I’m a retired high school English teacher. A devourer of books growing up, my profession introduced me to writings and authors from times long past. 

Through my studies and teaching, I fell in love with the Ancient and Medieval Worlds. Now, I hope to inspire young readers and those Young-at-Heart to read more through my Tales and Legends for Reluctant Readers set in these worlds.
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When 15-year-old Rosa agrees to help the ghost of King Tut find his lost queen Hesena, she doesn’t count on falling for him.
Once back in Ancient Egypt, Rosa discovers that finding Hesena if not all she must do and is not as easy as she thought it would be, even though she carries part of the lost queen in her soul. She must also keep out of the reach of the living Horemheb—who crosses mortal boundaries using Seth’s evil magic—if she is to stay alive to make it back home.


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Q&A With The Author:
1. When did you start writing and was there a specific event or person who influenced you to become as author?
I’ve been writing for a long time; I wrote my first poem in eighth grade. My college years and my teaching career solidified my love of the ancient world and the times of King
Arthur. It wasn’t until I retired from teaching literature and writing that I had the time to devote to my own tales which had roamed around in my head for years.
2. Are you currently working on a project, and if so, can you tell us about it?
Yes and yes! I have started a new five book series Feathers of the Phoenix, and the first book The Atlantean Horse. Rose from Sons of the Sphinx will share the spotlight in this series with her cousin Jerome. Both of them have special abilities that they are struggling to live with and still be teenagers. The adventure revolves around an old prophecy that says one day when the five feathers of the Phoenix bird are reunited with a white stallion and one-who-survived—both of which were saved from destruction by Poseidon when he destroyed Atlantis—the lost island will rise again long enough for all three to return to their home. It will then disappear forever. Naturally there are those who want to be at the rising in order to steal the treasures rumored to be in that lost city.
3. What is your favorite writing snack?
Red licorice.
4. If you could have dinner with any of your characters, which ones would you choose and why? What food would you serve?
By default, I would have to say Rosa from Sons of the Sphinx. I would love to sit with young Guinevere from my Guinevere trilogy, but I’m a picky eater. There’s very little
food from Medieval times that I would eat. With Rosa, we could have hamburgers, hotdogs, and even KFC!
5. Please share what you learned from writing your book.
The wonders of Egypt are many, and I enjoyed delving deeper into that mysterious land. The injustices aimed at Tutankhamen’s family nearly wiped them from the pages of history. The
title of the book came from my research. A stele—a stone tablet carrying messages from Pharoahs—sits between the paws of the Sphinx. It tells the story of the day the Sphinx spoke to Tut’s great-grandfather Tuthmosis IV and called him his son. Since that time, all of the men in that line have been known as Sons of the Sphinx.
6. How do you relax, or what do you enjoy doing when you are not writing?
I love spending time with our grandkids. We two boys, ages 9 & 4, and two girls, ages 2 & 1. They are a lively bunch and keep us running.
7. What’s your largest unfulfilled dream, and what are you doing to reach it?
Traveling. I want to visit those places in the ancient and medieval worlds—whose literature I taught–that I’ve read and written about. We’ve done Egypt, Wales, England, Iceland, but
have a lot more to explore. Every other year we pick a destination and plan a 3-week trip. Due for the next one in 2018. Wonder where we’ll go?
8. What do you fear most?
Losing those I care for most. We’ve had a lot of loses in our family in the past, and just in the last nine months, we have said goodbye to three.
9. What advice would you give someone who wants to write a book some day?
Ask yourself these questions:
What type of story do you want to write?
Who are you writing for?
How will your characters/plot appeal to readers?
Why do you want to write?
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