are times that the lines between good and evil blur beyond



Nox is a bad man with a heart of

gold, or so it seems. It also seems that Maren has captured that heart with her

wide, tear filled brown eyes. Nox never saw himself going for jailbait before,

but that’s just what Maren is, all woman trapped in a seventeen year old package.

Still, what he wouldn’t do for her, including taking on the unlikely role of

keeper to her unruly preteen brother.


This mess could end beautifully

or in some serious time spent behind bars for Nox, but sometimes, it’s worth

risking it all.


















In The Series



Melody Beswick thought she was

bringing herself and her thirteen month old son home to his father. It was her

last ditch effort to make a better life for her and her boy. One in which Noah

had a father to look up to and guide him. While she knew Grinder wasn’t perfect,

she believed in him, and love always found a way, right?

Melody never thought her dreams for herself and her son could twist into such

nightmares, and that it was so true, the old adage, that the road to hell is

paved with good intentions. She’s about to find out that another adage is true,

that sometimes it’s better the devil you know, when instead of finding Grinder,

it’s his cold and critical brother Archer at the end of her long drive that she

must contend with.

With no other options, and no place else to go, Melody is about to make a deal

with this devil that she can’t refuse. Who knew it could, quite possibly, be

the best decision she’s ever made?










A.J. Downey is a born and raised

Seattle, WA Native. She finds inspiration from her surroundings, through the

people she meets and likely as a byproduct of way too much caffeine.


She has lived many places and

done many things though mostly through her own imagination… An avid reader all

of her life it’s now her turn to try and give back a little, entertaining as

she has been entertained.


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