Christmas Blitz (Day 4)


Book Information (Christmas Blitz)
Though Angela Donovan is out of work and needs money for rent, she yearns for her eight-year-old daughter to have a carefree holiday. The last thing she wants is the pressure of her daughter expecting a miracle. But when they pick out a Christmas tree at a cozy Massachusetts tree farm that’s exactly what happens when they learn the trees might be miracle trees. Mark Shafer is soon to be the new keeper of the Christmas trees when he inherits the family farm. He’d like to run it with a family of his own, but his girlfriend wants nothing to do with farm life. He makes plans to sell so he can propose to his girlfriend and pursue a career in music. Then he meets an unforgettable customer and her daughter, and an anonymous gift compels them to learn the truth about the trees. With a buyer willing to pay top dollar for the land, Mark has the fate of the trees in his hand. Will he be able to see what and who is most important? And will Angela give the miracle of love a chance?                                                                                                                                                                     


About the Author (Christmas Blitz)


Tamara Passey, author of the The Christmas Tree Keeper: A Novel, was born and raised in Massachusetts around a large family, one that has served as inspiration for most of her writing. She was named Arizona Young Mother of the Year in 2013 and contributes marriage and family articles to Mothering through the Whirlwind is her fist work of non-fiction. She loves most creative endeavors and when she isn’t writing or re-writing, you can find her baking or cross-stitching or walking–though not all at the same time. She lives with her husband and three children in Arizona. 




Q and A with the Author:

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

I’ve enjoyed expressing myself through writing since grade-school. 

Give us an insight into how your writing day/time is structured?


No two weeks are created equal at my house, so my writing time is
structured this way: I make an appointment with myself to write on any
available days and times,then I protect that time like I would any other

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Extras (Christmas Blitz)
“The Nor’easter brought the snow, but that didn’t start it. The
radio station began playing carols around the clock, but that didn’t start
it. Main Street wrapped the lampposts in candy-cane-striped garland,
but even that wasn’t enough. Not until the decorated tree stood in the front
window with soft lights glowing around the angel’s contented face did Christmas
officially begin in the Donovan family. This year, Angela promised her daughter
she could have the honor of choosing the tree.”
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The Beauty of It by Tara Lin Mossinghoff

Title: The Beauty of It 
Author: Tara Lin Mossinghoff 
Genre: Romance 

Life is messy. 
Jackson’s sister passed away from cancer. Peyton’s pregnant by a man who no longer wants her or the baby. 

Life is scary. 
He moved away from his family to start college. She faces giving up her dream career or her baby. 

Life is unexpected. 
They form an unlikely friendship. Will it be enough to heal them?

Life is beautiful.









Tara Lin Mossinghoff is from a small town in Missouri. Her passions include reading, writing, Netflix, and sarcasm. 


Her love for reading started at a young age and in her teens she developed a passion for writing.

The Quarter Change by Kiarra M Taylor

The-Quar-ter- Change: 


/T͟Hē, ˈkwôrdər, CHānj/



A drastic personality change brought on by a person’s upcoming twenty-fifth birthday and the realization that they have been EXISTING for a quarter of a century but not LIVING.


Kimbella Tyler is done floating through life…


She’s turning twenty-five in a few weeks, and even though she’s in the prime of her life, living by the motto “Keep head down or in a book” hasn’t exactly been fun. Sick of hanging in the background of life, Kimbella embarks on a mission to leave her introverted ways in the past and live by a new motto—“Liquor. Lust. Living.”. The first step in her mission is to change her surroundings. Armed with her “Quarter List” full of fun local attractions and wild, adventurous things that she was always too introverted to do, Kimbella heads to California for two weeks of no holds barred fun. 


An unlisted attraction…


Kimbella’s carefully laid plans are interrupted when she meets the crazy sexy Dr. Roman Tanzman and he attaches himself to her at the hip. Rolling with the punches for once in her life, Kimbella takes Roman along as she goes on the adventure of a lifetime—well the adventure of a quarter of a lifetime.


Liquor. Lust. Love…?


