AWAKEN by Marcia Maidana

SERIES: Shadows of Time, Book 1

PUBLISHER: Satin Romance

RELEASED: July 11, 2017

GENRE: Time Travel, Romance, Historical Romance, 20th Century


Hard times during the Great Depression force nineteen-year-old Florence to leave her service at the monastery and seek employment. Fate brings her to work for a wealthy recluse, General Alexander Sterling. Despite many daunting events and a meddling housekeeper with dark secrets of her own, Florence and the General find themselves falling deeply in love.

What she doesn’t know is that General Sterling has left his native country escaping a painful past, one he yearns to forget. Destiny won’t allow it as he meets Florence, whose resemblance to his deceased wife is unbearable. Could Florence actually be the same woman who still owns his heart and haunts his dreams?

When their blossoming romance is shattered by an explosive truth, a mysterious stranger gives her an opportunity to go back in time to unlock the secret to her existence. Florence must strive to return to the present time to save their relationship from the imminent danger that awaits them.


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After changing into riding clothes, I pressed my ear to the door, listening for any sound in the corridor. I wanted to avoid that man at all costs. Encouraged by the total silence, I ventured out.

I inhaled deeply and shut my eyes tightly for an instant, hoping that when I opened them he would’ve disappeared. No, of course not, luck left me the day he had set foot in Forte Radici.

General Sterling stood outside Lucca’s room facing my direction, his shoulder resting on the wall. Retreat was not possible—not if I wanted to keep my pride. At once I noticed that he wasn’t wearing his full military uniform. Instead, he had a white, long-sleeved shirt on, only buttoned halfway up. Why did this insufferable man have to be so handsome? I’m sure women swooned for him on a regular basis. He certainly had the air of one accustomed to charming his way to anything he wanted. He had another thing coming if he thought I would be so easily conquered. I put on my stone mask and braced for combat.

“Are you holding the wall in place, Lieutenant?” I mocked, doing my best not to look at his unbuttoned shirt.

“No, I was waiting for you.”

“For me?” I feigned ignorance.

“See this?” He stretched his hand forward to show what he was holding.

“It’s a button.”

“It fell off my shirt.” He pointed to the empty spot where it had fallen from. I stared at the button blankly. “Can you sew it on for me?”

“I beg your pardon.” I couldn’t believe what he had just asked. “That’s a maid’s job, not mine,” I answered in a disgusted tone. Who did he think he was? More importantly, who did he think I was?

“You don’t know how to sew,” he challenged with a chuckle.

“Of course, I do. That doesn’t mean I would ever consider the outrageous idea of sewing a button on someone else’s clothes,” I sputtered, “especially not yours.”

“You must not know how to sew, for if you did, it would be a pleasure for you to do it for me,” he bragged, totally convinced of his ridiculous statement.

“It must be the war,” I whispered, answering my question from this morning.

Smoothly, General Sterling positioned his body in front of me forcing me into the wall. “No, it’s not because of the war, Miss Contini, nor was I born simple-minded. I assure you, I’m very intelligent.”

“That’s debatable, Lieutenant.”

“Stop calling me Lieutenant,” he demanded, and placed his hands on the wall on each side of me. I was trapped.

“Not a chance.” I gave him a challenging smile.

“I shall make you then,” he whispered in my ear.

“I’d like to see you try, Lieutenant.”


Marcia was born and raised in Argentina during the military regime which ended with the loss of many young lives in the invasion of the Falkland Islands. Amidst the devastating effects of military government and war, reading and writing became a passion which expanded and transported her imagination with the possibility of a brighter future.


At the age of eighteen, she moved to the United States, where she studied English and started her own family. She soon discovered that the love she has for her husband and children would naturally unfold towards her European roots, leading her to become a genealogist and family historian. A decade of searching, compiling, and learning the stories of thousands of people has instilled in her a profound gratitude for the strong ties that can be achieved in families through personal sacrifice.


So it is that through fiction, Awaken explores and exposes the characteristics of true love and loyalty in times of fear, war, and finally, death. But perhaps the most captivating element in the story is the battle within the souls of the main characters as they search to know who they really are and how they are connected.


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