Review: Locks Rapunzel Unhinged by Sarah J Pepper

22802281About the Book: Rapunzel isn’t the stereotypical Damsel in Distress. Her Bad-Boy Prince Charming is a renowned mercenary, and their Happy Ending plays out like a bad movie. However, she is determined to breakout from her tower prison—love be damned—and do it in a fabulous pair of heels. *** Gunned down by the Mercenary, the deadliest assassin in The Badass Archives, isn’t exactly Rapunzel’s end-game. Falling for him isn’t either, but his Rated-R demeanor is strangely charming. Even though most girls wouldn’t fall for their captors, Rapunzel isn’t like most dames. Her major girl-boner for the Mercenary is so pathetic it verges on cliché. Yet, in spite of his appeal, Rapunzel must escape before she’s locked away in the Château de Immortelle’s highest tower—forever.

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Sarah J. Pepper

About the Author: I specialize in dark, paranormal romance – think “happy ever after” but with a twisted, dark chocolate center. Real-life romance isn’t only filled with hugs, kisses, unicorns, and rainbows. True-love can be more thoroughly described in times of darkness and tribulation. It’s in those harsh moments where you see what a person is truly capable of – both the good and bad. Sometimes prince-charming isn’t always on time, and the glass slipper is a little snug. However, it doesn’t mean Charming is not Mr. Right, and who says every shoe is the perfect fit?

“Warning: Addictive passion erupts from her mouthwatering descriptions” – recent review.

Sarah J. Pepper lives in South Dakota with her real-life prince charming. At a young age, she fell for paranormal books and now incorporates that genre with romance that thrives in the hearts of us all. When she’s not storytelling, she’s most likely biking, hoarding chocolate, or taking a bubble bath. Get a glimpse inside her head at

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“Devil’s Lullaby” -Cat craved his addictive kiss as much as she ached for his death.

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Locks 1 (Sarah J Pepper)

Review: When I first saw this cover, I really wanted to read it! Rapunzel looked so bad-ass up in her tower with the tattoos covering her forearms and the locks around her wrist–not to mention, the hair looks pretty awesome as well! I love fairy tales and what is better for me is that the author specializes in twisted fairy tales. So, this book begins with Rapunzel being chased down by an assassin that was sent by an evil sorceress to bring her back to her high tower. She had previously escaped and was attempting to find a good hiding place among the mundane population outside of the sorceress’ realm.  The assassin, Flynn and his so-called maniac girlfriend, Kinsley are out for blood and they will not hesitate to kill her if things start to go badly. With ten rounds fired into Rapunzel’s body from the assassin’s gun, she can only fall to the ground and start the healing processes so that she doesn’t die from blood loss. When she wakes up, she is back in that hell hole of a tower with Taryn, the sorceress who has kept her prisoner for her own personal gain. Why, she has no clue but she does know one thing. She has tasted freedom and she will see to it that Taryn does not hold her forever…she will know freedom again even if it kills her.

My friends will die. Your friends will die. Many will die. But I will fight alongside you because you will not ask that of me. So, fight I must.

The best characters in this novel are Rapunzel and Flynn, in my opinion. I also really loved the portrayal of Prometheus in this story as well. Since the beginning, Rapunzel was honest, brave, sophisticated and not afraid of violence. Her tact and personality are so enigmatic that I couldn’t help being drawn to her character. She was fun to read about because her entire persona was that of an innocent girl looking for her freedom in all of the wrong places. Her assassin, Flynn keeps telling her that she is not too smart since he could always find her or the fact that she couldn’t figure out why Taryn was in much need of her imprisonment. His demeanor is always a mystery up until the very end of the book, which is stunning!! The author allows the reader to have their own perception of the characters in question as far as what side they are truly on until the finality. I was happy to know that I guessed right, but there were a few times that I thought maybe I was wrong and the author would throw out another plot twist. Prometheus seems to be very powerful; yet, he too has become a part of Taryn’s vast collection. All other characters were fascinating and brought many variations of perceptions and depth to the story; however, these three were my favorite.

My friends will die. Your friends will die. Many will die. But I will fight alongside you because you will not ask that of me. So, fight I must.

Overall, I loved this story and congratulate the author on such a well-rounded twisted version of Rapunzel. I recommend this one to anyone who enjoys Fantasy and Paranormal genres. I also rate Locks: Rapunzel Unhinged with five stars since I found it extremely difficult to put it down once I started. The originality and creativity of the novel are astounding and the darkness that surrounds every character is so enticing! The pace was fast, but I really enjoy fast-paced reads since they keep the story flowing. I was able to envision almost every scene and both Rapunzel and Flynn’s appearances were in my head with clear and preformed images based solely on description alone. The author’s words are so powerful and the passion that is conveyed in her novels continue to amaze me. I absolutely can’t wait until her fourth Twisted Fairy Tale Confessions book is released so that I can read it up!!

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