Kimbella’s new life is one she’s always dreamed about; filled with hot nights with Roman, endless fancy dinners and dancing and no shortage of liquor. But with Kimbella pretending to be a bold, outgoing and sexually forward woman, and Roman pretending to be a carefree guy who isn’t going through the most trying time of his life, their facades have the potential to be their very undoing. Liquor and lust were part of the plan—love certainly wasn’t.
As I neared my small, ranch-style house, my neighbor came barreling down the narrow walkway, and just like yesterday he rammed roughly into me and kept walking, not caring that he’s double my size and that he practically trampled over me.
Yesterday, when I was still Old Kimbella, I would have just kept walking.
Well today was a new day, and New Kimbella wasn’t going to stand for this stuff—I mean shit.
I whirled around and shouted, “Hey, you! Hey… jackhole!”
Okay so ‘jackhole’ probably wasn’t the most offensive word in the world, but I had to ease myself into this whole potty mouth thing or I would wind up sounding like I had a speech impediment.
After a few seconds, my neighbor Carey stopped walking and turned in my direction as he opened his car door.
I marched over to him, jabbing my finger out. “Why can’t you freaking learn to watch where you’re walking or at the very freaking least say excuse me when you nearly knock someone over?” I asked angrily.
He blinked at me, shocked at the aggressive way I was coming at him.
“Um…I’m sorry?” he finally replied sheepishly.
I narrowed my eyes at him. “You should be. Stuff—I mean shit like that is not cool, man!”
His lips twitched like he was biting back a smile as he asked, “Are you all right Kimbella? You seem a little…off today.”
I shrugged noncommittally, feigning more confidence than I actually felt at the moment. I’m sure by ‘off’ he meant that I was actually showing emotion for the first time in the seven years I had been living next door to him.
We stood there awkwardly for a few seconds before I abruptly turned on my heel and strutted over to my door. As calmly as I could, I unlocked it and let myself inside. Closing the door firmly behind me I sagged against it, releasing the pent up tension I hadn’t even realized I was harboring.
My insides were a jumbled mess of anxiety, remorse and…elation. Standing up for myself, as small a stand as it had been, had felt so freaking—no fucking—good!
I smiled wryly to myself, thinking that I had created a monster.
He stared down at me with an impassive expression before asking, “You following me, Ms. Tyler?”
I craned my neck back and looked up at him; the sun was at his back and the light billowed out all around him, making him look like the angel of temptation.
“I was just about to ask you the same thing,” I finally replied.
Any earlier anger I felt toward him was gone, and seeing him here now seemed like a sign. I was looking for a fun fling out here in Cali, and it was practically being hand-delivered to me courtesy of the sex-gods.
He took off his sunglasses and stared down at me with hazel eyes that were shrouded by long, dark, thick eyelashes. “I live here. Right in the next courtyard, in fact, so it would be kind of hard for me to be following you,” he chuckled lightly.
He lived here? This was getting more convenient by the minute. I bit back a smile, and instead of answering him, I pushed off the ledge and waded back out into the middle of the pool.
“You coming in?” I asked casually.
His lips twitched. “Actually, I’m liking the view from here just fine.”
I blushed and looked down at my body, which was distorted by the gently moving water, before reaching down and slapping the water and causing it to splash all over him.
He tried to step back but was too late as his shirt and trunks got soaked.
I couldn’t help it; I burst into laughter as he looked at me and struggled to keep a straight face.
“I see what this is. You wanted to find me and wreak vengeance on me for spilling coffee on you, is that it?” he asked playfully.
I sobered. “Vengeance? No. Actually, I think I’d just like to have sex with you.”
The minute the words left my lips, my eyes widened in shock and I clapped my hand over my turncoat of a mouth.
As I was contemplating just letting myself float to the bottom of the pool and drown, I heard him let out a loud bark of laughter.
“Come again?” he asked through his laughter.
I let out a frustrated huff of air. This was so not going the way I wanted it to. But if I was going to salvage my trip and set the pace for the next fourteen days, I needed to make Roman and myself believe that I was a fun, hot, carefree soon-to-be twenty-five-year-old woman.
Squaring my shoulders, I said, “You heard me. I’d like to have sex with you.”
He stopped laughing and looked at me, amused.
“So that’s the type of woman you are then?” he asked.
I shrugged, feigning nonchalance as I said, “Today it is.”
He pursed his lips. “Hmm,” he said as if he didn’t quite believe me. “Well…let’s go then.”
I turned my head so he wouldn’t see my eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets. I hadn’t expected him to agree so easily and so soon to my little proposition.
Turning, I looked back over at him and spotted the look on his face. He was calling my bluff, daring me to backpedal and change my mind.
Kiarra M. Taylor is a Pittsburgh native and current resident. She is a mother to a handsome son as well as a beautiful daughter. A lifelong bookworm, Kiarra began writing in the fifth grade and hasn’t stopped since. With so many genres out there she doesn’t limit herself to writing in just one and aims to write across genres. Her interests in books vary as does as her interest in music; she literally likes it all. Some of Kiarra’s favorite authors are; J.K. Rowling, Sylvia Day, Tiffany Snow, Jane Austen, Maya Angelou, Mary Monroe and ML Rodriguez.
Aside from reading Kiarra has a passion for all things Criminal Justice and currently holds several higher education degrees including a Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration.
When Kiarra isn’t transferring fictional worlds from the dredges of her mind to her laptop, you can find her nose-deep in a book or spending time with her children.

