Release Blitz + Review: Death Unscripted by M.K. Graff

Death Unscripted

by M.K. Graff

Release Date is August 25, 2015


About the book:

Trudy Genova has the best nursing job, working as an onset and script medical consultant for a Manhattan movie studio. No more uniforms, night shifts, or real emergencies. That is, until a soap opera actor Trudy has a tense relationship with dies suddenly while taping a hospital scene—but not before pointing his finger accusingly at Trudy. Detectives Ned O’Malley and Tony Borelli view Trudy as a suspect, and in an effort to prove them wrong, Trudy interferes with their investigation. Then a second actor dies, and Trudy realizes she’s put herself right into the path of a killer. Bridle Path Press:


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Death Unscripted is an amazing book. I was provided a copy in exchange for an honest review and honestly…I love mystery and crime. While on the set of a soap opera, the stars are working their magic as Trudy Genova helps from behind the scenes. Her profession is in the medical industry as a nurse; however, she picked up the gig to work behind the scenes due to better pay and less hassle as opposed to working in a hospital. Everything goes smoothly and she is well liked by most; however, there is one Griff Kennedy who just absolutely grates on her nerves. With his status on the set and his annoying advances toward her off of the set, she decides that enough is enough. There are only a few ways that she can tell this guy off. When met in the cafeteria, the only thing in view that can be considered threatening besides words, is the pie that she plops right down on his head before storming out. But later that day, he points to her while on the set, acting out a heart attack. With his words of “YOU” reverberating around the room, he falls over and takes his last breath. Once the detectives swarm the scene and everyone is on high alert for a killer on the set, Trudy is faced with many accusations but only one question lingers in the air…who killed Griff Kennedy?
I really enjoy reading mystery and crime, as previously noted…however, this one was fantastic! My favorite characters are Trudy and Tony. Trudy, being the main character who is feisty and inquisitive. She has her own little investigative properties which are desperately begging to be of assistance to this growing and complex case. Tony is the first-time detective who is learning the ropes with the much more experienced Detective Ned O’Malley. Both are always constantly being distracted which allows the author to throw in some good humor. My least favorite character in this story is the lead…Mrs. Olivier. She has the typical snobbish personality and everything that she does seems fake or rehearsed.
This author’s terminology and creativity is astounding. I was thoroughly interested in the unfolding of this story; everything about the characters and scenes were exciting. I recommend this story if you like mystery or crime novels because it definitely encompasses both aspects in depth. In my opinion, this story does not lean more toward woman nor men. I believe that anyone can find a good story with this one. I rate it with five stars because it really captivated my interests and held my attention. I enjoyed reading about all of the characters since they were all pretty much developed. The pace was quick, which made the book easy to read. I look forward to reading more by the author.


Great. Dueling egos today and on top of that, I had to work with Griff Kennedy, my least favorite actor. He’d come on to me a few times too many. The ladies man seemed to think any female should be happy to be groped by him. Several weeks ago I’d found myself alone in the rehearsal room with him after turning down yet another invitation for a drink after work. He’d had the temerity to fondle my breast as he tried to change my mind. I’d shouted loud enough for the U-5’s outside the door to hear: “Hands off, slimeball!” That line, plus a knee in the right place, had stopped him in his tracks and he’d left the rehearsal room to a series of titters from those lounging outside.


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