ABOUT THE BOOK: Hell called to his soul, but his soul resisted.  Or that’s what Asher Terhune believed.

Born from the demonic seduction of his human mother, his birth destroyed her marriage. They were left with only a Guardian and Watcher to protect them from his demon heritage. Born with a half-soul, Asher quickly learned to use the Seven Deadly Sins to fill the hole inside himself.

His favorite sin was Lust.

Women had no chance of a second night with Asher, once he was done with them. And he had no intention of changing his ways. Until the sweet, calm, caring Sarah Illfrig rocked his world, and refused his bed.

Asher found her refusal unacceptable and took on the challenge of seducing her. Sarah pushed him away even as the desire she felt for him was pulling her in.

But Sarah harbored her own secrets, and when the Guardian and the Watcher found out, it became imperative to keep Sarah and Asher apart.

**CONTENT WARNING: Contains adult language, m/m/f, and sexual situations and is intended for adult audiences only. 18+ Only**

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REVIEW: Half-Soul is sexy, steamy and delightfully sinful. Sarah is the new employee at a large corporation called PopWorld owned by Asher Terhune and his step-father, Gadreel. While there, she hears the rumors fly about what kind of reputation Asher has sustained. He is insatiable, gorgeous as hell, but emotionally unstable. He takes home whoever and whatever for a one-night stand and then they are fired or relocated the next morning. When Sarah learns something that may make her closeness to Asher and his Hellish desires unavoidable, she only knows that she doesn’t want to end up just like the others. Her new friends can’t help her either since they consist of an Angel, an ex-lover, a demon and a blood decedent of the Realm. All Sarah knows is that she feels unbelievably human when she is around him and it is absolutely intoxicating. Would she be foolish to think that he would change just for her? Vassago is my favorite character in this story. He is a demon, no pun intended. He was born a demon without a soul; however, he is not evil. In my opinion, he is a victim of his own survival. He is a gentleman and a guardian to Asher. Both Vassago and Gadreel stick together to protect Asher – how fitting to have an angel and demon working together for the safety of a man who is half-soul. I recommend Half-Soul to anyone, male and female, who enjoy paranormal/romance novels or erotica. I really enjoyed the plot and moral of this story and I look forward to the next of The Realm Series. This story has been rated with five stars because it was well-written, creative and original.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I’m Katherine Rhodes, if you hadn’t you realized that. So, who am I? Well, I’m a graduate of Montclair State University in Montclair, NJ. I have a Bachelor’s of English, Literature and I absolutely love to read– anything I can get my hands on.

Katherine IS a pseudonym I use for my erotic romanace, bdsm and paranormal erotic romance. If you click on J. Rose Alexander you can explore more, but here, I’ll show case the Hot Stuff. *wink* This blog is dedicated to my writings which are kinky, dirty, and fun.

I am a lackadaisical laundry goddess, and an expert in the profundities of bad music and awful literature– thanks to my husband. I’m an East Coast dweller, currently located in the Philadelphia Tristate area. We are the proud servants of three cats and a betta named Fishtian Grey.