Ever the social butterfly, Kiarra is very active on social media so please feel free to catch up with her on FacebookTwitter,Instagram and Goodreads!

Christmas Blitz (Day 3)

Christmas with the Black Sheep by Natalie-Nicole Bates

About the Author (Christmas Blitz)

Let’s get to know the author.

Natalie-Nicole Bates is a book reviewer and author.
Her passions in life include books and hockey along with Victorian and Edwardian era photography and antique poison bottles. Natalie contributes her uncharacteristic love of hockey to being born in Russia.
She currently resides in the UK where she is working on her next book and adding to her collection of 19th century post-mortem photos.

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Book Information (Christmas Blitz)

It’s Christmas time, and Eriah Jameson has returned home to restart his family’s business. Due to his wild child past, no one is friendly or welcoming to Barrow Haven’s black sheep.
Aylin Myers lost her job when Eriah’s father took ill. She knows Eriah needs her help getting his business up and running again, but she doesn’t trust him. If he fails, she knows it will dishonor his father’s memory. And Aylin knows that at Christmas, it’s the right thing to help your fellow man—no matter how wretched he might be.
As Aylin gets to know Eriah, she sees a side of him Barrow Haven never saw. That perhaps the black sheep has changed for the better. Still, can she be sure this side of Eriah is real, and not just a facade he’s perfected over time to get his own way?
Extras (Christmas Blitz)
Snippet Time!
     He wanted exactly what she did. A family. Maybe they had a lot more in common than she first thought. If this was the true Eriah Jameson, some woman might gain a very
wonderful husband someday. “No, Eriah, I think that sounds nice. Really, really
nice. Perfect, really.”
     Then he did
something completely unexpected. He kissed her, and continued to kiss her until
she nearly swooned.
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Christmas Blitz (Day 2)


Book Information (Christmas Blitz)
Marie never expected to wake up in North Pole City, let alone become Santa’s Emergency Replacement. It was a job she never wanted but couldn’t turn down, thanks to Clarence, Santa’s right hand man. Now, Marie has to work with Clarence, who believes she is some kind of criminal who will cause the destruction of everything he holds dear. Trying to prove that he’s wrong, Marie keeps making mistakes that push them even further apart. It doesn’t help that she has a past she’d rather keep hidden. However, trying to keep her past where it should belong isn’t easy. Just when Marie starts to feel like things are coming together, a madman with a bone to pick, and Christmas to ruin, threatens the whole of the North Pole Organization. Marie must rely on Clarence and her new friends to help her face her past before Christmas is gone forever. But does she have the courage to truly be herself when it could mean losing everything?




About the Author (Christmas Blitz)


Karlie Lucas is a preschool teacher by day and a writer/artist by night.

A graduate of Southern Utah University, Karlie received a B.A. in Creative Writing, with a minor in art. She is a member of Sigma Tau Delta, The International English Honor Society, as well as ANWA, the American Night Writers Association.

Karlie is interested in all things magical and mysterious, especially elves and dragons. She is an avid fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling.

When not writing, Karlie can often be found drawing, baking, watching her favorite old school shows, or just spending time with her family.

She currently resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband and a cat named Kally.

