ABOUT THE BOOK: Loving Cassie was effortless. She was a thirst I couldn’t quench.

She was everything I needed, but nothing I deserved. I failed her more times than I could count.

I lied relentlessly. And she always forgave me.

Until she couldn’t.

Maybe I deserved to be left behind.

* * *

Jax swept me off my feet with his disheveled hair and his easy smile. I loved him fiercely. He made me believe in the fairytale.

Then the walls crumbled around me. The lies never ended. I left him behind. I had no choice. I mourned the loss of him.

But I moved on. I created a new life, Now, I was marrying someone else.

Where do we go now that he’s back?

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REVIEW: Heartfelt Lies is … heartfelt! The agonizing pain that both Cassie and Jax endure make them seem like they aren’t capable of being in a strong and committed relationship. Cassie has a son named Ben who originally meets Jax after several months of dating. Jax seems like he is the perfect gentleman and the relationship seems to be perfect, then a death in the family due to a drug overdose causes several problems and emotional turmoil. When Cassie realizes that she is unable to commit to the destructive path that Jax is heading down, she fears for his safety but must keep Ben her top priority. What is to become of their relationship and how can Cassie ever trust Jax to be who she needs?

My favorite character in this story is Ry. Even though she is Jax’s sister, she does see things clearly throughout the entire story and does not take sides. She loves both Jax and Cassie unconditionally and realizes that what they have together is something worth fighting for…even if they don’t believe it themselves. I really enjoyed reading about Roxie which is Cassie’s sister. She is full of humor and seems to know a lot about relationships…even though her past is a little rocky. Both women are wonderful complimentary characters and have wonderful personalities.

I recommend this story to primarily women, since it is a young adult romance novel. Heartfelt Lies is book two in the Undone Series; however, it can be read as a standalone. I thoroughly enjoyed reading both Cassie and Jax’s perspective of their lives, together and separate. I rate this novel with five stars because the information is original, the story is emotional and captivating and the characters are interesting.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: From the time she was old enough to form words into sentences, Kristy Love has been writing stories. She attended La Roche College and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Writing. When she’s not writing, Kristy can be found with her nose stuck in a book or spending time with her family and friends.

She lives with her husband and two girls in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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