“He didn’t feel like a stranger anymore. He felt, smelled and tasted exactly like her Jaime should and she relaxed. The ruckus of the set disappeared. He kissed her again slowly, and no one else existed. Take that Nikki Lean. Draping an arm over her shoulders, he led the way to his RV. Jamie opened the door and the cold air from inside the trailer blew over her. “Is that you darling, are we ready? Is it time? Sarah recognized the voice deep within the trailer instantly. The sultry sound of Nikki punctured her like a sharp nail.

Kate Kisset Just a KissLove is never easy, but trusting someone with yourself is even harder! Kisset creates a romantic atmosphere in this story that is absolutely entertaining.

Sarah finds herself in Sonoma after a horrible and tragic breakup, after finding her fiancé knocking boots with another woman. As if that wasn’t enough, the company that she worked so hard to build from the ground up was penniless; he and his female partner embezzled from the company. After the move, she starts again. Sarah is a baker, a damn good one at that. She is the best—or at least that is what her friends insist upon. So, when famous movie star Jaime Santino comes into town for a movie…Sarah finds out that her friend has loaned her out to him as a baking INTERN of sorts. That sounds a little funny, but in order for Jaime to succeed with his role on the set, he must learn the ins and outs of the baking business. Sarah is absolutely flabbergasted and shocked that her friend would go through hoops, only to tell her the day before Jaime’s start date. When Sarah lays eyes on Jaime at the counter, their worlds are changed permanently. Jaime knows instantly that it is love at first sight, but Sarah has her doubts. He is an actor, for crying out loud! What if he is pulling lies straight from his rear end? With that panty-wetting smile, he can lure any woman into believing what he says is the truth, but can he woo the only one that really matters to him?

Kisset does a superb job with character development; however, the editing in this book is a little off key. This is a very sweet romance with steam and desire, leaving readers wanting more. Just a Kiss is very fast paced, easy to read and since this is the first installment, it leaves much room for continuation. If you are a reader of adult fiction and romance, you may enjoy this story.

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