Q and A with the Author:

 Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

Golly, I’ve been writing for as long as I’ve known how to write. I still have some stories I wrote back in elementary school because my mom saved them. I think what interested me in writing was being able to tell a story without having to use my voice, being able to paint a picture with words.
Give us an insight into how your writing day/time is structured?


At present, my writing time is pretty unstructured. I write when my characters are willing to speak to me, and when I don’t have to be at work. I
usually end up writing at night and on the weekends, since, you know, the day job frowns on me writing while on the clock.


Connect with the Author Here:
Extras (Christmas Blitz)
He left Marie’s side and paced, trying to think of a sure-proof way to get her out of his hair. Maybe if he presented an idea that was so ludicrous he might get out of playing watchdog to some newcomer with no known past history. After all, it was possible that she was the criminal she
denied to be. Or was that what he wanted? He didn’t know. He hadn’t been sure about anything since he’d first laid eyes on her. “Why don’t you just make her your Emergency Replacement instead of Sandra’s assistant?” Clarence blurted. His words tumbled out before he could even think about the implications. “You’ve always wanted to have someone just in case of an emergency.” His eyes sparkled with vexation, knowing he was being impertinent but not caring. He was sure Santa would never consider his suggestion with any seriousness.


Santa smoothed his beard. He measured the risks and the information his wizened eyes gave him. He included the intentions of his Head of Operations. He rubbed his chin, looked to one side, and nodded. “That’s not a bad idea. It’s nice to have someone. Just in case.” He strode back to the desk and picked up a quill. “It does sound reasonable. All right, why don’t we do just that? It will give her full access to all Leagues and privileges due to someone up that high. She’ll pretty much be equal with you, Clarence.” He gave his elf a knowing glance, eyes twinkling as he wrote down Marie’s name and new position. The elf had played right into his hands, not that it had been all that hard to persuade him. They had both known the position was necessary and had discussed it at great lengths recently.

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Where You Can Find Me by Fiona Cole

Luella King has experienced loss all her life. After losing her parents and the most important person in her life, she hesitates to open up to anyone and instead plays it safe. One night, she throws caution to the wind and gives into her desires with a sexy stranger.

Fearing her sudden and unexpected loss of control, Luella runs away from him. A chance second encounter pushes her to open her eyes and give the stranger a chance. 

There’s something about Jack MacCabe that makes her feel safe enough to lower her guard. Despite how busy he is with his job as a security specialist, they continue to spend more time together and with each date and late night message she finds herself falling in love. 

When a serial killer wreaks havoc on their city, Jack’s dangerously close proximity to the case reignites Luella’s fears of losing someone important to her. Surrendering her fears in order to keep Jack by her side challenges Luella to her limits, while Jack is under pressure to catch the serial killer before it’s too late. 

As Jack and Luella draw closer to one another, the killer closes in on their next victim. Soon Jack and Luella find themselves entrenched in a mystery they never saw coming.

**Warning: This book may contain minor triggers due to sensitive topics.

Amazon ~ FREE on Kindle Unlimited


After another hour of dancing and another trip to the bar, I asked Evie, “Are you ready to go soon? It’s getting late and my feet are killing me.”

“Let’s head back out one more time. I feel like this time on the dance floor will bring me the man I’m looking for.” Evie gave me a sad puppy dog look and began pulling me back to the floor.

I could feel my buzz fading, revealing the exhaustion I felt down to my bones, but I was here for Evie and her quest. So I obediently followed her back to the dance floor.

About ten minutes into dancing, a ridiculously hot guy came up to dance with Evie. He whispered in her ear and she made a drinking motion to me. I gave her a thumbs up and she was off with a quick glance back, mouthing, “Fuck yeah.”

I was about to head to the bar as well to get a drink when one of my favorite dancing songs came on. I fell into a rhythm, finding my zone. I hoped I looked like a high-class stripper, but I didn’t care too much because I was feeling the music, feeling powerful, sexy. I made a sultry turn and opened my eyes, immediately finding Mr. Sex Eyes. I paused for a minute in shock until he raised an eyebrow as if he was asking, What are you waiting for?

