ABOUT THE BOOK: Once upon a time…
Bridal boutique owner Alexis Gorecki used to believe in happily-ever-afters—until Prince Charming turned into a toad. When it seems her evil almost-in-laws will stop at nothing to ruin her professional reputation Lexie wages war. Which sounded so much better in her head.

Her strawberries and cream personality really isn’t cut out for taser guns and blackmail.

To complicate matters, her first love is back in town—and pushing all the right buttons. Her heart still remembers the first time he broke it, but she can’t deny the way her body responds to his touch. Leo Moss has always been her weakness. Can he convince Lexie she’s not quite done with love?

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REVIEW: Lexie Anne Gorecki is the main character of this story. She is Gen’s twin sister, Gen’s story is Another Shot at Love. Even though this book can be read as a stand-alone, it is better if you read the first book beforehand because there are references in this one that were from Another Shot at Love. Lex is just absolutely wonderful, fun and caring; however, the story begins with her wedding day which has made her turn into something totally out of her personality, a bridezilla. Her fiancé’s mother is a wealthy political figure of the community and according to Lexi, truly evil. As the story progresses, she can’t turn her head away from handsome blast-from-the-past, Leonardo Moss. He’s broken her heart once before but is it destiny that they come back to each other and try again? Lexie’s character really caught and held my attention during the entire story. Her personality is incredible and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about every emotion and event that took root in her life. Her family is always supportive but she understands that she was not raised to rely on anyone except herself when it comes to financial and relationship problems. Roxanna and Gen are her best friends and the three of them along with Richard occasionally are hilarious! I recommend reading all three of her books! I am not even on the third one yet but know that it will be something worth reading. The author’s third and final in the series was just released; it will be Roxanna’s story and I am super excited for it. Gen and Lexie’s stories both gave me a range of emotions to feel and I really sympathized with Lexie the most. Her heartbreak was so terrifying but necessary because Jeremy was a complete bonehead. I give this book five stars because it was well written, the content was original and creative, and I really enjoy that these are not only Romance but comical at that.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Once upon a time, there was a young girl who wrote sappy poetry about every relationship gone wrong. She had her heart broken many times before the man of her dreams stepped off a big Navy ship and swept her off her feet, promising to never hold her shoe obsession against her.

From that day forward, she swore she’d never again write sappy poetry of unrequited love. Instead, a sucker for smooches and happily-ever-afters, Niecey Roy now writes contemporary romancer inspired by her sailor’s sexy brown eyes and charming sense of humor.

She is the author of the River Bend Series, the What’s Love series, and Fender Bender Blues, a single-title romance.

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