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This first installment brings readers a charming love story as the main character settles down in a new southern town after a failed attempt of the fast-paced college sorority lifestyle in Chicago.


  • Publication Date: July 26, 2012
  • Print Length : 277 pages
  • ASIN : B008PVQ0AK
  • Publisher : Beautifully Broken Books
  • Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Young Adult

When Libby Gentry’s parents receive the letter that she’s failed out of school, Libby is forced to pack her Prada bag and head to work for her great aunt in rural Louisiana. Nothing about tiny Elsbury, Louisiana entices her until she locks eyes with the southern charmer, Blaine Crabtree.

Libby is used to getting what she wants and Blaine is no exception, but as the two grow closer, bigger problems arise. Libby doesn’t know how much more pain her already paper-thin heart can take and when new opportunities in Chicago pop up she is presented with a difficult situation: wait for her redneck Romeo, or move on.


That’s when I caught my first glimpse of Blaine Crabtree. He was sandwiched in between two guys that were laughing at who knows what. At first I didn’t notice anything but a big mop of bleached blonde hair, then he looked up from his pack of cloves and I was locked into the bluest eyes that I had ever seen. His expression didn’t change, he didn’t smile and didn’t blink. It seemed like I was lost in his eyes, like he was using them to do the most calculated math problem, and that math problem was me.

Chapter 5, My Paper Heart

Have you ever been given an ultimatum that you just knew would change your life forever? For some, that is going to college or getting a job. For others, it is falling for the wrong guy or the right one. In this love story, Libby flunks out of college and has to face the wrath of her parents, her wealthy parents who give her everything she could possibly ever want except the time of day. Vernon gives her young main character attitude and spunk, but will it be enough to challenge the likes of Louisiana attitude and spunk?

Libby’s Aunt picks her up from an awful ride in and settles her into a worn out, southern style, little house that looks like it is falling apart. Along with Aunt, she finds that a young girl by the name of Brittany also lives in the tiny house. With a sad story to tell about how her Aunt is now the only family Brittany has left, Libby knows she has to clean up her act if she wants to get back into the good graces of her parents again, or at least enough to come back to Chicago and her sorority friends. Something changes and it is a quick change like a switch turns on. Libby begins to like Louisiana, and a certain boy that poor Brittany has had a crush on for years. What was supposed to be a life lesson for Libby may turn out to be so much more. With her parents wishes for Libby to return to school after the break, will she be able to leave Blaine and the life that she has made down in the South or can she find room in her life for both school and love?

Vernon has an enjoyable romance story, the first installment in the My Paper Heart Series. The characters are developed well, loveable, and creative. Each character has a story to tell about the hardships of their life up to this point, making them imperfect and that much more entertaining to read about. Knowing the characters are flawed and human, with real emotions will certainly draw readers in and allow relatable moments throughout the story. The pace is quick, making the story quite easy to read and it will surely have readers getting lost in the pages and forgetting about their own life story. There are a few grammatical errors, but these should not hinder enjoyment of the book. If you are a reader of contemporary romance and young adult fiction, you may enjoy this one. Since this is the first installment, readers can jump right in.

An electronic copy of this book was purchased by Turning Another Page. We provide a four-star rating to My Paper Heart by Magan Vernon.

My Paper Heart Series