The powerful rush of sexiness heightened, adding to my excitement causing a tightness in my chest and a lightheaded feeling. I closed my eyes and began to dance. I no longer danced just for myself, I could tell. I could feel his eyes on me caressing my skin, or at least I imagined they were. Let’s be honest, he could have moved away while my eyes were closed, but I liked the illusion that I was dancing for someone. That they were watching me. Hmm, maybe I had a bit of an exhibitionist streak in me.

One song turned into two and two into three. I never looked back over for fear that he would be gone. I didn’t want to lose this feeling. My breathing came fast, not only from the dancing, but from the excitement. I could feel myself getting turned on, experiencing a rush I didn’t ever want to end.

I swayed my hips low and rose back up when a large hand softly squeezed my waist as another pushed my hair over my right shoulder.

“I almost didn’t come over because you looked like you were enjoying yourself so much, but after such a show, how could I resist?” His deep voice vibrated through me, so close I could feel his lips brush against my ear.

I wasn’t going to look, but a part of me had to check if it was him and not some random man coming up to me. I slowed down a bit and turned my head, looking at him out of the corner of my eye. Hot damn, up close he was even better than expected. The darkness made it hard to confirm but I thought his eyes were blue. His lips had that same smirk as earlier.

“By all means, don’t let me stop you. I just want to participate now.” He placed his other hand on my hip and pulled me back so I was right up against him. Instantly I could feel how much he enjoyed my show. I couldn’t help myself, I leaned back and subtly rubbed myself against him. I wasn’t sure what I was trying to communicate with that move, but I became unstoppable at that point. “Come on, let’s play. Dance for me, beautiful.”


The place filled up fast and the hours flew by. I swear if I didn’t love science so much I could have been a bartender. It was fun meeting people from all walks of life. Even though a few of them could be really weird and creepy, the majority were interesting. I saw two new customers fill a spot on my side of the bar and I made my way down to take their order. I stopped a little short when I noticed Detective Shane Daniels and the newbie cop that Jack had told me about. Instantly, I was alert and a little nervous around the guy, considering what Jack told me a couple weeks ago. I shook off my hesitation and reminded myself not to be a big scaredy cat. It’s not like anything bad would happen to me while I served them.

“Hey, guys. What can I get you to drink?” I didn’t openly greet Shane because I didn’t know if he wanted me to act like I knew him. Last time we talked he wanted me to keep everything hush-hush. I decided to play it safe than assume the wrong thing.

They both turned to look at me and instantly my nerves rose again. The younger cop’s pale green eyes looked me up and down, making sure to take extra time to stare at my chest. By the time he reached my eyes his held disgusting interest paired with a creepy-ass smile. He might have been trying to be flirtatious but instead came off as a creeper.

I didn’t return his smile.

I might have even scowled.

I crossed my arms and turned to look at Shane. Recognition crossed his features and while he didn’t smile, his face softened from the frown. “Hey, Luella. I didn’t know you worked here.”

“I don’t usually. This is my brother’s bar and I work it every Christmas.”

“You know her, Detective?” Creeper Cop asked. His tone implied how impressed he would be if Shane knew me. Ugh! What an ass.

“Not really. This is Luella, Jack’s girlfriend. Luella, this is Aimes Bennet.”

“Nice to meet you, sweetheart.” Aimes reached his hand out to shake mine and I reached to grab glasses for their drinks. No way in hell would I touch him willingly. Whether Jack’s gut was right or not, I did not like the vibes this guy put off. I didn’t miss the slight tension that tightened his shoulders at the mention of Jack’s name.

I nodded my head and asked again what they wanted to drink. To be a bitch I asked for Creeper Cop’s ID. In all fairness, he looked about twelve. I thought I even saw Shane’s shoulders shake with a suppressed laugh. I got their drinks and then moved down the bar to serve other customers. I rarely took my eyes off Aimes. I wanted to report back to Jack and give him every detail.

I felt like I should have had my own spy song going in the background as I mentally catalogued details. Then I laughed at myself for being stupid. I had no idea what I was doing and Jack would probably laugh at me for mentioning it. During a slow period I went to refill their drinks and asked Shane, “What brings you guys in here on Christmas?”

