Review: Guarding Christmas by Jenny Schwartz

17230416ABOUT THE BOOK: Four years ago, Gray rejected Yvie’s love before she had a chance to offer it. He thought she was too young and he knew he was too reckless for the relationship to work. Now he’s back and he has a plan to woo and win his Christmas angel. But Yvie has plans of her own—and risking her heart again isn’t part of them.

A feel-good short story that captures the magic of the season. Happy holidays!

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REVIEW: This story was wonderful for a short story. Gray and Yvie are the main characters and their romance stems throughout the story from a past accord four years ago. Gray wasn’t able to give her a commitment because of his military life and Yvie wasn’t able to let it go. As they meet again, she is taken back by the fire that still burns between them. I really enjoyed reading this story. The author has a fluent writing style that is very descriptive and persuasive. I liked reading about how Gray was so decisive on what he wanted his future to look like so this held my captivation until the end. I really wanted to continue reading Gray and Yvie’s story, but the ending came all too soon. I know that I am a little late with it being past the season, but I do recommend it if you are looking for a nice short romance that sparks imagination and creativity. I give this story a four because while the story was beautiful and exciting, I felt like more could have been explained about their past relationship.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jenny Schwartz is an Australian paranormal romance author with a degree in history and sociology and a HUGE dream to live by the sea. She’s working on making that dream come true.

With a writing record that includes steampunk, sweet romance, coastal romance, mysteries and science fiction, it’s obvious Jenny writes almost as widely as she reads – almost! Like all authors, she started as an avid reader. The one thing she insists on is a happy ending.

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