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If you’ve never had the chance to read a ghost story, The Mirrors by E.F. Townsend offers an exceptional dive into the paranormal world.


Publication Date : September 5, 2020

Print Length : 258 pages


Genre: Private Investigator Mysteries,
Crime Thriller, Ghosts,
Paranormal Suspense

Tori Hartley rents out one of the magnificent old mansions in Old Louisville to Scott Mallory, who disappears without a trace. Facing an alarming lack of physical evidence, the police look to Scott’s blog, in which he claims to have been trying to contact a ghost by hanging hundreds of mirrors though out the house. Frantic to find her son, Scott’s mother hires a paranormal detective, Hal Breakspear. Tori finds an unlikely ally in Hal as together they investigate to determine if there truly is paranormal activity in the house, or if it only a ruse to hide a real crime by a flesh-and-blood murderer.


She tried to sleep, but she couldn’t get her mind to relax. There had been so many strange occurrences in the last few days, she felt like she was standing with her head in a hurricane. She couldn’t get her thoughts to calm down, so she gave up in disgust and got dressed for that evening. A few hours later, she arrived at the house. It was dark, and a heap of moonlight sat on the front steps. The front door was hidden in the gaping blackness of the porch. She made her way up the steps and found the front door. It was unlocked, so she opened it and went in. She saw the room on her right lit, and she went in, thankful Hal was already there. She disliked the thought of waiting in the empty house alone.

Do you like a good ghost story? What types of things do you need the paranormal story to have before you decide to pick it up? While ghosts may not be the “IT” read for some, there is a semblance of romance, mystery, and downright old-fashioned murder that makes Townsend’s first installment a hit. Readers will enjoy the suspense that comes along with a haunted house and there’s a plot twist that is to die for!

Tori is in the antique’s business, but she does occasionally rent out rooms in her Old Louisville mansion for additional income. After all, she does have this beautiful piece of history that just sits and collects dust while she lives in her cute and cozy house down the block. When she learns that her latest tenant, Scott Mallory, has disappeared, she is keen to get to the bottom of the disappearance by immersing herself into the investigation. Upon learning that the house may be haunted, she begins to ask around about the life that Scott lived and who may have wanted to cause him harm. Scott’s mother hires Hal, a “paranormal” investigator, knowing that all he blogged about was the ghosts taking up residence in the mansion before his disappearance. What starts as a paranormal encounter, may turn out to be just that, especially with all of the creepy mirrors he hung in the hallway, causing both Tori and Hal to feel like they aren’t the only ones in the house. Or, it could be what someone wants them to believe. With more digging, will they unravel who or what happened to her tenant or will they become the next target?

E.F. Townsend writes beautifully and has a noteworthy story. The Mirrors sparks creativity and unfolds a bold plot twist. Townsend does have a way of luring her readers to where you feel like you are sitting in that haunted hallway, watching the stairs, right there next to Tori and Hal. While the plot twist is predictable, the details aren’t quite so, which means that readers will enjoy the story to its fullest because they won’t know exactly what to expect. The characters could have been developed more, but overall, they were presentable enough for the story. While this is a mystery, readers will also find some romantic innuendos between characters and a lot of suspense. Some of the scenes may even fill readers with anticipation over the thrill of investigating a haunted house in the dark. If you enjoy these types of stories, this first installment in the Tori Hartley Mystery series may be perfect for you.

An advanced reader copy of this story was provided to Turning Another Page by Reedsy Discovery and in no way affects the honesty of this review. We provide a five-star rating for The Mirrors by E.F. Townsend.

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