Shane took a drink and looked as though he was about to brush off the question when all of a sudden Aimes answered for him. “We were actually working late on a new murder we discovered today. We decided to stop for a drink before heading home after such a gruesome scene. I’m sure Jack has told you all about this case he is trying to take over.” He rolled his eyes and kept going. “So you know about the serial killer going around and getting more and more loud with his victims. You should see what he does. It’s actually pretty impressive.” He started talking faster showing his excitement about these murders. It sent chills down my spine just watching him and listening to someone seem happy about the horrifying case. I’d watched Jack grow tired and irritable as the case took its toll on him and here was this guy going on and on like he was talking about his latest crush. “I mean this guy has to be a genius right? He’s been getting away with this for years. At least, until I caught on.” He actually placed his hand on his chest as if in awe of himself before continuing. “He pushes the limits and challenges us to find him. Each murder is becoming more obvious. I swear, he’s so good he could kill someone in the precinct, right under our noses and the department wouldn’t even know. Not even Jack.”

I peeked at Shane to see him just staring into his glass and looking like he was counting to ten as he took a deep breath. “I mean, sweetheart, the one we saw tonight had this chick wrapped in Christmas lights like some kind of gift to us.”

My eyes widened in horror right before a hand slammed down on the bar. I jumped and looked at Shane. He focused his rage on Bennet, with his eyebrows drawn as low as they could, over his eyes that appeared black in his state of anger. The right side of his upper lip curled in disgust as a muscle twitched in his jaw. “Shut the fuck up, Bennet,” he growled out between clenched teeth. As Bennet stammered out an apology, Shane finished his drink in one swallow. “Let’s fucking go.”

He threw more than enough cash on the bar and gave me a quick nod. “Sorry about that, Luella. Make sure you stay safe. I’ll see you around.” He turned to walk out, not even bothering to check to make sure Aimes followed. He did follow, but not before he turned one last time to give me a lecherous perusal of my body.

“See you around, sweetheart.” With a wink he turned and followed Shane out.


I never thought I would ever write a book. I wasn’t even really a reader until age twenty. But I picked up a romance novel and that was it for me. I fell in love. And then one day I stepped into this indie world of books and I started writing. Then I wrote enough to keep going. And then I had a book. Sometimes things happen when you least expect it, but it all falls into place. Writing is it for me. 



I’m a stay at home mom with a degree in chemistry and biology. I LOVE science. If you get me started talking about biochemistry, it’s all over. I’ll rattle on for days! But I use all that knowledge to take care of my two little girls. Mostly while my husband is away being a soldier. 






It’s taken me a long time to get here, but I like it … And I think I might stay a while.























Christmas Blitz (Day 1)

Echo Of Her Presence by Alaina Stanford

About the Author (Christmas Blitz)


I have one of those brains that won’t turn off at night. Many nights I would distract my intellect by revamping a movie, book or TV show in my mind. I would twist and turn the plots and characters to achieve the ending I preferred. That developed into side stories about my favorite minor characters. Each night I fell asleep in the middle of a grand adventure. It wasn’t long before I began to create stories of my own and put pen to paper.
I love a good adventure. I love a good romance. As the mother of seven children, I also learned to love to play video games. One day it occurred to me to write an adventure that flowed like a video game and I added a touch of romance. Thus, Hypnotic Journey was born. The HJ characters are like a family to me. They are foolish, daring, resourceful, passionate and dedicated to their friends. My love for Science Fiction gave birth to the Treborel Series. It’s a paranormal Sci-Fi romance featuring a psychotic villain and a multiple layer of hero’s fighting to survive the chaos. I write about how friendship and love can carry you through situations that you might not otherwise survive. You will find my stories exciting and steamy, but I am not an erotic writer. My stories fade to dark when the steam begins to rise, but take it from me, the steam does rise and emotions do soar.
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Book Information (Christmas Blitz)

Ariel carried the ultimate burden of failure on her shoulders. She’d fallen victim to the oldest trick in the book. Angel’s aren’t supposed to fail, angels aren’t suppose to fall in love. Her failure concerned both. In her moment of weakness she had not only failed mankind, she had failed God. Now her heart was an island of ice encased behind a steel barrier no one could penetrate. Not even her divine partner Met.

Ariel’s heart was locked away forever. Then she gazed into the steely gray eyes of a stubborn Texas rancher.


