PUBLICATION DATE: April 19, 2018

SERIES: Branches of Love, Book 2

GENRES: Historical Fiction, Regency, Romance

Banished from home by her angry father, Julia Devon travels to Bath to fulfill her role as family spinster by assisting her cousin, Lady Macon, in caring for her dying husband.


Nathaniel Hastings’s life runs in a predictable pattern, until a routine visit to one of his ailing patients brings him face to face with Julia, the woman who broke his heart five years before in London.


Julia and Nathaniel find themselves unlikely allies as they work together to tend to the family’s needs, fend off Lady Macon’s scheming brother-in-law, and avoid confronting the pain of their shared past. But could this accidental meeting be their second chance at love?”

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They both wore gloves, his black and leather, hers wool. When Nathaniel’s fingers grazed hers, putting the umbrella’s handle into her hand, Julia should not have felt the warmth from his touch. But she did. And it unnerved her.


She and Nathaniel could never be. Not after what her father did. Not after what she said to him, at their last meeting in Hyde Park. At the time, she’d meant to spare him, spare them both, from greater pain.


She closed her fingers over the handle and stepped back. “Thank you, Doctor Hastings. I will take care you get it back.”


He tipped his hat to her, then opened the apothecary’s door, allowing her to step out and open the umbrella. As she walked by him, she inhaled the scent of pine trees and soap. His scent.


She hastened away from the shop, down the no-longer busy walks, going as fast as she could without giving rise to comment, trying to outrun her emotions.


Every drop of rain that fell onto the umbrella laughed at her, each one a reminder that his unexpected kindness meant nothing, could never again mean anything to her again.

“Sally Britton is sixth generation Texan, received her BA in English from Brigham Young University, and reads voraciously. She started her writing journey at the tender age of fourteen on an electric typewriter, and she’s never looked back.


Sally lives in Arizona with her husband, four children, and their dog. She loves researching, hiking, and eating too much chocolate.”

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