When it was my turn to speak, I started with a question for the group. “I’m a little surprised there are no other women in the room. Do you have women working here at FDLE?” Gauntlet thrown. “Oh, of course we do. It’s just a coincidence our agency representatives today happen to be all men.” “I see. I’m curious, are there any women working in the Domestic Marijuana Eradication Unit?” “Well, no, not at the moment.” “Have you ever placed a female intern in the unit?” “I’m not sure, but, no, I don’t think we’ve ever had a female intern express interest in that unit.” “Wow, that’s surprising. It sounds like a great place to spend the next fifteen weeks, I’m sure I would learn a lot.” Girl. Card. Played.

26062495Humor and reality are incredible ways to break the ice for a book. What’s more—this author writes a book filled with several different essays or stories that were previously submitted in other media outlets. Dalferes extends an offer to her readers—a chance to see her life through her eyes. Magic Fishing Panties is only one short essay within this multitude of wonderful and insightful stories that the author has chosen to share with her readers.

The stories that are included within this book are recollections that the author has kept and chronologically placed into a sequence so that her readers have a very detailed description of most of her past. Kimberly Dalferes does like to excite and entice her readers with humor; therefore, you’ll find that the book is very easy to read and comical. The story begins with an introduction, which is where she provides a background and ancestry, then proceeds with going to the White House for the Easter Egg Roll with her son. Dalferes never fails to show a comical thread of balance within the emotionally trying times that must have been there from time to time. Then, Magic Fishing Panties recaps her experience with fishing in Alaska and carrying on traditions as only a family can, all the way up to Playing the Girl Card which is where the quote above is from. The author brings her story to a conclusion with Club Fifty and Kimba’s Tip of the Day.

Dalferes does a superb job with character development and originality since most of it is her own life and memory. This story is uplifting and holds a great deal of diplomacy, tact and professionalism within the content of her life’s reflections. It is a fast paced novel and easy to read, entertaining and absolutely funny. This author has penned a wonderful recollection of her life through essays and short stories. If you are a reader of humor and entertainment, you might want to try this book out.

A free copy was exchanged for an honest review of this non-fictional piece.

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