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Extras (Christmas Blitz)
 Snippet Time!
“What the hell are you doing out here?” A deep voice with a Texas twang said from behind her.
Her eyes flashed with annoyance as she turned to find a man in a cowboy hat with a scruffy beard sitting on a horse staring down at her with steely gray eyes. “I’m minding my own business doing nothing that should concern you,” She squinted at him in the harsh daylight.
“You got a death wish?” He snapped and glanced around, “Where’s your man? Sleeping one off in his air conditioned dune buggy while you try to get some warped version of a California tan?”
Ariel sighed and glared at him. He was one of those archaic cowboy types who chewed tobacco and slept under his horse. “Relax Haas, I’m just doing my job. So why don’t you get on with yours. I wouldn’t want to keep you from burning the flesh off a cow or shooting at something.”
He turned back to gaze at her. His eyes narrowed suspiciously then he chuckled. “You’re a cocky minx, but those pretty brown eyes aren’t going to stop a wild hog from ripping your head off. This country is full of them you know.”
“How fascinating,” She muttered. She turned and began following the dry stream bed hoping he’d ride off.
“Look lady,” He called moving his horse toward her, “You don’t seem to understand. We are in the middle of a drought, you don’t appear to have any water on you and that stream bed you’re following isn’t going to lead you to any. Now I’m not partial to riding double, it’s hard on the horse, but I don’t see any option at this point. So give me your hand and I’ll pull you up.”
She stopped and turned to stare at him. The fight had gone out of his face, replaced with a sincerity she couldn’t ignore, but somehow found annoying. “So let me get this straight. You want to be my knight in shining armor and save me from certain death?”
He smiled. He had a nice smile full of perfect white teeth. He pulled off his hat and smoothed back his thick brown hair. Ariel’s attention was drawn to his bicepts. They were the size of a mountain. “Lady, I don’t know how you got out here or what you think you’re doing. Frankly, I don’t care. But I’m not leaving any woman, crazy or not, in the middle of the range with no horse and no water. Now I’d like to get out of this heat. Contrary to what you may believe Texans are tough, but we are human. I’ve got some water in my saddle bag which I am happy to share. It’s a bit of a ride back to the stables. So if you want to climb up on my horse voluntarily that’s great. I’d prefer it.” His smile vanished, “However, if you are going to stand there arguing with me like an empty headed princess and I have to get off of my horse to fetch your skinny ass…”
“Are you threatening me?” Ariel locked eyes with him. Her hands went to her hips.
He sighed and said quietly, “Yes, I guess I am. Ma’am, I’m not leaving you behind.” His eyes softened and their color deepened to warm cobalt blue, “You’ll die.”

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Touched to the Depths by Elsa Winckler



He was the photographer, she the model and on a sunny beach on Mahé, she stole his heart. But Darryn isn’t ready for the powerful feelings Hannah elicits, so when another photographer implies he’s also slept with Hannah, Darryn uses it as the
perfect excuse to walk away.
But when they meet again, he can’t ignore his instincts—Hannah is in danger. Lies and threats make targets of them both, and faced with a situation of pure terror, Darryn is forced to realize he’ll do anything to protect her. And to keep her with him, always…

Grab your copy of the book today!




I have been reading love stories for as long as I can remember and when I ‘met’ the classic authors like Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, Henry James The Brontë sisters, etc. during my studies, I was hooked for life. I married my college boyfriend and soul mate and after 38 years, 3 beautiful children and three grandchildren, he still makes me weak in the knees. We are fortunate to live in the picturesque little seaside village of Betty’s Bay, South Africa with the ocean a block away and a beautiful mountain right behind us. And although life so far has not always been an easy ride, it has always been an exiting and interesting one! I like the heroines in my stories to be beautiful, feisty, independent and headstrong.  And the heroes must be strong but possess a generous amount of sensitivity. They are of course, also gorgeous!  My stories typically incorporate the family background of the characters to
better understand where they come from and who they are when we meet them in the story. I was fortunate to win the best romance award for an Afrikaans story  in 2010 and again in 2014.

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Social media links:
Twitter: @elsawinckler




10 things about myself
I’m a Gemini – hubby says there are two of me
I’m very impatient
I knit
I love to cook
I count everything I see in twos
I’m not really a people person (took me a long time to figure this out)
I only read books with happy endings
I only watch films with happy endings
I like new technology
I tend to exaggerate (my kids would add – a lot)



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Fears and Scars by Emily Krat



Fears and Scars (Book 2 in Damaged Hearts Duet) by Emily Krat

 Book Title: Fears and Scars
Author: Emily Krat
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 25, 2016
Cover by: LM Creations
One lie can destroy everything. What will a pile of them do?
A chance encounter changed everything for Ryan and Liz. Five months later, they have an all-consuming love, a deep emotional bond, an explosive sexual chemistry, and a newfound trust. They’re engaged and on the way to their happily ever after.
The only problem is a secret from Elizabeth’s past that Ryan has been hiding.
The truth will come out. Will it set Ryan and Liz free or break them apart and destroy their dreams?
Life challenges every relationship. Ryan and Liz will learn that secrets aren’t their only problem.
We’re strong. We’ll survive this. We can survive anything.” – Ryan.

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU



has new updated cover and is currently only .99!!!

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

Always an avid reader who consumes whole books in a single day, Emily Krat is ecstatic to now be on the other side of the page. For her writing stories and developing ideas for novels is a true passion and a dream come true. Emily is a chocolate junkie, “Grey’s Anatomy” fan, and admirer of good music. She loves summer rains, warm blankets on cold winter nights, as well as traveling, sleeping in late (whick happens almost never), watching TV shows, and baking. When she’s not writing or rewriting, she loves spending time with family and friends.
($10 Amazon Gift Card and 3 ARCs of Fears and Scars)

Cammie by Jennifer Foor


Cammie_ecoverI’ve always done the right thing. People expect nothing less from me.

Then came medical school, deadlines, and the pressure of being the best. I became overwhelmed, seeking out alternate ways to stay on top, like extracurricular activities with my mentor.

After a while my life was spinning out of control. I fell in love and began having an affair with my married professor, and to top it off we’ve been caught by his vengeful spouse. She’ll stop at nothing to expose her husband for the lying, cheating man he’s become, putting me directly in the crossfires of their very public separation. The school board is talking about revoking my credits.

I think he loves me. He claims we can have a future if I’m patient, but now there is something pressing me to make drastic decisions.

I’m pregnant and he thinks it’s best if I abort the child before anyone finds out. My only choice is to leave town, to return to the family who I know will protect me.

I don’t know what’s going to happen when my family discovers the truth, but at this point nothing can hurt me more than losing everything I’ve worked my whole life for.







Jameson Willis. My professor. My mentor.
He was my downfall, my reason for self-destructing. He’d done this to me; given me false hope regarding a future I knew we’d never be able to have. Too much scrutiny wouldn’t allow for a happy ending. Too many people had been burned by his wrath, his lies and deceit. Too many truths unraveled, resulting in betrayal and unjustly consequences. What good was a relationship without the ability to trust? I knew what had to be done, yet as James stood in front of me, his pleading eyes baring into my soul, I knew I’d never be able to let him go. He had a hold on me still, and knowing that made this another worthless attempt to break free. I couldn’t shake this man, even if he took me down with him, forcing me to give up everything I’d ever wanted. “Cammie, please don’t do this. I’m begging you. You can’t have this baby.”

I turned away, my eyes soiled with my own suffering. I knew if I pretended he wasn’t with me it would be easier. I stared at the wall in the room, a picture of a growing fetus and the cycle of gestation was my main focus. My hand coursed over my stomach, still too small to notice something was growing inside of me. I knew what I wanted, what needed to happen in order for me to live with myself. I was fully away of what would happen if I let this man have the last say in something so important. This innocent life inside of me had nothing to do with his lies. The child was made because of my love for this man. Whether he felt the same for me, or was just trying to get into my pants was irrelevant. This was my decision.
Out of nowhere I sat up, everything becoming so clear. “You’re not in control of this situation, James. It’s my choice, my body, and more importantly my future. With or without you I’m having this baby, and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.”

About the Author

Jennifer Foor is an award winning Contemporary Romance Author. She’s best known for the Mitchell Family Series, which includes ten books.
She is married with two children and spends most of her time behind a keyboard, writing
stories that come from her heart.